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Overall Rating:3.92 based on 59 ratings
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Drummond (54)
Unfortunately, they've allowed themselves to be hijacked by a right wing agenda in recent years.

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James76255 (17)
There is huge support for the VFW where I'm from, and they deserve every bit of it. Not only for the obvious reasons, but they are very active in the community too. The little league wouldn't have fields here if it weren't for the VFW, and there are a dozen charity fund raisers they do each year. I suppose the VFW is going to be different everywhere you go, so I can't speak from personal experience for all of them, but the VFW I know is more than a bunch of drunks in a bar. I'll also add, ANY veteran from ANY foreign war is welcome in the VFW here. In fact, the fellow that runs most of it these days is a Vietnam Vet.

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Eagle Scout (2)
I will always respect those who fought to make this land what it is today. I love you grandpa.

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Moosekarloff (17)
This is just an excuse for old codgers who haven't done anything with their lives to sit around in a barroom and drink cheap booze while BSing about their supposed heroic acts during their salad days eons ago. It's so reassuring that there's only a couple thousand relics from WWI still living and that the vets of The Lamest Generation are kicking off at the rate of 1,000 a day. Good riddance to a generation of slackers who sucked Social Security dry in less than 20 years and continue to grab every dollar of other peoples' money they can get their hands on. This organization is moribund because (1) public tastes have changed in that the younger generations don't think it's a hot time to sit around getting plastered in a smoky club house telling fairy tales, and (2) the Vets of the Korean and Viet Nam engagements were never totally accepted by the douchewads of WWII vintage, and as such, lost interest in this Old Boys' Club. And it's just as well. War is an unfortunate and hellish enterprise that should be avoided at all costs, not reveled in, glorified, and recycled for boring old drunks to slobber over.

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Redoedo (39)
Any organization that is made up of the men and women who fought bravely and courageously for their country is worth 5, no, make that 1000 stars. They are all heros who look out for the rights of veterans of the past, and those of the future.

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klytie (0)
The life of a veteran who fought for our freedom will ALWAYS & FOREVER be more important than a damn tree!

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Shukhevych (1)
who can hate veterans?

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SamIAm (4)
The VFW is a great organization. It is a way to unite and commemorate the men and women who fought for freedom and peace..No, I am not an advocate of war, but neither are the majority of these people. Without getting in to that whole issue (War) I will say that I have seen the benefits of the VFW in my own community. They continue to dedicate time, energy and finances to worthwhile causes and events in the community. These men and women are to be respected, admired and thanked for the sacrifices they made during wartime as well as the services they continue to provide.

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afterglow70 (0)
I don't know a lot about the VFW, but I feel that all of the commenters on this page feel very passionate about it. I know that the people belonging to this organization will rally and strike just to put the American flag on a street corner that the city says is unsafe for such an act. I also know that these people are undeniable selfless. They help people in their community, as well as the US. I do love the pancake breakfasts that they put on every so often! Keep up the good work guys! You are icons for the younger generations and for those to come. And as for you, Eric, don't comment on something that you haven't a clue about. You obvouisly are not from America and I respect your comments in other reviews, but this one, you need to just delete!

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bob falange (0)
I am a free Englishman. One of the reasons why I am free is because of the sacrifices made by patriots from my own country and its allies, particularly (in this case) the United States. The VFW deserves respect both for its members' pedigree and its charitable service.

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magellan (153)
I am all for an organization that protects the rights of Veterans. Needless to say, Veterans of Foreign Wars who fought to protect our way of life deserve every bit of respect (institutional and informal) that we can give them. However, in the grand scheme of things, I would have to say that the VFW has too narrow a focus to belong near the top of this list. To me, organizations devoted to forward looking issues such as Environment, Human Rights, and Health deserve top billing. On this particular issue, I guess that puts me on the side of the dreaded Eric the Federalist - I'm hoping that I am not branded a coward and a traitor.

