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Some very young raters act very mature while older raters act very childish...

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Reviews for Some very young raters act very mature while older raters act very childish...  1-20 OF 20

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oscargamblesfro (62)
Well yeah this is true and vice versa...I'm neither young, nor middle aged, nor old. The quality of the reviews cannot be categorized by the age of the poster. There are very knowledgeable reviews from all of the age brackets- to me that should be pretty academic.6
AutzenMaven (43)

Gee, I can do both. LOL

I have been taught many things by people who are quite young. Age is relative. There are a lot of "old souls" in some very young folks. I, OTOH, am trying to keep a "young soul" in my elder's body. LOL

scover (2)
I'm new here so forgive me my ignorance, but what do you consider "young" and what is "older"?  Are only teens considered young, or everyone under 30?  I just want to know where I fit into the picture, and how people on this site will regard me as a 25 year old..since we're dealing in stereotypes here5
Vudija (92)
I see more of the younger crowd being mature, than I see the older crowd acting like children. Of course, their are instances where I HAVE seen a rater claim to be an adult, but who seems as if he/she is no older than 15. It happens, but I don't spend a lot of time focusing on a particular person (who falls into this) enough to notice. I spend more of my time following the mature reviewers of the site instead.4
ILikePie (25)
Hey! What about Genghis the Hun? He's one of the most [physically] mature people here, AND posts some of the most mature comments. I think most of the 'spam' raters, who will create an account, write *sniggers* or *farts* in one review then bugger off are youngsters, ditto those who turn up and rate one thing before leaving their account to rot. You would think young people have more time on their hands, but apparently the most mature are the most committed. Of course, even I myself look back on some of my older reviews with a feeling of regret...4
irishgit (102)
And vice versa. There's some damn childish children on here too. Its a mistake to cut everyone a ton of slack because they say they're young. Some deserve it. Some don't. Some older raters deserve a little slack too, and they seldom get it.10
abichara (54)
...as in life as well! 2
Randyman (91)
Cutegurl is the first one that comes to mind.5
Molfan (48)
this can be true. I have been very impressed with some of the young raters on here who show remarkable maturity.they have made some great contributions to RAtitall. and on the other hand there have been older viewers who could grow up some.3
cutegurl (15)
This a true statement to an extent, but it also goes the other way around. Some young raters are very mature, yes, but then some of the are not. Some older raters are very immature, I direct you to the Rate It All Reviewers weblist, and some of them are brilliant. Maturity is partly charcter, partly intelligence, and partly age (yes, age plays a role, stop lying to yourselves). So to say that all young reviewers are immature or mature and all older reviewers a mature or immature would be a nasty generalization. We must remember that when measuring maturity we must take other things besides age into consideration. Some people see that I'm fifteen and think I have nothing of value to say and that I'm immature, but that's simply not true. My point is we cannot generalize an entire age groups' quality as reviewers, that must be done on an individual basis. So, yes this statement is true, some young reviewers are mature and some older ones are childish, as is this statement, some young reviewers are immature and some older reviewers are mature.2
dpostoskie (7)
I think the computer (net) world is dominated by 'youth'. I have a 16 year old son and a 14 year old daughter; they live half their lives online. There is no question young people are not mature, no matter how well rounded or educated, it's just a simple fact. Just look at the recent messages on a daily basis and 90 percent are about meaningless things that mostly interest the younger people.3
Mad Hatter (33)
But I don't wanna be mature and you can't make me. (Hatter sticks out tongue) lol6
CastleBee (83)
Oh, yeah, the kids who grace us with their youthful genius on RIA are all such a joy! You ARE thinking about the ones who come by just to write in all caps, expound on how something or someone SUX, or the ones who enjoy sending anonymous hate mail arent you? Or how about the functional illiterates who cant spell cat to save their lives and are too dimwitted to run their work through a spell checker? To be fair, yes, I have seen a few people who claim to be young (who knows?) who are mature enough to leave decent posts. And, yes there are some older ones (who knows?) who seem to be going through a second or third childhood. But, for the most part I think were getting a little warm and fuzzy over a fairy tale which I believe is exactly the intent of this entire list. 4
kamylienne (70)
(Haha, I like the picture) That's how it goes in real life. I'll be the first to admit that I'm really immature (when a friend breaks wind really loudly, it still cracks me up, so I know I'm not the most mature of people). But, there's a time and place for everything. There's a difference, though, between acting like a child and being childish, the latter being more obnoxious. 4
AndrewScott (76)
With both emotional maturity and intellectual maturity, this can be true. Typically, maturity improves with life experience, but it would be a mistake to undervalue the opinions of a young person who may just be freer of biases that can come from life experience as well.5
Donovan (96)
VERY true, I have seen some reviewers that will say anything to get noticed and they are usually the older ones. On the other side of the coin some of our youth on RIA are wise beyond their years. 1
Jar-Jar Binks (17)
We're all unique in our own way. Just deal with it. I'm 29 and I still have lots of growing up to do. But I don't really wanna grow up. I feel younger and healthier when I act childish. ... Don't take life too seriously. Have fun!1
emj5687 (3)
it seems there are some immature people in every age group.1
Gentle Jude (25)
That is true. It all depends on the character of the person, not their age.1
IgnatiusJReilly (71)
Hey, that's not a nice thing to say about Redeodo! He'll grow out of it!!5
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