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Albert DeMeo is the son of late mobster and underworld "serial killer" Roy DeMeo (whose body was found in the trunk of a car in Brooklyn in 1983, a chandelier inexplicably draped over his frozen corpse), who was, according to everything I've read, one of organized crime's most violent, terrifying and brutal killers. Despite his homicidal proclivities (he owned the Gemini Lounge in Brooklyn and often cut up his victims there after killing them, assisted by a young crew of psychopaths every bit as loathsome and bloodthirsty as he was), Roy DeMeo was bright and knew how to make money (dealing in such activities as shipping stolen cars to the Middle East and trafficking in child and bestiality type porn), which made him valuable indeed to Gambino Family boss Paul Castellano, who, although he personally regarded DeMeo with distaste, never turned down the money that DeMeo generated. For those interested in Roy DeMeo's grisly career, perhaps the best book to read would be "Murder Machine" by Gene Mustain and Jerry Capeci, which should dispel once and for all the romantic aura that sometimes continues to cling to the American underworld (or Mafia). Still, Albert DeMeo's book is also valuable, and provides another viewpoint, this one that of a loyal, loving but distressed son. While Albert takes some exception with what's been written about his Dad (he's not a fan of "Murder Machine"), he doesn't deny (realistically, how could he?) the basic truth that Dad was a barbaric predator who worked and socialized with some of the vilest characters you're ever likely to read about. I felt sympathy reading about Albert's life; how does an intelligent, decent human being deal with learning that his heretefore loving, nurturing father was in fact a depraved monster? Albert's dilemma makes for fascinating reading (although, in the interests of full disclosure, I must note that my own father wasn't a fan of the book, and stopped reading it in the middle-- and he did like "Murder Machine"). Roy DeMeo is buried in St. John's Cemetery in Queens, NY, his gravestone, not very far from those of Vito Genovese, John Gotti and Lucky Luciano, obscured by a bush. Albert DeMeo has been selling items of his father's on ebay, and that's where I obtained an autographed copy of his book.

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