Engineering spans a variety of disciplines such as Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science, and Chemical.
Added on 12/01/2003
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Engineer 4

It's a good profession; it's respectable, you get to use your brain and your education, the pay is decent. I can't imagine doing anything else.

Downside is it's boring as [email protected] and you'll be in a room with other Engineers all day. You ever see buzzards circling around a dead carcass? It's something like that after a potluck.

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Engineer 4

Well, it pays the rent!

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Limpin' Trenchfoot

Engineer 5

THE people in the world who really make things happen, not politicians, not architects, not economists, not lawyers, not accountants... It's weird but engineers dont have the kudos of many other (less important) professions and not the same level of pay!!! If engineers ran countries rather than lawyers and accountants we'd be a lot better off. Why? because it's not the bottom line that matters but quality.

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Engineer 5

The key to the engineering experience is to first of all, be a good one (no pseudo MBA types masquerading because they somehow got through the engineering curricula). Second of all, and this sounds contradictory, understand the ways of business and finance in the real world, it will serve you well and keep your engineering contributions real and grounded. Third of all, and this also sounds contradictory, dare to dream beyond what is real and grounded but, referring to point number two, know where that fuzzy line of reality is and when you cross it. If you succeed in the crossing with your idea you will have pulled that line along with you and redefined its place on your company's scale and thinking about such things. Do not let others who tend to focus more on the finance and marketing end of the business steal your credit. Many engineers seem to allow far too much of this with a sigh of "whatever" because they feel that the argument is beneath them. Know what a Luddite is and how to pursuade them to change their outlook and assuage their fears. Know the difference between a company that uses its engineers as over paid technicians and those companies who truly use engineers as their life blood to the future viability of their company. Think "value added" for your company for both the short term and the longer term. Not necessarily just value added for your company's markets but value added as a positive force and resource for your own company or just your own engineering or related teams. That eventually does, in turn, translate to market "value added" with a now strong foundational underpinning within your own company's way of doing things. Contrary to what others in your organization do and value, Powerpoint slides are not your best and most important work, although they are a necessary evil to show the unwashed masses what you do, why you do it, and why it is essential to their livelihood. Take the "geek" label and use it "against them". It is a convenient and lazily thrown about term used when others are uncomfortable with what you do and do not understand it. You might want to disarm them with a gift of a vinyl pocket protector or a sliderule (if you can find one). There continues to be deficit of good engineers these days. Many are of the baby boomer generation and are already beginning to retire. It is usually not cool to be an engineer due to all of the "full of crap" stereotypes that pervade our society. These stereotypes are coined by those who are better suited for the soft degrees like business studies, political science, marketing, and other liberal arts type training. Essential...however, as a training engineer you will find yourself with far more school work while your (now it's my turn) slacker types (not all...please!) party hardy for the same grade. Make alliances with those who have mastered the pure sciences such as physicists, chemists, etc. They often have great idea tools in their sheds just waiting for you to bust them out into the world of reality, make them a part of your team. You can think of yourself as the wheels to their machine of an idea just waiting to be sprung into a meaningful application race. Tolerate their quirks, it is often a necessary part of what makes them excel at what they do. Do unto them as you would have others do unto you from outside of the hard sciences... Look around you. Who shapes the material world which in turn shapes other aspects of it? It is the engineer. They remain almost anonymous in their role going back to the ancient world, that aspect has not really changed. Our society defines success in terms of money and political power and although engineers could stake a claim to what is rightfully earned by them, the money and political weasel in the corporate pipeline will always win out (he who controls the purse strings wins or "money is power") In the outside world, knowledge can be power. However, in the corporate world, it is subservient to the money man. As an engineer, learn to master and balance both, but know your roots. Our society in the US is not going to change its view of engineers any time soon. If you desire to be an engineer, know that within that negative and often dismissive view, there is wide open opportunity for you in a world that few others care to master. Stabe - P.E. Technology Director (enabler of other engineers and chief purse string influencer)

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Engineer 5

Underrated, underappreciated and over-stereotyped. The mouse in your hand, the chair you are sitting on, the streets and curbs and gutters you see and take for granted every day are designed by engineers, and when they work well you never even notice them.

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Engineer 5

The five star rating their contribution to society. These are the unsung heroes that have built the modern world. Look around and try to figure out some of the basic things in your life you take for granted. How do they get the graphic inside the pencil? Just exactly how does this box burn a CD? Medical equipment that has or may someday save you life. Paper, plastic, polution control equipment, the Pyramids or to put it simply. . . Everything that has mass and takes up space that has been created by humanity is somehow tied to engineering. But you know what, since this is the first comment on this vocation it appears the world and maybe engineers themselves (most certainly their friends and family) in reality find this work exciting to perform, but dreadfully boring to discuss over dinner. It's a great vocation, but its not very high profile and very soon we will be suffering a tremendous meltdown in this country. If you think we can't be competitive now, wait until China exceeds our technical capabilties in years to come. The high tech sector will eventually bottom out. Computers and wireless internet are exciting little gadgets and very helpful. But when the bridges crumble and your water stops all the money in the world will not help. Its then that the engineers with all of their calm meat and potatoes logic will step in save us.

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