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Overall Rating:3.22 based on 41 ratings
ItemImageRick Adelman took over the Sacramento Kings 50 games into the 1998-99 season.

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cyqing (0)
Really good coach...led the Kings to within a game of the NBA Finals, matched toe-to-toe with Phil Jackson's Lakers. Had some epic duels with the Lakers in the playoffs. Coaching the Rockets now, who are off to 6-1 start.

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ldenn (0)
I have watched Rick for years, in Portland and then in Sacramento. One of the most respected couches by players. He is a true leader.

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bibi (0)
what a hunk!

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sunbro (0)
Adelman will coach the Kings to the 2nd round of the playoffs this year, partly because the team chemistry should improve after the necessary Webber trade--a trade that helped BOTH the Kings and the 76ers. Not even Adelman and Petrie will have solved the challenges posed by the elite in the Western Conference this year. But with a healthy Peja, 2005-6 should be great for the Kings! Rest up, Peja, and do not let the media and fans pressure you to return before the injuries fully heal! Go Kings! Sacramento loves you!

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lahell84 (0)

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pghjosh (0)
Definitely underrated. While the Kings may be talented, they are a very difficult team to coach. Adelman gets no respect nationally, but then again, neither does anyone else on Sacramento.

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Kings1 (0)
Rick Adelman is extremly underrated as a coach. Every single one of his players can step up and play any role. He lets his players have freedom and coach themselves. He needs to get serious recognition for Coach of the Year. Just because he has not won a championship does not mean he is not a great coach. And honestly, I want to become a basketball coach and want my style to be exactly like Adelman's. Keep up the good work Rick.

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questforbest (0)
Singlehandedly responsible for 3 lost titles (with 2 diferent teams).

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drey99 (0)
Great Coach, who knows the game. Stays out of the limelight and shuns self promotion- unfortunatley pays the price for this with low brow media members who desire more sound bites then sound coaching .Tremendously respected by peers and players and wil Eventually will get the recognition he deserves.

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SYVD (0)
Overrated as a coach. Had the most talent in the league with the Kings last year and didn't win the championship as he failed to do with Portland a couple of times. Better close the deal this year or it may be curtains.

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strawfoot (0)
Adelman is the Homer Simpson of coaches. Every time the camera is on him you see him standing with his mouth open as if to say; Doh! The Kings are at their best when Adelman gets a double "T" and sits out the game in the locker room.

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yoshislink (0)
An underrated coach that usess talent well.

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