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Hamid Karzai President of Afghanistan (TextbookX.com)$24.98

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Overall Rating: 2.84 based on 49 ratings
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Jean Chretien
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frenchiefastwaves (2)
Former soviet fighter/taliban supporter, this old flip-floppin' friend of Bushes was appointed by his warlords drug-dealing peers to promote the cultivation of poppy flowers in Afghanistan. Now that it supplies 92% of the world's opium, guess who's laughing last?

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irishgit (146)
An opportunist in the classical Afgani warlord tradition.

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Drummond (58)
Essentially the Mayor of Kabul at this point. Made far too many compromises with warlords.

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portecrayon (10)
This man has a tough job I hope he can see it through!

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SARswimmr1 (0)
How funny that within days of Hamid becoming the new 'president' of Afghanistan, that the oil pipeline deal was signed to run from the Caspian Sea through Afgh. and into Pakistan...check out the article on BBC network, or just type in a google search...see for yourself...I've been over there, I've 'worked' with oil individuals...and this was ALL planned prior to 9/11...

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StanUzbeck (15)
This category is entitled '21st Century Leaders,' but I'm not entirely sure what exactly Hamid Karzai is the leader of. He is constantly accompanied by a heavy continent of bodyguards, and his influence covers a few square miles in Kabul. Besides, even if he were in command of the entire country, he wouldn't necessarily be considered a major player on the world stage. Who really cares about Afghanistan? I mean, all that can reasonably be expected of them is to desist killing each other for awhile. And then in a few years they may be stable enough to attempt to form a just government, after which they may be able to start rebuilding a shattered country. Baby steps. So I don't think much of Hamid Karzai and his so called 'leadership'. The word is not appropriate for what his function is.

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prolix (1)
Former Unocal executive turned political puppet by the Bush regime. Long live oil!

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Midwestrocker (0)
Who is this?

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holyman (0)
remote controlled robot of america!

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zuchinibut (40)
This man has a lot of work to do, and I wish him the best and pray for his country. It takes a lot of courage to speak out against a regime like the Taliban, and I am thankful that they have been removed from power for the sake of Afghanistan.

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AryanDan (2)
Karzai is George Bush's oil puppet. Hamid was installed only to guarantee that the oil pipeline would siphon off Afghanistan's natural resources below market price. Our military isn't really there to stop 'terrorist', but rather, they are being used as oil mercenaries for Bush's buddies. Karzai is a sellout to his people and a tool of international imperialism. Fact: Bush had planned to invade Afghanistan before 9-11. I don't like the Taliban or Al Qaeda anymore than any other freedom lover, but I also don't like our gov't lying to us. Seems like we never learn from installing "democratic" puppets in third world countries. I guess real representation is just a pipe dream.

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abichara (62)
I sure hope Karzai does make it out alive. Being Prime Minister of Afghanistan has many hazards. Normally, you would think that a head of state would have it nice and cushy; this guy has stepped into a river full of pihranas. The main problem with Afghanistan's politics is that it is so fragmented; in this new government, many different factions have to share power. A lot of these factions simply don't want to get along; therefore, that is why you hear everyday of a new political assassination over there. I think that it will be very difficult to come up with peace in Afghanistan. The reason why peace is a near impossibility is because Afghanistan is such a fragmented country in every way. Warlords and tribal chieftains control the rural areas of the country. Governors of the individual provinces have more power than the national government centered in the capital of Kabul. Loyalty is not geared towards the nation of Afghanistan, but to the individual tribes. Karzai's main challenge is to essentially strengthen the federal governments reach outside of Kabul. In order for their to be peace in Afghanistan, these tribes are going to have to disarm and give their ultimate authority to the government; a federal system is going to have to be established. These tribes are going to have to give up their guns and become civilized people. If there will be true peace in Afghanistan, that is what needs to happen. I think Karzai understands this; he has a very formidable task ahead of him. The mass reformation of a warlike society takes time. I think he's up to it, but I sure hope he's not killed in the process.

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