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Overall Rating: 2.35 based on 31 ratings
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statman29 (12)

I did this job while I was in college. It was a last resort for me (desperate move on my part for money) since we were in the recession then (after 9/11) and I couldn't find a job. If anyone tells you this job pays well do not believe them. It pays well if you own your own cab and self employed. If you work for a company you DO NOT get paid well at all (it's not by the hour. It's comission plus tips). I've delt with drunk people throwing up in the cab, 30 year olds (that act 18) that threaten to punch you out because they think you missed an exit or they think you jacked up the taxi meter, individuals run out without paying, I've gotten death stares from individuals with obvious mental problems, i actually got an old lady (a little mental) trying to exchange sex for a free cab ride (i was traumatized haha), hookers trying to exchange sex for a free cab ride (that's a thousand STD test checks for me if i actually obliged lol), you also risk robbery as well (yep they told me the night shift was the only position they had availabe for me). Every shift you start off in debt because you need to pay to lease your cab (don't forget I didn't own the cab I rented it) and also you have to pay for your own gas. This was all just to pay for school books so I could study in college and I was still broke sometimes haha, and you have to be prepared to work at least 10 hours to 12 hours a shift to make it monetarily worthwhile. I will admit I met some good people though and my employer and employees were good natured people.

However, it's a good thing my grades were good and I ended up getting a job as a math tutor after that (i felt i was literally in heaven after putting up with all that). The timing was perfect that I got the math tutoring job after that because they (the cab company) were most likely ready to can me because I couldn't put in enough hours (because of college). I lasted four months there.

P.S. This job is usually a job for desperate people looking for a job or a person looking for a temporary part time or temporary full time job. Few people do this as a career and it takes a special type of person to pull it off as a career. Also, someone got shot in a cab a few months after I quit for the cab company. There is a good reason a parent says " you should tip the cab driver"

DrEntropy (31)
The most dangerous job in America-soldiers, policemen, firefighters and even professional criminals are less likely to be shot, robbed or beaten than Taxi Drivers. Sheer bordom and trying to make ends meet (with insurance and rising gas prices) are more common problems. The saying 'Jobs Americans won't do' is mostly BS, but if any job qualifies, this one does.
kingguiness (10)
Possible future profession once I get my license. Yup, Im one of those weirdos who does not drive but I've realized the foolishness of it so I'll have a license by March.
Jamie McBain (37)
If I was paid to drive a car, I would rather be a race car driver.
tvtator (5)
I can't be one I'm an American
Moosekarloff (15)
A very stressful, dangerous job. These guys should be our heros, not the cops. These guys don't have guns and the oinker apparatus to protect them...
Molfan (53)
I would have to be pretty desparate for a job to be a taxi driver. It would be dangerous to pick up customers and not know what they are like. A lot of your income counts on how much the rider tips. I would hate a job where I was driving around all day. Especially in the city. I hate driving myself in the city to do it all day, no thanks.
All Taxi drivers I've seen have been grungy, overweight people in ugly Crown Victoria's.
Snoopy (3)
Too dangerous. You never know who you're picking up next.
afterglow70 (0)
Can you imagine the people that you could meet? WoW! I would love it just for that.
ErictheFederalist (3)
I love driving altough I'm not a car fan, so being a taxi driver would probably have been lovely for me (but not the dream job of course!).
Mystique Elom (0)
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