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Brynn (Las Vegas)Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.26 based on 80 ratings

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mscheriger (0)
I love Brynn she is one of my favorites.1
Chalky Studebaker (3)
pretty darn hot but not that interesting0
BCN33 (0)
Soooooo Hot!0
expressprincess (0)
Brynn is a player, she rocks. 0
MrPlutonium (0)
oooo 0
iamcornholio (0)
i wish steven had kicked her out 0
martinitime (0)
She may have been better than Trashelle, but that's not saying much. 0
jigaword (0)
Yeah! I liked Brynn! She was pretty real! 0
Summer13 (0)
Brynn should have thrown the fork at Steven. If someone was calling me a slut, bitch, or whore I would have done a lot worse. She just needed to work out some of her insecurities, but who doesn't? 1
Bure1088 (0)
I liked her! Unfortunately, I could relate to some of her issues....and I love short hair! :) 0
realworldworm14 (0)
hey come on!! we (ALL OF YOU) know that Brynn is the best in the Real World Las Vegas...she's BETTER than trishelle...Brynn is honest, sweet, pretty and she has a genuine personality...she rules! 0
Medusa1861 (0)
Real World is a prep show! it sucks! Die! 0
JonWeinIsMyPimp (0)
Brynn is def the coolest out of all the lame-os on this season. Come on, admit it... deep down we all want to be Go-Go Dancers! 1
nicrules_007 (0)
The reason I watch this show. She is soooooo beautiful and is the sweetest person ever not to mention hilarious! 1
LoriC (0)
I like Brynn. She might have issues, but give the girl a break. Much better looking than Trashelle! 3
bluelover1 (0)
I don't like her..she gets on my nerves with her skankiness and her co-dependency. Enough is enough. 0
RDW1299 (0)
Another MTV airhead. Has a complete vacuum between her ears. 1
KikiD (0)
why is this loser up so high? She's bland and boring at best. She probably cuts the crusts off of her white bread. 1
nicolekidmanrules (0)
Hilarious-sweet and awesome!!! Plus she is sooooo stinkin sexy... very good person and dresser! and her bf Austin is HOT! 2
norco (0)
so so hot. 2
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