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Overall Rating: 3.16 based on 49 ratings
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Greatest Hits (Bruce Springsteen) (1995)
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frogger20190 (3)
A so-so greatest hits package. Where is Tunnel of Love? Where is Pink Cadillac? Where is I'm on Fire? Where is Blinded by the Light? Where is I'm Goin' Down? They goofed on this....also I would have been perfectly happy if they had excluded Born in the USA, but that's just me.

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VirileVagabond (37)
Bruce Springsteen's compilation release Greatest Hits (released in 1995) is an uneven representation of his career. The track list doesn't include anything from his first two full-length efforts (eg Blinded By The Light), heavily favors the period of his most commercial success (eg Dancing In The Dark and Born In The U.S.A.), has some notable omissions from his latter years (eg Tunnel Of Love), and includes some previously unreleased material (eg Murder Incorporated). The end result is a package that will only satisfy the most casual fan. A better option for most fans would be The Essential Bruce Springsteen (2003). Nevertheless, in my opinion, no greatest hits package should be on this list as a compilation cannot really be compared to regular releases and does not represent the concept of a full-length effort.

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klark_kent (0)
These tunes don't work as a collection of singles. Stick with buying the full albums.

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ClassicMusicLover (0)
Virtually every song I have ever loved from Springsteen on this album.

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LoneUSFullHouseFan (3)
I love Springsteen, and this is the best of the best. A true retrospective of this great musician's career; everything from Born To Run to The River to Born In the USA to Secret Garden.

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Springsteen80sbaby (1)
This cd captures so much of the glory of the Bruce we all know and love! I bought this the day it came out, and I wasn't disappointed at all! Okay, not every song he ever did is on it, but the ones that are are some (repeat, some!) of the greatest! The "USA" tracks reflect widespread commercial success and 'springstomania'! The earlier tracks reflect the outright passion and joy of the E Street Band, and the later songs reflect how Bruce has grown as an ARTIST! I love this cd so much, and it just gives me a wonderful feeling to revel in this collection of heartfelt, beautiful music!

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Happycamper10601 (0)
I love this album. I know that it's not really a collection of ALL of his greatest, but every song on it falls into the "my favorites" section for me! I would have included "Jungleland" "Sandy" "Rosalita" "I'm Goin Down" "Tunnel of Love" and "Reason to Believe" but I still love what's on it. If you want a look at every side of Bruce's music, I guess this is a good sampler, but don't stop at this one, get "Live 1975/85, Born to Run, Tunnel of Love and Born in the USA", too!

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SmileyFace (0)
I just love this album! It reminds me of summer '95! I must say I'm very glad to see Born to Run as the fist song. I would have been disappointed otherwise! That song, with Thunder Road are just beautiful. Badlands, Hungry Heart, Born in the USA, and Glory Days are just awesome! The River, My Hometown, Brilliant Disguise, Streets of Philadelphia, and Secret Garden are so beautiful, so romanitic, so meaningful! Dancing in the Dark and Human Touch are so cool I just can't say anything more about them! If I could have some input as to what songs were on this album, though, it does leave out a few of my faves: I'm Goin Down, Cover Me, etc.

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PattiS (0)
I totally agree with angel859500, this album is great! Just like all of the Boss's non included songs. I think that anyone who doesn't like @ least a few of it's tracks is (no offense!) kind of wierd

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angel859500 (0)
Okay, maybe there are a lot of songs from USA, but who cares! I love those songs! This whole album is great! I won't trade it in. Yes ALL of his best couldn't be included, but I can listen to this CD time and time again! I love the Boss!!!!!

  (7 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Munson (8)
How a Springsteen Greatest Hits album can have twice as many songs from Born in the USA than it does from Born to Run is beyond me. Sure, this album has good tunes, but as a big Bruce fan, I think it does a great disservice calling itself a greatest hits album. First, it completely ignores his career prior to Born to Run, leaving off classics like Rosalita, Growin' Up, and Spirits in the Night. Second, by focusing on later albums, it includes only one song from Darkness (Badlands) and two songs from Born to Run. If you're a new fan of Bruce and you like this album, do yourself a favor and purchase Born to Run (one of the best rock and roll albums of all time) and Darkness on the Edge of Town. You'll come out of listening to them with the same questions I did about the Greatest Hits album.

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