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Blizzard Entertainment is a developer and publisher of gaming software. After establishing the Blizzard ...

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Blizzard Entertainment 4

Great company to deal with but sometimes their products are sold through merchants that are less than friendly. My dealings with WILDSTORM have been quite... odd I guess you could say?

If you have any complaint with WILDSTORM regarding a service you purchased through them, especially when it deals with a video game - they claim that they will close your account with that game if you complain LOL.

O well - anywho blizzard has an array of outstanding games for anyone and everyone.
Between Real Time Strategy games to Massively Multiplayer Online Rolelpaying Games such as historically successful World of Warcraft you can't go wrong with them :)

Blizzard even came out with their FIRST FPS game [First Person Shooter] which was actually recalled due to HUGE bugs it he game .. It was called STARCRAFT: Ghost. The game looked amazing graphically and everything seemed sound for online play as well but with all the reported errors and massive recalls they ended up scrapping a multi million dollar game. Shame :(

Besides the huge failure that is/was STARCRATF: Ghost... blizzard has yet to make a game that failed miserably. With the failure of STARRAFT: Ghost goes their chance of getting 5 stars from me :[...

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