LCD flat screen panel TV

As opposed to the 100 lb. paper weight
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LCD flat screen panel TV 4

I get them for wholesale prices and sometimes I mount them on walls and shit...

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LCD flat screen panel TV 4

We have two TVs in our house, one an LCD and one a good, old, boxy TV set. I haven't purchased either of these, and I don't think I've bought a TV in my life. When I was in college and when my wife and I were first married, I had a tiny hand me down TV. Sure...the picture wasn't great, but I could see whats going on fine enough. I guess I really don't get too excited about what type of TV I have.
The flat screen we have now was purchased by my parents when I got cancer. My siblings joked..."Get cancer, get a free TV." I think my parents realized they would be spending a lot more time at my house while I was sick, and considering it was football season, my dad didn't like the prospect of staring at a 20 inch TV with his old eyes.
Watching TV on the flat screen is fine, but the thing I like best is how much space it saves. It really is convenient to be able to put one of these things on a wall mount or a narrow piece of furniture. Eventually I think I'll upgrade to a flat panel TV in my bedroom, because it would be nice to use the top of my dresser for something else.

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FranksWildYear s

LCD flat screen panel TV 4

We have in our basement no less than 3 jumbo box-format televisions that we have inherited from elderly relatives who passed away in the last few years. We tried to send them off with young nieces and nephews who were either going to college or moving out of home when they got started on their careers. None of them would have the big old TVs in their house. They'd be embarrassed to be seen with them as opposed to the Flat panel.

I suppose it would have been the same as me taking my grandparents large cabinet console stereo when I moved out back in the 80's. Now that I have the space, it would be cool to have my Grandpa's giant old Phiilps console stereo with the built in turntable.

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LCD flat screen panel TV 5

I haven't gotten one so far but only because it's hard to justify to spend so much money on it when I don't even watch TV in the first place. I have been waiting for a while for the price to come down and now it's more or less accceptable, but I think I may just wait a little longer since there's really no immediate need for me to have one. LCD falt screen TVs are stylish, take little space, delivery excellent quality pictures, and so light even I can lift one myself, I think. It's definitely in my plan to get one unless I wait too long that another better, revolutionary TV come along before I act on it.

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LCD flat screen panel TV 3

My next TV will probably be an LCD flatscreen, but they're too expensive for now, maybe in two or three years.

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