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Flick Fishing 3

Flick Fishing manages to capture the true essence of fishing....it replaces the boredom of not catching anything with the boredom of catching lots of the wrong kind of fish. There doesn't seem to be much of a payoff for completing the missions, since there's no reward, just a new task to complete.

The UX is also a little awkward. I have no idea what lures I'm using at any given moment, and the reeling in gesture is only fun the first few times. Casting is fun and the accelerometer is used well here.

If you like fishing more than me, you'll probably like this game, and you can't beat the $1 price tag. I don't feel ripped off even though I probably won't play it that often.

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Flick Fishing 4

This is a decent fishing game for the Apple iPhone / iTouch. You pick from several different environments to fish that include a pier, a lake, a pond, a river, etc. Each environment has dynamic 3D effects and different fish to catch. You can select different baits to use or lures, and the fishing itself involves flipping the device down in a "casting" motion, and then waiting for a bite. Some tackle involves a floating bobber, some requires slowly reeling in a spinner or lure.

When you get a strike you need to pull up on the phone sharply to set the hook, and you can then reel in the catch by spinning your finger around a virtual reel using the touchscreen. There is some challenge in wearing the fish out without losing it or snapping the line.

Nice graphics, decent sound, and a bit of a challenge with a "quest" mode where you have to catch a certain type of fish in a given order for the "old lighthouse guy" who gives tips on what bait to use, how far to cast, etc. You can also play against other people via the network or against the computer in a fishing competition.

There are some nice extra features like the different fishes you catch being displayed in an aquarium, and being able to brag via email about the weight of a record-breaking fish you've caught.

On the whole the different environments and extra polish make this game easily worth a buck. It certainly made me want to go fishing. The one downside is that the fish are practically jumping out of the water in this game. I seem to remember a lot more waiting involved in fishing. The sport isn't called "catching" for a reason.

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