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princesspotter (0)
I live in Mexico and I also am a Shriner Kid. I'm now 21, and since 15 my life is almost perfect. I tottaly agree with Patti, Shriners Hospital changed my life. I was born with Arthrogryposis, and thanks to them, I can now walk like i had never been able to without my splints. Thank you Shriners!

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teddybearpatti (0)
Hi! My name is Patti Evans and I am now 53 years young! When I was a baby, I was sponsored by a doctor (my Dad was in the Air Force)to be treated at Shriner's Hospital. Thank God for that doctor! I was born, to make it simplier, without a ball and socket of my left hip. I weighed 2 lbs., 12 1/2 ozs. at birth; my Mom giving birth to me at 6 1/2 months of 1954. My length was not measured, as I was very delicate at that time. I spent a couple months in the hospital in order to gain weight and underwent my first surgery at three months of age. I did spend a lot of my childhood at the Los Angeles Hospital, and spent some time in the (then) San Francisco Hospital (which no longer exists for treatment). I know, for a fact, that if my parent's would've had to pay for all the many surgeries I had, there would've probably have been very little (if any), much less invasive surgeries performed on me. I can walk today, even though I have a real bad limp, and without Shriner's Hospital's, who knows if I would've ever even took that first step! I began to walk at the age of two. Every time I see a Shriner, no matter what I am doing, I make a point of walking up to them, telling them that I am a "Shriner's kid", and thank them from the bottom of my heart for their contribution to a more than worthwhile cause! I remember a lot of fun times while in the hospital, and actually, wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. There, we were all the same, and I never recall one kid ever making "fun" of another kid because of their disabilities. My Mom tells me that her and Dad "would always count their blessings" when coming to visit me. There were times I would leave the hospital after recovering from one surgery, go back to have another surgery, and get all excited when I'd see one of my little girlfriends that I knew from a prior hospitalization! Friendships were pretty "tight" back then when spending as much time in the hospital as I did. In fact, I still keep in touch with two of my friends from Shriner's Hospital! One (Nancy) lives in Sacramento (about an hour from me), and the other one (Terri) just lives in Marysville, a 5 minute drive from me! Terri has cerebral palsy, and hip problems like mine. Terri is in a wheelchair. I go to her house regularly and help her with laundry and whatever else I can; to make life a little easier on her BECAUSE I CAN! I have a special relationship with Terri that nobody can take away, just because we ARE SHRINER'S KIDS!!! Terri and I will sit back and laugh and laugh at stories we have while being in the hospital together! If one of us feels weak about our disabilities; the other one "picks" us up! Isn't that what friends are for? I just want to say THANK YOU TO ALL YOU SHRINERS FOR MAKING MY LIFE WHAT IT IS TODAY! WITHOUT YOU, I WOULDN'T BE WHO I AM TODAY! Thanks so much, again. Patti Evans ([email protected])

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