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Massachusetts 3

Driving on Cape Cod can be a very pleasant experience, and the western part of the state is very scenic. The greater Boston area is kind of like a minor league version of New Jersey( or a child's imitation of Los Angeles) in terms of driving, the major difference being less tolls.

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Massachusetts 2

Can be a charming drive. . .wonderful small towns dot the central and western areas. . .and the Boston area is certainly a memorable albeit a challenging driving experience. . .

None of this qualifies as 'boring'. . .

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Massachusetts 3

_So_ much traffic unless you're traveling west of i-95 (and at that point...where the hell are you going? if it's not the Berkshires, turn around....Albany and Holyoke are tremendously depressing featuring everything from high HIV rates and KKK members).

The Berkshires are gorgeous, as is the drive north to Portland, Maine on Route 1, particularly in Autumn. Lovely in winter after (but not immediately after) a heavy snowfall. Massachusetts has a decent budget to plow the roads... thanks, in part, to ever-increasing tolls on i-90. Your car will be destroyed by the salt, but you'll also be alive, which is a bonus.

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