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Overall Rating: 3.54 based on 13 ratings
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Reviews for Electronics  1-4 OF 4

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numbah16tdhaha (157)
Not unless she's a tech freak.

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irishgit (154)
In my experience, despite the comments from some of the female reviewers here, this is a pretty unwelcome gift. Second only to kitchen equipment in the bad-idea department.

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princessangry (2)
heck yeah!!! I love electronics and I always want the latest and the greatest, I am a real audio/video freak and I love aiwa's stereo's and all thier other a/v gear!!!! and people normally thing girls don't normally like electronics, thier wrong! I have always been into electronics and I have been able to operate a VCR since I was 2! If were going shopping we have to go to an electronics store, or a place that has some electronics (pref. aiwa!!) then I'm happy. I was really never into dolls and ponys that much, I was the one who wanted a cd/tape player instead of a barbie doll or a doll house. I really love electronics and I always will. if anyone gets me a cd I thank them very very niceley and hug them!!!

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CastleBee (85)
I may well be in the minority here but electronics have always been on the top of my list as a fun gift. One of my very favorite gifts as a child was a small tape recorder I used to pretend I was a roving reporter or to act out little stories and plays my sister and friends and I would make up. Since then I’ve moved on from stereos, to 8 tracks, tape players, Walkman, CD’s, various camera formats, video recorders, cell phones and on and on. I don’t think guys are the only ones who are interested in grown up electronic toys – as a woman, nearly any new electronic gadget intrigues me.

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