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Djahuti  (43)   on 01/17/2006 12:30PM, said:

I have had the very best and worst dentists.The lousy ones are worthy of a trip to purgatory but the one I have right now is an Angel.Most of them charge too much,but I suspect that they may have to pay some outrageous malpractice insurance.

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beasleyr  (0)   on 12/05/2004 8:55PM, said:

I'm going to dental school next year so I'm a little biased, but I really think this is a great profession. The health science careers are always going to be in demand (job security). Many dentists choose to work four day work weeks (some even three), so this enables them to have a life outside of work (unlike physicians). Dentistry is also a good mix of science and art. It allows you help others. There are also many avenues you can go as a dentist(you can work solo or in a group, you can specialize, you can choose your patient base, etc.). A good career and I'm seeing more students my age attracted to the benefits this field has to offer.

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tvtator  (6)   on 11/15/2003 8:40PM, said:

I know they where masks and gloves, but sticking my hands into someone's mouth to clean or work on someone's teeth has never appealed to me. Especially since some people probably have never met a toothbrush, toothpaste or heard of mouthwash. Ewwww.

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BIGBABY  (12)   on 04/25/2003 3:12PM, said:

Im rating it 5 just becuase my oral surgeon has pulled out my 4 wisdom teeth this Wenesday. Although I was out cold through the entire surgery, it supposedly went perfect. I hate having stitches in my mouth.

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dieseldmd  (0)   on 02/19/2003 10:13PM, said:

okay, apparently i need to dispell some rumours regarding the field of dentistry . . . first of all, sure its pretty disgusting looking into people's mouths all day, but that's typically because the majority do not take proper steps to beneficial dental care (i.e. brushing, flossing) Second, i can't think of a more flexible job. not only are dentists professionally certified to do just about any type of procedure within the oral cavity, but a successful practice allows any dentist to determine his own hours. this means working as little, or as much as you like! could you ask for a better career? this is what America is about . . . a chance to build your own future. God Bless America!!

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ellajedlicka21  (3)   on 10/16/2001 7:07PM, said:

They're good people but inflict too much pain.

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Janey_Lane  (0)   on 08/21/2001 12:36PM, said:

This rating is a mixture about how I would feel about being a dentist and how much I think we need dentistry. Do I think it could be a dull, unrewording occupation, yes. Do I also think that the people having this job are very important for society, yes. A few years ago I had a terrible bite and thanks to dentistry I now have an almost normal smile. But somehow, being a dentist doesn't seem as important as being a 'real' doctor. Sure they might not safe lives, but they can save selfesteem and provent pain. Dentist is an important job but I would never want to practice it myself.

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pedrogouveia  (0)   on 07/27/2001 12:35PM, said:

I think this has to be a pretty boring career. Same thing every day in the same place. I really can't understand how that can be professionally satisfying at all. Shroomwoman summarizes it pretty well...

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Shroomwoman  (11)   on 12/21/2000 7:02PM, said:

It's difficult for me to imagine a more unappealing field than dentistry. First, it's totally disgusting to look into people's mouths, and the idea of messing around in there with sharp instruments makes my toes curl. (Let's not even consider the smell and the germs...) Second, it would be stifling to move from one small exam room to the next, with no real change of scenery. (That might be one of the reasons why dentists have so many colorful posters in their offices.) I also think it would be depressing to see people who were dreading to see you. Another bad thing about being a dentist is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of flexibility in the job. You go to school to be a dentist, and that's pretty much all you can do. I really appreciate the services my dentist provides, but you couldn't pay me enough money to become one!

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