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Michael2394 (0)
Just think if he hadnt done that. then all of the black players like the greats wouldnt have played at all
Bubblehead07747 (2)
This would rate #1 if the question was The most important occurance Its hard to compare an exciting moment ie. Kirk Gibsons HR, to an historical moment like this. I think thats why this is rated so low.
Jar-Jar Binks (16)
He was the first African-American in the 20th century. That was a great, memorable moment. Mr. Robinson sacrificed all the taunts from fans, opposing teams and even his own team. He kept his composure and played the game the way it should be played. A class act he was.
Alexg681 (1)
Very important and it was my team the Dodgers, although way before I was born.
irishgit (125)
An immensely important event, and I speak from a baseball, not a political perspective. The breaking of the colour bar opened the door to the mass infusion of talent from black players. This raised the average skill level in both leagues dramatically within five years, and made the fifties and sixties arguably the greatest decades for overall baseball talent. Its interesting that this is one of the times that baseball was ahead of the society it entertained.
callitdowntheline75 (50)
I am really surprised why this transcendent event in baseball is ranked so lowly by fans. If anything, Jackie Robinson breaking baseball's color barrier is nothing short of a great, defining moment in our nation's history. Yes, all these other events on the lists are important, but without the courage of Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey, baseball would have continued for sometime with its former Neanderthalic, knuckle-dragging approach to race. Thank God for Jackie Robinson.
jaywilton (25)
Jackie Robinson's breaking into the major leagues was probably the most transcendent moment in baseball history.
Solenoid DH (19)
A strong, talented, durable player. It's a shame he's remembered today mainly because of his skin color. It seems that in America, everything eventually becomes political. Who cares whether he was the first black player? Can't we just admire him for the great sportsman that he was?
magellan (139)
This was a huge deal, and one of baseball's shining moments. In 1947 (seven years prior to Brown Vs. The Board of Education), 85% of Americans were against the integration of baseball as were 15 out of 16 of the league's owners. Commissioner Branch Rickey decided to do what's right, as opposed to what's popular and integrated the sport in what ESPN's Peter Gammons calls, the single most important moment in baseball and sports history...
CanadaSucks (44)
There should be a national holiday for Mr. Robinson. This is baseball's finest moment ever.
Katty (0)
you guys are insensitive bastards - the guy had to sleep alone on the bus for Gods sake.....
Averagejoe54 (0)
How can you think JR was not a hero unless you’re a racist a__hole? Of course this man was a hero. I'll bet anyone criticizing him couldn't have walked in his shoes for a day without having a nervous breakdown. I'd give anything to shake this man's hand and thank him for his courage. (I’m a white guy if you’re wondering.)
ellajedlicka21 (5)
Actually, he wasn't the first black player to participate in major league play. Two African American players debuted on May 1, 1884, but their duration of play was short-lived. On that note, I can't believe that Rateitall has turned into such a haven for racist bigots to come and bash African Americans that contributed to not only the game of baseball greatly, but the social history of America as a nation. This guy was fearless; he had death threats made against him daily and still had to go out and play baseball every night. I admired Pee Wee Reese for standing up and putting his arm around him and vocalize his friendship with Robinson. He was an exciting player, very fast on the base paths with a good bat and was a good shortstop. One of his proudest moments was when the Dodgers finally won the Series in '55 when he stole home on the Yankees and the famous shot of Yogi Berra tagging him. Safe or out? You decide. I have to give a ton of credit to Branch Rickey for making such a controversial signing, because it turned out to be nothing but a positive result for baseball and our nation as a whole. Jackie Robinson is every bit deserving of his place in the hall of fame because of his playing ability and his status as a gargantuan icon for the step toward a tolerant and integrated society. Don't be resentful just because you think Rose should be in the Hall, give credit where credit is due. This is the #1 most memorable event in baseball's history.
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