State of the Union (video)

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State of the Union (video) 2

ORIGINAL 2/13/13: Oh Boy...

Actually, I was surprised. Surprised that Obi Bar didn't get to the part where he promises...

-To get your lawn cut for you.

-House in need of a fresh coat of paint? We've got that covered, too.

-How's your sex life? Just give us a call.

-Not happy with who you are? Well, thanks to the re-trained tire makers in Akron, Ohio, we'll get you a new brain.

Jezzus F. Christophino!

UP DATE: Well, well...I guess Obi Bar didn't cover all the bases. Shame on you, Obi Bar!

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FranksWildYear s

State of the Union (video) 3

I see (below and in list item description) where the people at CNN have claimed copyright on "State of the Union" for their podcast starring interactive newscaster John King. I guess the Government of the United States will have to come up with some other title for the annual presidential address to the joint houses of the legislative branch. I believe "The Oprah Winfrey Show" might still be available for a reasonable licence fee.


State of the Union with John King

Each week, John King offers a blend of newsmaker interviews, political analysis, and takes viewers outside of Washington to tell the stories of every day Americans during these challenging economic times.
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State of the Union (video) 1

*BELCH* Bad.

See, that would have been more accurate than the bullshit I assume Barry threw out there.

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State of the Union (video) 2

Yawn, just another campaign speech full of empty bromides and policy proposals that are likely not to be enacted.

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