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Karl Malone

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LetsGoRedskins2006 (4)
Dirty player. I would rate him higher if he played like a good sport. But his sleaze factor is too high to ignore.2
jazzackfl (4)
Great PLayer almost hih whole career. But he just fell under the radar and then quit.1
Chagoth (3)
Individual greatness in team sports should not be dependant on whether or not a player won a championship. I could list a number of great players beside Malone that never won championships (Elgin Baylor, Dan Marino, Ted Williams...) but I shouldn't have to. A lot of factors explain why certain players didn't win a championship: Teammates, injuries, caliber of opponents, etc. In Malone's case, he arguably had the teammates (John Stockton and Jeff Hornacek) and Malone never suffered a serious injury as a member of the Jazz (his key teammate, John Stockton, never suffered a serious injury, either). But what Malone and the Jazz did have was Michael Jordan and the Bulls. The level of competition was as high as it gets. The Bulls were a juggernaut that, unfortunately, the Jazz had to face twice in the NBA Finals. And while many people feel that Malone and the Lakers should have won the NBA Title in 2004, it certainly wasn't Malone's fault they didn't. Malone tried playing through a serious injury but, in the end, the injury limited Malone's ability to help his teammates substantially and Detroit pulled off the rare major NBA Finals upset (something that only has happened twice in the last forty-five years). In nearly two decades of playing professional basketball, Malone did everything he could do to win a title. No one worked harder. Few, if any, power forwards in NBA history have been better (only Elvin Hayes, Kevin McHale and Tim Duncan can be ranked near Malone among power forwards). Yet some will still cite Malone's poor fourth-quarter play in the playoffs as a big reason why Malone didn't win a title. However, not every great player is a Michael Jordan or a Magic Johnson when it comes to clutch play. And, as I pointed out earlier, there are many reasons why great players don't win championships. The absence of an NBA Title on Malone's resume should have nothing to do with how great he should be considered. The stupid lacks the heart of a champion comments are just meaningless rhetoric. Seriously, how the heck would anyone know Malone's heart? And what does heart of a champion babble even mean? If you cannot measure it, don't. And whether or not Malone was a dirty player is a moot point. He was a tough player, not a dirty one (there are no dead bodies of former NBA players lying around to back up the silly claim that he was dirty). We are talking about Malone's greatness here, not about whether you like the guy or not. Your personal bias and hatred of the man is out of place in this discussion. I'm sorry your teams kept losing to him. Blame your team, not Malone. Grown-ups actually discuss the man's individual accomplishments (two-time MVP, second all-time leading scorer in NBA history) while children will harp on Malone's alleged dirty play and lack of championships. Malone is easily one of the fourteen or fifteen greatest players in NBA history. To deny that is to deny reality. 1
twansalem (9)
Best power forward of all time, although by the end of their careers Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett could take over this spot.0
witakay (0)
wardmneagle90 (0)
Karl Malone is one of the dirtiest players the NBA has ever seen. He would have fit in well with the Pistons of the late eighties early nineties, the team which ruined basketball.0
uranus00 (0)
he got blocked by bostjan nachbar0
karla_malone (0)
[IMG SRC=http://image2.sina.com.cn/ty/U329P6T12D854504F44DT20040421020856.jpg] You never saw Robinson, Drexler or Hakeem do this shiznit.0
darkwarriorrrior (0)
dirty player that should never ever represent the united states0
dnb1101 (0)
coward and cheap-shot artist... (who can't win a championship on his own)0
happysam (0)
One of the dirtiest players to ever play the game. He has no respect for the game and especially opponents who play it. It is not ruthlessness or toughness, it is plain dirt and the NBA should have none of it. The fact that he is going to be in the Hall of Fame is a joke and farse.0
hunterkiller (0)
Most dirty players in NBA. God gives him such a elbow and knee, He wounld never give him an NBA title!0
karlmalonesuks (0)
Karl Malone is a second tier player - never won or will win a championship. He has no class and plays a dirty game. Shaq is aggressive, but not dirty. The great players in NBA history never played like punks. He's hillbilly chump that's riding Shaq and Kobe's coattails. I hope he get's run over by one of his 18 wheelers. By the way darknessforall - you're an idiot. Mailman's b**ch. 0
darknessforall (0)
Malone being ranked behind guys like Barkley and Robinson is a crime, as is his rating at number 19. The most consistent player to ever play the game, nobody ever played at such a high level for as long as this guy. A monster offensively and deceptively great on defense, in particular as far as his strength and quick hands. One of the very best low post players to ever play, a master at drawing fouls and amazing as far as running ability. Even today he outruns most other players and he's 40 years old! The only reason Malone doesn't rank higher on this site is because so many hate him beacuse of his dirty play over the years, but in his prime in the 90's he was the second bset player ine the league, only behind Jordan, which would be the one thing to haunt his legacy). 1
archivist (0)
The greatest power forward of all time. 1
waynthetrain (0)
Just a bum , period. 0
BucFanSince76 (0)
Remember when the bottom seven or eight teams in the league were all in the Western Conference and the Jazz were fortunate to play those teams 4 to 6 times a year? That's great! Beat up the Nuggets in December. That will win you a championship. Actually, it doesn't and Karl, along with his buddy Stockton, were the two most overrated players of the 90's. People always said, "Yeah, but the Bulls had Jordan". Funny, I never heard that come out of Pistons fan's mouths when Dumars & co. used to shut MJ down and send the Bulls home. If you like basketball that just doesn't quite cut the mustard, the Mailman is for you. I perfer people who can win championships. 0
iluvamerica (0)
Throws elbows, and complains. That's about it. 0
AEnzhRu (5)
Karl Malone is probably the best power forward ever. He is one of the hardest working NBA players ever, his body is still a work of art and his skills have only diminished slightly (most notably his jumping abilities and quickness) even though he's almost 40 years old. On the downside, along with John Stockton he is the primary reason whey the Jazz never won a championship. When the game's close, 99% of the time either or both of them have always choked. Also, the "selfish" bug has gotten to him the last 8 years or so, he doesn't want to end his career in a Jazz uniform (for the sake of a needless and futile championship quest) and he's kind of a moronic, right-brained, nonsensical opionist who's always contradicting himself; also, he's somewhat of a jerk. But he's still pretty cool, I actually like his big ego. I just wish he would retire, NOW, alongside John Stockton. 1
Southga (0)
Karl Malone, in my opinion is one of the best. I would place him among Magic and Bird, as impact to a game, only in his behalf, having J.Stockton as a compliment. Magic had Worthy, Scott, Jabbar, and Cooper. Bird had McKale, Ainge, Parish, and Johnson. The only thing I don't like about Malone is his character. If I could rate him a 4.5, rating Bird and Magic just 4, and Jordan 5, I would. But, I had to round down because of Jordan, the greatest player of all time. 1
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