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irishgit (121)
A general with an eye for ground like few others, this man's record in India and the Peninsula speak for themselves.

His conduct during the Waterloo campaign, both at Quatre Bras and Waterloo itself, is brilliant.
supremecritic (2)
no leader ever took so much care of the well being of his soldiers and he made no important mistakes. he did not let his soldiers steal off civilians like napolian, he paid for all his armies supplies in full. he never lost a battle beacause he only fought when he knew he could win. at waterloo he was out numbered in infantry and artillery of on average a superior quality and yet he held out for the prussians and defited napolians imperial guard. he was personally at the cruial pionts in every battle he ever fought.1
Rocket Robin Hood (1)
The Iron Duke, vanquisher of Napoleon and a role model for the ever victorius British Army.0
kb555 (0)
As a field officer, in a battle in India, he abandoned his unit as it was getting slaughtered. His career would have ended there if it hadn't of been for the fact his brother was governor general of India. The Spanish guerrillas did more to push the French out of Spain than Wellington. The duke also let his troops murder and rape spanish civilians. At Waterloo, he would have lost if not for timely Prussian intervention. Also the Battle of Nations was more important than Waterloo. It is not remembered as well because there were no british troops there.0
Dandy40 (0)
The greatest man who knew how to beat the french,Napoleon and himself!. Ce ne sont pas ennemis.Ce sont des comtraires. (adressing Napoleon and Wellington) Victor Hugo0
Shukhevych (1)
Peninsula campaign... Waterloo.... 0
Lord of the Waves (0)
After a hugely successful career in India, wellington became the top general of the British empire. he then kicked napoleon's brother out of Spain and eventually beat the aging master himself, through LUCK. 2
loki13 (0)
Sir Arthur was the single greatest Millitary leaders of all time. He could adapt and overcome almost any millitary roadblock with relative ease. From the savage fighting the savage muslim hordes of India with only an inadaquate amount of hardened Redcoats, and poorly trained and equipped sepoys and constant shortages and thefts of supplys. Wellesley then turned to the Penninsula campain in Portugal and Spain to the vastly better equipped and trained French troops. Wellesley forced a surrender of Napoleon not only at Waterloo, but almost a year earlier in Southern France as well. 0
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