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1. tvtator , on 11/15/2003 8:38:00 PM, said:

I always thought Major Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie was cool.
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2. Moosekarloff , on 7/23/2003 1:10:00 PM, said:

An undertaking fit only for imbecilic, swaggering, arrogant suicide jockeys who get their thrills from squandering the taxpayers' money on nonsense. Let's face it folks: the entire manned space program has been a colossal waste of time, effort and money when you consider the loss of so many human lives in the pursuit of knowledge that is dubious at best. Space exploration should be left to unmanned probes, because the only scientific knowledge derived from humans in space concerns the effects of space on humans in space. Much too limited, insular and self-referential to be of much use to anyone for anything else. Just consider how much better this country's educational system, infrastructure, environment and consumer-oriented research and development industries would be if The Powers That Be didn't waste countless billions of the taxpayers' money over the past four decades on playing Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.
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3. JimmyInAtlanta , on 6/30/2003 10:23:00 AM, said:

I couldn't do it due to claustrophobia and fera of heights, but I look up to those who do it. And in a few more decades, it'll be a dynamite job to have.
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4. Molfan , on 2/2/2003 9:03:00 PM, said:

As for being an astronaut myself, I would say no. I give a lot of credit to those handful of those who choose to make this their career. the devotion it must take to go into this career.Those few who get the honor of going into space and do all that exploring and seeing our witnessing all of space up close It must be so breathtaking and exciting for them. It is also risktaking and dangerous. It has become so routine it is like we take for granted the risks our astronauts take for us to study way up there in space. Ysterday was the tragedy of being an astronaut. Seven lives lost to give our world a better understanding of space. My heart goes out to the families.
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5. BIGBABY , on 2/2/2003 11:07:00 AM, said:

This would be very exciting, even with knowledge of the Columbia explosion that happened yesterday
  (3 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
6. CastleBee , on 1/17/2002 11:51:00 AM, said:

I give you the nightmare of a claustophobic - floating around in a void in a tiny little box - what a hideous thought! Not for all the money on earth.
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
7. aiwachica , on 12/5/2001 4:21:00 PM, said:

Astronuats are cool! they get to go up in space and so all that cool science stuff with ION'S and go on a ride in rockets! Hoew cool is that? and you get to do stuff that is really cool, like floating around on the moon or inside your ship. dude It's cool! I give credit to all people who have been to outer space and that have furthered spcae travel!
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
8. stooge , on 8/5/2001 7:39:00 AM, said:

This is an occupation that is not for everybody. If yor are an astronaut, then this is your life. You live and breath for this. If it is not your calling then you should never consider it. Most people could never stand the challenge, physically or mentally. I, for one, prefer to keep my feet on the ground.
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9. pedrogouveia , on 7/25/2001 3:00:00 AM, said:

This is a profession eveyone should desire. Simply because it's unlike any other. Just the feeling that you're able to experience something totally unusual, that very few people will ever have the chance experience, is already mind blowing for me...
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 4 did not)
10. Mystique Elom , on 4/1/2001 2:22:00 PM, said:

If I could be anything, this is it!
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
11. raincat , on 2/18/2001 8:45:00 AM, said:

I am rating this career on how it would be for me. It wouldn't be at all. I get nauseous on little kids' rides like the carousel!
  (4 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
12. alicat , on 12/20/2000 6:10:00 PM, said:

I think I would want to be an astronaut on the fact that I could eat the astronaut ice cream alone. I love that stuff. I think it is pretty cool to be out in space and see the world from out there. It would definitely give you a different perspective on life, but what is the best, is having no weight. Just being able to float around or jump 40 ft. would be so fun.
  (3 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
13. Wiggum , on 12/20/2000 5:57:00 PM, said:

If you're an astronaut, I have to figure one of the best parts would be when you're in a bar and a cute girl asks you what you do for a living. "Oh, I'm an astronaut" has to be about as impressive an answer as anyone can come up with. Also the being in space part would be pretty interesting. Reading Tom Wolfe's "The Right Stuff" only romanticizes the profession even more.
  (5 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
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