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artbuf (0)
This is a great orgranization, founded for and by the people who have fought not just for America, but for the world at large. That is why it is not named Veterans of American Only Wars. These are the people from the storming of Normandy; those fortunate enough to have survived. These are the people who fought communist oppression in Viet Nam.
Having served my country in the Army, and fortunate enough never to have seen the front lines, I am damn proud to see a support group that puts wheelcheers in the VA hospitals and buys crutches, carts, and other medical support devices for those who have. My father has received the benefits of their aid. I had the privilege to post the colors at the VFW post is Shreveport Louisiana when I served at Color Guard Command for JROTC; It was a proud moment when they thanked us after the meeting, and made a personal effort to shake MY hand...like they owed ME something... Do they deserve to be placed in the same category as groups tghat provide food and clothing? You tell me, is sovereignty of your nation, and the lives of your ancestors important to you?

Read their mission statement, then tell me they encourage war:
1) To support programs to increase awareness of the sacrifices of Americas veterans.
2) To promote citizenship education, volunteerism and positive youth programs.
3) To facilitate aid for veterans and their families in need of medical, rehabilitative, educational and employment services.

Do they sound like evil war mongers to you?

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Jimbo H (0)
I'm a Life Member, if that says anything. They actively lobby for veterans rights. They also help cut the "red tape' in getting benefits. THe breakfasts aren't too shabby, either!

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CastleBee (80)
Eric you really need to wake up bud. This may come as a major revelation but you are NOT from the United States and therefore, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when you attempt to enlighten this forum about the not for profit organizations that exist in this country. And that goes double for the VFW and anything else that has anything to do with our veterans. What IS your problem anyway? Do you just enjoy getting people stirred up or are you merely the congenital idiot you appear to be? I'm willing to overlook most of your nasty comments, but when it comes to making remarks about our veterans and an organization like the Veterans of Foreign Wars, I'm afraid I must refuse to stay quiet. At this point, you are not just running down a culture you are obviously unfamiliar with, you are talking about my family and myself. You see I too am one of those people "patriot aka bdram" mentioned in his post as not being very appreciative of your "snide remark" - a veteran and, since you seem to be into feminism you may be interested to know that I am also a woman. Though I did not serve overseas there were many men my age that did and I like to think that my four years of service in the U.S. Navy, which fell during and after the Viet Nam era, helped to support them. During that time I also remember seeing the sad faces of refugees after the fall of Saigon being fed, sheltered and given relocation help by none other than our military and on our military bases. To go back further into the history of my family, my own father and two uncles served in the South Pacific and another uncle served under Patton in Europe in WWII. My family is just one of many whose service to this country and aid to other nations go back generations. And, as both "patriot aka bdram" and "Snuffy Smith" remarked - people who have been through the horrors of war rarely want to return there or promote it. As a matter of fact, what I have found to be true is the exact opposite. Along with the emotional and physical scars that come with serving during wartime, most war veterans also seem to gain an advanced maturity and heightened appreciation for the people and the freedoms they risked their own lives to protect. These veterans don't just sit around chatting about the game - they've already been in the field and have played it. And so, they set up organizations like the VFW to continue to serve and express their love of country and humanity. That's what the VFW is all about Eric. It's too bad you and others like you will probably never get a grip on that.

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Snuffy Smith (1)
First off Eric your not even from the U.S. your from Norway. Secondly, do you have a clue who the VFW represents and what they perform and participate in throughout American communities? These are not people who actively sought after and promoted war just so they could leave their families, travel to a foreign country, and get shot at. They freely gave their lives over to their country to serve, so you would not be speaking German or some other language right now. The organization aids in the support of Veterans benefits programs, performs large amounts of public service, and works diligently with the youth. Most of all they promote patriotism and Americanism. No Eric these people do not encourage war, in fact, they discourage it more than any because they fought in them and know their atrocities.

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ErictheFederalist (3)
Why does VFW appear in the same category as all these great organisations? We're talking about organisations creating peace, not encouraging war! I'm disappointed! :-((

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