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Overall Rating: 3.45 based on 42 ratings
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Reviews for Saw  1-24 OF 24

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Spike65 (13)
A very ugly movie. Three stars only for the interesting concept.

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ILikePie (50)
Rarely have I been so absorbed into a horror film, which although not scary per se, was certainly unique and made me a little nervous walking through the dark in fear of weird old men/attractive young women/police detectives jumping out at me in pig masks. This film was unique in the creation of a brilliant yet awful mind (namely John "Jigsaw" Kramer) and has many innovative yet often psychologically cruel creations to inflict pain and possible death. The film was novel in its concept and in Jigsaw's desire to 'test' people's will to live and have them come out with a better attitude towards their life, which they were perhaps apathetic towards originally. I didn't see the twist at the end coming whatsoever, and was left amazed at some of the developments of this brilliant plot. Sadly, now the element of surprise and suspense has been taken out of it after the identification of Jigsaw as John 'the corpse' Kramer, I can't imagine any of the sequels being quite as good...

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Donovan (132)
I did not see it and do not plan to see it. It sounds like a sick movie. I know a lot of people like this sort of thing, but I just don't get it... slasher, people being sawed or cut or killed. I have seen a lot in my job and do not wish to see the Hollywood version.

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drkseph (5)
Very gory, very suspensful and the traps had me fascinated. However it wasn't a very scary movie.

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sne1231 (0)
Good modern horror movie

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Jeremy00081 (5)
This movie is original and greusome. I like the sequel better, but this is still great in its own rite. I've seen it 4 or 5 times and it kept my interest every time.

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hlc5019 (0)
Best ending I have seen in years, very clever. The sequel really brought down the mystery of the first movie,they should have left it alone.

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frogger20190 (3)
Junk. Not scary. Just an excuse for disgusting murders. And the sequel made even more money. Lord help us.

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SharonParry (45)
I found it very interesting, because of the psychology involved, but, I hear the second one has a much better concept. I'll be seeing that one soon. I like movies that keep me trying to understand the mind of the perpetrator. Maybe it didn't scare me all that much but it did keep me thinking. I think it was good.

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ulalen (0)
One of the best psychological movies I've ever seen. Acting? Not that good. But the twists and genre of the movie makes up for it. Ending was very surprising and imaginative.

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vamachine (0)
Pure exploitation. The actors who appeared in this should be ashamed of themselves.

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meatmaller (0)
Great concept, bad acting. I give it a B--.

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youknownothing (0)
Great movie. It has you thinking the whole way through it. The plot twists and turns in directions you would'nt have thought. And if you don't get the flashbacks, you're not paying enough attention. One of the best movies of the year.

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drumtool (0)
loved it even if it was just for the ending, i never once thought about the guy on the floor. i recomend this to anyone.

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ESMladypimp210 (0)
This movie scared the crap out of me and so did the second one, I deffinately loved it..: )

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joshua_01 (1)
This movie desreves a 10 it has a very random and intresteing storyline for a horror movie and when they revel the killer it is unexpected i havent seen a horror movie like that in years.

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
lady_macca88 (0)
I had very high expectations for this film based on not only the hype, but everyone I knew saying it was this great horror film. To me, that's an insult to the genre. The only thing I give it credit for was it's advertising. It was a low budget film that did very well. It was a suspense film only to the extent that it kept you waiting for the suspense...but it never comes! The acting hurt this movie severely, horror movies just don't work with terrible acting. And as for that plot twist at the end, well, let me just say that for anyone who's seen Silence of the Lambs, I wasn't shocked in the least. Stop reading here if you really want to see this movie without knowing the ending. Let's think about it. What exactly would the purpose be of having a dead guy laying in the middle of the floor throughout the entire movie. Why is he there? There's not point unless...*gasp*...he's not really dead! Tricky tricky. And not that I like excess gore, but to credit yourself as being this terribly twisted movie, a few almost shots of a guy sawing his leg off and the aftermath of that jawbreaker thing that didn't do much...come on. I give this movie a big LAME for being so disappointing.

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kattwoman (24)
everyone says they are freaked by this movie.

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clarkone68 (0)
One of the best recent horror movies.

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Nanaki (0)
This film tries to be scary in a disturbing kind of a way, rather than a Pop-up-and-say-boo kind of way, and for that I commend them. However, the cinematography in this movie is horrible! The acting was subpar, and there were more flashbacks than Forrest Gump. I did like their idea for the film (although it was not original at all) that the killer always finds ways for victims to kill themselves, which isn't true in a couple of scenes (like taking a homemade jawbreaker off your head in a time limit; that's murdering!). Also, this film, and their critics, say that this is one of the goriest films ever. Don't make me laugh. There's hardly any gore at all, a couple of scenes with blood, and some afterimages of dead people, but that's it. And don't expect to be scared either... The Ring was scarier than this movie, and that's saying a lot. Don't bother.

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The Slacker (0)
I saw it around 10pm on a saturday and wasnt scared in the slightlessed. The scrip was shameful and the acting roles were given to RANDOM PEOPLE who fit the discription.If they had had decent acters I would have given it a 5. I Recommended it because the plot is amazing with many twists.

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Cartman117 (0)
Adam WAking up in a bathroom was gay.Didnt like when Dr.Gordon kept going back in time. But everything else was ok Horrible acting.Hopefully the sequel is exciting.

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opinion585 (0)
Whoever thought up this movie was very twisted. People are killed in unimaginably disguisting ways, and the ending is a big disappointment. There are WAY TOO MANY FLASHBACKS, and you never know when things are taking place. The ending leaves you wondering way too much and you don't know the fate of all but one of the major charecters! all in all, if you are really curiouse and want to see the movie, i would suggest waiting until it comes out on video/dvd. DON'T WASTE MONEY ON GOING TO THE MOVE THEATERS, AT LEAST NOT ON THIS MOVIE. GOD KNOWS HOW EXPENSIVE EVERYTHING IS IN THEATRES NOW!

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kamylienne (78)
Definately worth watching. It's not so much of a horror flick so much as it is a psychological* suspense kind of film (so don't go expecting to be scared, you'll be disappointed). Two men wake up to find themselves chained in a room, while a voyeuristic psycho watches as they try to find a way to win his disturbing game. Nice twist to the ending, Cary Elwes gives a fantastic performance. Only difficulty in the movie is to make sure you keep up with the multiple time lines, but so long as you pay attention you can keep up. (*edited for spelling)

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