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lmorovan (15)
Right. Only update those reviews of yours that have received one or more helpful votes. It may encourage others to go with the flow and give you a few more.

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numbah16tdhaha (152)
Screw that, I like the UPDATE and my format, while not originated by me, is the most common. Y'all are sheep. ;)

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TeresaG (29)
I don't mind when people do the Update ~ who really cares anyway? I think that once I throw in a helpful, agree or just ignore it, I have already rated and have no reason to REreview.....unless of course, that person Totally changes their take on the subject. It's not getting them any more Helpful points than they already had.

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Molfan (59)
There was awhile if you kept changing or Updating a comment, you would lose any helpfuls, not helpfuls points. that was changed. I would not update everything. On occasion I may if I wrote something a long time ago and the subject came up again and I added on a couple comments. or if something changed since the update. i have no problem seeing updates for others.

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Vudija (94)
I'm not sure why certain people have been doing this lately, but to be quite honest, it's kind of getting on my nerves. I'll see the same coment up to 4 times on the top of the "recent comments" section, and not one thing has changed out of the comment itself. If they didn't find you helpful the first time; they're not going to miraculously find you informative now, give it up!

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LanceRoxas (40)
This actually gets you more helpfuls because it stays on the recent comments section more often. I have some posts on George Bush with over 24 helpfuls and 20 unhelpfuls.

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Mr.Political (18)
I've seen some posts that have been UPDATED so many times I can't find what the original post was! Then again, situations often change and it might be a good idea to keep your opinion fresh.

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