Asia Driving School

Asia Driving School
6355 N Claremont Ave
Chicago ,  IL   60659-2098
United States
Phone: (773) 764-5399
Added on 11/19/2004
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Asia Driving School 5

I came to the Asia Driving School with a permit, and it was going to be the first time for me behind the wheel. I was also out of town at the time, so I felt a little uneasy of finding a good driving school. My mom browsed around for a driving school with a lady instructor, and that’s when I found out about the female instructor Rakhshinda Jabeen at the Asia Driving School. Coming from a total beginner background; first time behind the wheel. I can say with confidence that it didn't feel like it was the first time I was driving. Rakhshinda Jabeen is so soft spoken, nice with a comfortable personality, but above all understanding. She doesn't criticize or yell when a mistake is made, but she realizes that each student learns differently and it will take him or her time to grasp certain motor techniques. I would recommend Asia Driving School to everyone, no matter what driving background they are coming from. I don't know about the other instructors, but I would recommend the female instructor Rakhshinda Jabeen!

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Asia Driving School 1

If the instructor's name is Akif, an Indian guy, ask them for another instructor. He was always late so I had to wait for 30 minutes (even a full hour). He was also very rude, especially to a female student. Expect his yelling when you make a mistake, even a smallest one. It was as if he were doing this for nothing. It was as if he were a customer who pays for this service. Only after I heard from one of my Indian female friends that India is a patricarchal society did I come to understand his rudeness. If I were white female, things might have been different. He might have been friendlier. However, if you are Asian female to whom English is a second language, please do not go to him. I assume that the school's name(Asian Driving School) will attract many Asian people. Unfortunately it turned out that he has very little patience for those people. When I finally got a driver's license, I was very happy not because I actually got it, but because I would not have to see him again! I am not so sure about other instructors in this school, but as for him, he is the worst as an instuctor.

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