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earthbound (40)

Rotten parenting, but why a progressive ideology?

Is telling your kid 'No, you have to share' child abuse from a conservative perspective?

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cyclee (18)
And `no` is the answer I give to this statement.

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Molfan (60)
Boy is that true for some people.I have seen houses that look like toy stores with most of the toys spread all over the floor and forgotten. I am well aware of families who give their kids whatever they want. Drop what they doing whenever they want to go somewhere They pat themselves on the back and say I am such a great parent I dread dealing with these spoiled brats who have no regard for anyone.When will these parents learn they are NOT doing their kids a favor by granting their every wish, and buying them everything they want. won't those kids be in for a big surprise when someone dares to tell them "no" ........Oh that's right their mommies and daddies will turn you in for child abuse.

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fitman (50)

Are 'progressives' the only people raising undisciplined brats these days?

As irishgit has pointed out, this list is ridiculous.

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louiethe20th (79)
Children nowdays have no respect for authority nor do they have any personal responsibility. Kids need to learn the word NO!

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irishgit (150)

Like virtually all of this list, just another straw dog "discussion point." This entire list is a near perfect example of an archaic and generally discredited exercise in sophism.

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lmorovan (16)
Are you teaching your child of how to be a good parent? Do you ever tell your child no? If not, you are setting your child for disastrous failure in life.

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CanadaSucks (50)
I haven't found anyone, anywhere who believes this. Does this list-maker live in a cave?

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LanceRoxas (41)
A parent's specific job is to tell their impulsive children no. A well disciplined child including one who gets a good spanking on occassion will be better adjusted to the real world when they get older. The parent needs to be the child's rational brain until they develop one.

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Randyman (109)
Not telling your kid no is probably one of the worst form of child abuse. Keep doing it and see where they end up.

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Gentle Jude (25)
This is a very true thing that is taught these days. Now days, smacking your child makes you this horrible criminal (in Australia anyway.) If we didn't say no for the child's own good, that is child abuse. So that means if correcting your child is wrong, then if a child is about to touch a hot plate or knock over the boiling water, we should just let them do it and not tell them no, because we don't want to hurt their feelings. Well, they will be a lot more hurt having a whole lot of boiling water on their heads. They will be a lot more hurt if they end up in prison when they are adults. Which do you think is more abusive and horrible - giving the child a smack when they need it and correcting them, then the child grows up with a good future. Or giving your child what they want and not offend them now, but they end up in prison, and end up in fights, end up being injured as adults.

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CastleBee (85)
My mother didn't even have to do that - she just gave us the look and we rarely ever failed to straighten out. The one and only reason we did was because when she made you a promise you knew she was good for it. I see so many people today out in public with their out of control brats who sound like they're pleading with them or asking permission. These morons actually think they're helping their kids gain self esteem - when they are actually enabling them to grow up to be adults who think they're never wrong and should have whatever they want whenever they want it. I've seen the results of some of this and it can make for a truly miserable adult.

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numbah16tdhaha (156)
Ack! Who comes up with this trash? I have been told no enough times and I even knew what not to ask!

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