Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil

New Dabur Amla Gold is an improved product over Dabur's very successful classic Amla Hair oil. Now Amla ...
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Item added by krissykimono. Added on 06/17/2009
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Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil 5

I am over the moon with this hair oil. I go this one after trying regular amla oil. And this is the best hair oil I've ever used. It does so many good things for my hair. The way I use it is I apply it to the scalp, massage the scalp, and then I use a boar bristle brush to distribute it from root to tip. And it's a miracle. My hair is shiny, smooth, and it smells like a dream. I just can't get enough of it. I even use it in my hair treatments like my conditioner and shampoo. I love it that much. It even slows down shedding and it makes my hair stronger!

The price on this liguid gold varies. So you will have to search the net for it a bit. But I got mine on ebay for 15.99 USD. It may seem a little steep, but it's a 300 ml bottle. And it takes about two teaspoons every few days when oiling the scalp. So it's highly cost efficient. And it lasts a long time. You won't be sorry for giving this a try

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