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Overall Rating: 2.61 based on 61 ratings

The Indiana Pacers got their start in 1967 as one of the charter franchises in the 12 team American Basketball Association (ABA). After winning three ABA franchises behind players like George McGinnis and Mel Daniels, the Pacers joined the NBA in 1976. The Pacers reached the NBA finals in 2000, but were defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers in six games. The Pacers play their home games at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN. (Add picture)

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cutiepie15 (0)
I hope Artest is fine in mental health. I mean to mess with Ben Wallace? Come on now.1
Supernatural IQ (2)
Miller is a great clutch shooter, but he retired way too late. He was washed up his last few seasons. Artest...just saying his name or seeing his face gets me mad. He needs to go to jail for a few seasons and then when he comes back maybe he'll have learned NOT to mess with the Pistons. O'Neal is stuck-up and arrogant. Lots of players in the league could score as much as he does, and with a better shooting percentage. The Pacers need to make big personnel changes, cause they aren't going anywhere fast.0
bluetarbaby (8)
People overlook this team. I rarely hear anybody say, but they didn't have Artest. If Detroit doesn't respond to Saunders the way they responded to Brown, Indiana will win the East, and maybe the whole thing. Because a lot of people forget, that whole Detroit coaching staff was Carolina - Ford, Hanners, Kuester, and Sullivan were all on that coaching staff - all Carolina grads. And I'm not sure, but I would guess they're all out after Brown left. That's a major change for a player - the ENTIRE coaching staff?! It especially hurts Billups having been coached by a pg coach like Phil Ford. Yep, I'd say Indiana is sitting pretty in the East. And remember, Rasheed is a very loyal, volatile guy.......... ..........he might be bitter or distrustful toward Saunders after the whole Carolina family got dropped. That could be a problem. Because we all know the only coaches he has ever responded to are Carolina guys. Oh yeah, Indiana is definitely sitting pretty. It's all up to the Pistons. Will they respect Saunders after being coached by the best? My gut says, no. I think Indiana wins the East. RATE THE BOBCATS! 3
txhighballer1107 (0)
Bye Miller, gonna miss ya. You'll be better off now that you've retired....especially after you've had to put up with the Pacers. Notice that the owner gave Reggie a Bentley.....I think he was bribed to stay in Indiana......hmmmmm......anywho..Pacers blow. Artest needs to go to prison and stay there and O'Neal needs to grow up. The team is held back by too much negativity......brought upon them by themselves to do anything.3
Corporal34 (0)
Rick Carlisle is the coach of a team in which the three best players are suspended (two for 25 games, one for the season), the best remaining player is a gimpy 38-year old, and the bench is less talented than Keanu Reeves. He leads them all the way to the conference semis and does NOT win Coach of the Year?1
numbah16tdhaha (136)
Too busy making an impact on the fans to make an impact on the court.4
HoosierHaterUKLover (0)
Horrible. Absolutely horrible. They choke every yr worse than their Colts counterpart. Last year their season went down faster than Reggies house of fire and worse than a Tayshaun Prince blocked shot. As long as they are in Indiana they will never win. HAHA0
Jar-Jar Binks (16)
Reggie Miller wants a ring. Yeah right! HA! HA! HA!0
maersk (2)
2 words: RON ARTEST.1
Jimmie (2)
Who wants to watch thugs, criminals, and rapists whose only claim to fame is stuffing a ball in a hoop, drugs, fighting, and knocking up as many girls as they can. The NBA deserves not one second of your time or one cent of your money.0
OneHungryMonster (2)
Almost beat the Pistons to make it to the playoffs!1
VinnyIN (0)
I love the Pacers. They have a great shot this year. After we eliminate the Heat, it should be smooth sailing.1
Dennis Rodman (0)
i personally hate da pacers!!!! they beat my fav team the knicks once and dat jus wasnt supposed to happen. they r full of c***!!! Miller is stupid and doesnt deserve the respect he gets, though he hardly gets any. Pacers suk!!!!and so does miller0
califcarlson (0)
They're the most dominant team! if the NBA was only the eastern conference0
mobiledj (0)
I believe that my Pacers have the best record in the league, but they haven't been on ABC all year. Let's not talk about how different teams can't make it. Let's talk about how the fans that have bank rolled the NBA for two decades is being forgotten all because the sports media caters to the big city markets in order to raise their advertising revenue. Don't they know that they could have sold higher ad rates if they pick the best match ups? Not Dallas vs. Orlando....I guess its apparent when you realize who owns ABC...CAPITAL cities...now it makes sense. Thanks for nothing ABC...bring back NBC or CBS...at least they broadcasted a good rivalry every once in a while.1
W.B. (0)
They are pretty decent. They have what it takes to make it to the top. But one problem: They will never make it there. EVER!!!0
DrFeelgood03 (0)
They are always a pretty good team. Just some problems in the Playoffs. They'll get it soon though. 3
lddawg (0)
yeah rite! 1
yoshislink (0)
Rising team 3
ellajedlicka21 (5)
I really hate the Pacers. Reggie Miller is a disgrace to the NBA. He is the biggest fake I've ever seen. When someone taps him he does some dramatic move. I wish there is soon another Knick-Pacer playoff matchup in which Spike Lee can argue with Reggie. 2
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