Nature Made Multivitamins

Item added by lebronmainson. Added on 03/05/2009
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Nature Made Multivitamins 4

Since I'm not a nutritional expert, I can't say whether these Multivitamins keep me healthier, or even whether they actually contain any vitamins at all! (Though I do trust you, FDA.)

For that reason, I'm only giving this product 4 stars, because I like to keep my 5 star criteria pure--i.e. I can prove that this product rules. I can't with the NatureMade, therefore, 4 stars.

However, the pills are large but not to hard to swallow (good), don't taste as bad as other multivitamins I've had (good), make me feel like I'm healthier (good), and are packaged with reassuringly bland labels (good). By my math, that adds up to 4 stars!

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