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Overall Rating:3.54 based on 50 ratings
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upsetbuyer (0)
F150 2006-I LOVE IT, there is so much room in both the front & the backseats. I can't ever imagine driving a car again.

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brn2ovrcm (6)
I bought a Supercrew F-150 in 2003 and loved it.It was like a luxury car,and was easy to handle,did a lot of highway driving(17miles MPG ) and drove it for 65,000 miles and it was in good shape yet,did all the maintenance required on regular intervals,never had a transmission problem at all,but I didn't haul a trailer and they are not built for heavy trailer hauling,if you want a good hauling truck you wouldn't be disappointed with the F- 250 or F350 with the appropriate tranny and a Powerstroke diesel,if you get that you'd have it all.Always have been a Ford man,I have 2 now an Explorer and a Mercury Sable and both are great vehicles,good performance and great mileage.Even so ( I have always purchased Union sponsered Vehicles) I have always bought American.But The big "Three" automakers will never see me grace their doorsteps anymore.The reason is that all three of them have laid off numerous people,stiffed our economy,left many unemployed and moved to other countries to hire scab help so that they can fill their greedy pockets with more cash instead of creating as they did for many years an employee friendly workplace that provided benefits and medical insurance fot the families of these hardworking men.The Top Automaker now is Toyota who has a plant in the USA that supports our American economy and I hope they put the Ford,Chevy,and Chrysler companies out of business.

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kissmeback (5)
a good truck for moving heavery items.

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denpcg (0)
WHAT A PEICE OF CRAP! Transmission went out at 60,000mi cost 3000.00 for repair.Transmission is weak and they no it,because they use crap like nylon planetaries. No sooner fixed tranney when the rearend blew and ive only been towing a 7800lb desert fox.Brake cylinders went bad at 65000 mi.They leather was cond EVERY 3 MONTHS. Still went bad. Idler pulley had to be replaced at 32000i and again at 60000mi. Air condition went out at 53000mi Recalled for poss fire potential.Had tow package but still needed air bags.Trailer plug recepticle fell apartand on and on. it may sound like an abused truck,not even close. I babied this truck i never even used he 4wheel drive, did all scheduled maint. The only thing i was happy about was the motor but then again i traded that piece of crap at 65000mi. I FEEL SORRY FOR THE GUY WHO BUYS THAT THINKING HES GETTING A SUPERDUY BECAUSE ITS A SUPERCRAPPER.TO BAD THOUGH I WAS ALWAYS A FORD GUY. NOT ANYMORE

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madrymon (0)
that, an 8 ft box, a diesel engine, and 4x4 make it Gods gift to mankind

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Honest_Injun (0)
Does all that I ask it to, with only a few early trips back to the dealer for minor things. Solidly built. (see 150 comments)

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RocketJonHH (0)
i bouth one and the tranny went 12000 km later, what a piece of work. never buy a ford again after that

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Fords crew cab model of the F-150 is better than the Ram, but not as roomy as the Silverado. All in all, all of the big three trucks are excellent buys, it just depends on which one appeals to you more.

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yesihaveone (0)
Talk about the room. Got to love it.

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