Citibank F S B - 539 N Michigan Ave

Citibank F S B - 539 N Michigan Ave
539 N Michigan Ave
Chicago ,  IL   60611-3815
United States
Phone: (312) 494-2400
Added on 12/08/2004
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Citibank F S B - 539 N Michigan Ave 1

I opened an account years ago and have had numerous problems. Every time CITIBANK had system changes they lost key account information. Citi online never works well. They recently made a system change and now I cannot pay my CITI credit card nor see information of my CITI Credit card online. Terrible terrible systems. Can you imagine a bank with terrible systems???? Nothing works correctly. They give customer wrong information about everything, gave wrong interest rates, gave wrong info about requirements, wrong info about everything, terrible services in the branches that never have people available to help. Long lines for everything. Terrible experience. Notary services do not do Wills nor certified copies....what else do you need? Get a real bank, not Citibank. Changed fee rules to force you to open new accounts with lots of bureaucracy, wasting your time all the time!! Or pay new high monthly fees. The list of problems do not ever end.... stay far from this bank. Managers are terrible in the last 4 years...they got the worse managers that cannot solve any problem or do incorrect things all the time. Very low quality banking. Customer service in India that takes forever and do nothing....The bank almost went into bankruptcy and now has terrible managers. They cannot attract good employees...and you are in the hands of all this poor employees.

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