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Item added by ayn. Added on 04/03/2009
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06/11/2009 5

Just added new Forums, members can Discuss off the Wall topics. (Like Pinapples and ants, etc)
The Cartoons cover a Variety of topics, some Sensitive and some really Screwed up.
Members can Comment on the Cartoons and Review them.

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X Factor Z
06/11/2009 1

I don't know-I think that "Cat's That look like Hitler" is funnier.

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04/08/2009 5

Very nice site , if you can overlook the tacky colors. Dedicated to the funniest cartoon EVER! The cartoon covors some pretty funny topics and is not afraid to tackle religious views, shock collars, and other tabboo Topics. The art is less simplistic than other cartoons, but Watson can't draw a woman to save her life. lol. And some animals are also poorly drawn, but thats easy to overlook as the cartoons are funny. And a lot of them are boomerang funny, they come back and hit ya later making you laugh then.

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04/03/2009 5

Funny site dedicated to my favorite cartoon 7 folds RETURN. Love the way it makes fun of everyday life. The way people act without thinking, our customs, religion and even our pets!
The cartoons on there always make me laugh!

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