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Overall Rating: 3.73 based on 11 ratings

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daedalus (33)

  I noticed the same problems with print quality as the others mentioned but mine was a little worse. My machine quit feeding the paper altogether and there is nothing I can do to fix it save taking it to a repair shop and paying more than the thing is worth to get it fixed. I also got to enjoy HP's nearly unintelligible Bangalore customer service automaton trying to sell me a new machine. I wonder if my accent is just as hard for them to understand?

I recommend not buying printer from a company that makes computers first and foremost and happens to make printers too (i.e. HP, IBM). Instead buy from a company is a little more of a specialist in printers (Brother, Epson, Lexar). The same is even more true for stereo speakers. Anyway, stay away from the HP Photosmart 3210, it doesn't like paper.

Ventoux1 (13)
If you are looking for a way to print some snapshots quickly, at home, OK. Otherwise, print quality is poor compared to even the lower priced internet print services. Very noticeable when you compare the same photo printed at each sources side-by-side. If you are serious about your photography or very discerning about print quality, I can't recommend this printer.1
Covina820 (0)
The photo quality isn't as good as I expected. I use Adobe Photoshop and create a lot of pictures. When I work on a Photoshop Project for a week, I want it to be printed high quality. This is average. Now, I have to prepare to go out and buy yet ANOTHER printer in the search to find one that prints to my expectations. 0
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