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08/15/2011 1

They are robbing ********, refuse to cancel my payment for 2 months despite me going through the process on the website. They have just told me after taking another payment that as I'm based in Ireland I needed to call them. I explained if that was the case they needed to notify people on the site of this. The staff are rude and just keep saying you won't get your money back it's our policy. It's their policy to rip you off. God I have to give them a Star... Well only because this site make me but other than that there would be no start.

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07/01/2011 1

Match.Com are crooks. They get one star only because this rating service requires a star to process. I joined this service because I thought that paying members would improve the quality of people I had access to. What I didn't realize is that the people I was emailing were not be able to respond to me because they are not 'paid' members. I was told there was no way to differentiate paid from non-paying members because they wouldn't disclose this information for the person's privacy. After sitting on the phone for half an hour I finally found out that only those with 'green' around their profiles were paid members (this amounts to approx. 2 - 4 people per page of ten).

The con is that they want you to respond to the nine profiles they send you daily in the hopes that the 'fish' will get interested and sign up for the site in order to read the emails. I'm paying to be a marketing tool? When I asked for a refund I was told that my acount was 'inelligeable' for a refund. They did however offer to take off my automatic subscription renewal - something of course I had no idea was there.

So I'm writing to the president Mr. Greg Black, PO Box 25472, Dallas Texas, 75225 to let him know he's just another rip-off artist and suggest you do too.

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05/25/2011 1


1- Of 100 pages of profiles that are in your search criteria, maybe 50 of them are still active. They keep your profile online for a period of time AFTER you leave.
2- 6 month guarantee is based on a number of contingencies they don't tell you about up front.
3- Auto-renewal, charged to your ccard, unless you hold their feet to the fire.
4- LOW QUALITY MEN (Don't know about the ladies), numerous desperate for sex, (2) alcoholics, numerous egomaniacs (translation: low self-esteem), and hangers-on. And you will get pestered by numerous older men who will completely ignore your age requirements.
5- Site is LOADED with scammers that does nothing about to prevent you, their paying consumer, from being scammed. I was routinely contacted by scammers and when I spoke to a manager at they assured me they were doing everything they could to prevent it. Lip service.


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04/18/2011 1

Met the man of my dreams = 5*
But they failed to cancel my subscription despite my telephoning them and have just charged another 6 months to my credit card and are refusing to refund me. If I'd done it by Direct Debit I could be sure that I'd cancelled the payments but there is no such guarantee with credit cards - BEWARE!! Dick Turpin has nothing on them.

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02/10/2011 1


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02/06/2011 1

Someone else wrote EXACTLY what happened to me: will send you "winks" from non-existent people. At least 1/3 of my "winks" were from people whose alleged profiles mysteriously disappeared right after they "winked." "This profile is not available." Makes me wonder whose photos they're using for this...

THIS IS SHOCKING THAT THEY'RE GETTING AWAY WITH THIS !! It's Sooooo depressing to get great looking guys "winking" and then when I try to communicate, suddenly EVERY ONE of them is suddenly "profile not available". Why is this allowed to happen???

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01/25/2011 1

I signed up for this site for JUST a month paying a discount rate of 23.99. 28 days later I check my bank online and a 29.99 charge is in my "holds" so I log on to find where I can talk to someone, finding a place I could "message". When I sent the message, another message popped up saying sometimes there is a hold on an account but it doesnt go through. So I thought "ok no problem" but I cancelled the subscripton anyway. 3 days later, the charge goes through and they take the 29.99 out of my account. I called them to explain I had only signed up for one month and no longer wanted the service but the rep told me there is nothing he could do because I logged into my account 28 days later "verifying" the charge! I explained I logged on to the account to cancel and delete the profile but he said it doesnt matter. So I contacted the filed a complaint and also a fraud with my bank. And to top it off the site does not work!

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12/26/2010 1

I joined and subscribed for 1 month. If was a reputable company, they would do the honorable thing and cancel a person's subscription after the one month period ends. This is not the case. does not cancel your subscription but continues to bill you month after month until you manually go into your account and cancel it yourself.

After being billed for a second month, I called up customer service and explained to them that I only signed up for 1 month and did not wish to be billed for another month. I continued to ask that my money from the second month be credited to my bank account. They told me that they have no way of keeping track of how long a person has been active for and it was in the terms of my contract before signing up. Therefore, they cannot refund my money for the second month.

Being the largest dating site in world, one would think has enough money to hire a computer programmer to write up some code that keeps track of this and sends out an email after 30 days (or however long a person signs up for) that contains a link that directs you to opting to cancel your subscription. It sounds to me like the technology is readily available, but it would be more profitable to the company if they keep this message hidden in the terms of the contract.
I am also looking in the Pros and Cons underneath the "Share Your Opinion" section. The 3rd con from the bottom reads "Cost to Much." It should be spelled "too." The sixth con reads "May Be A Bit Overhelming." Maybe if you payed a bit more attention to the details of your website, people would want to remain active members so you wouldn't have to come up with ways to scam them out of their money. It is overWhelming to me how the management of operate. It would be a great idea for them to take a class in ethics. is run by a group of greedy and immoral people and highly recommend avoiding this website at all costs.

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11/27/2010 2

has some ugly girls

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11/13/2010 4

All my profiles on there were jokes, and some of them were removed from the site, but even the silly ones had responses asking when I was coming to ????ville. I think if I applied myself, would have caught me some herpes.

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Lloyd Olso
11/13/2010 3

3 stars

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11/05/2010 1

Never had any interest from anyone as promised, renewed after 3 poor months of service without contacting me first, or at least sending me a notice. Bad business practice, will not again.

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11/03/2010 1 a say the least. The first guy i met......A PREDATOR........who was a wealthy man in a great neighborhood of Houston/westchase area.......who had out the christian books......the crosses..........the pictures.........he had a fabulous profile.....i met him for two drinks close to his home. Later, i met him at his home........i noticed he was ONLINE all the time........well, he didn't want me coming over uninvited.......i even made a fake profile and he "bit" on it and invited the female over to have sex within thirty minutes.........THIS IS PATHETIC....there should be something within MATCH.COM so that you can report these to the's not fair!

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10/26/2010 1

I had cancelled my subscription about 6 months ago (I found a relationship outside of Match dot com), but recently had started to receive new notices of winks, e-mails and matches. Going to the site, it asked for me to renew my account. I went through the online cancellation process AGAIN to make darned sure I was out of there, received a confirmation e-mail, and then called their phone line for good measure. They confirmed that I was showing in their system as a PREVIOUS member and assured me that I was not being charged. They then put me on hold to switch off correspondence from them. When they returned on the line, I asked them what would have caused this when I had taken care of this months ago. They claimed it must have been a computer glitch. Really? Okay...

I had heard of accounts remaining in circulation even after being cancelled, but this confirms it for me. Perhaps I'm lucky that this "computer glitch" informed me that others were still seeing my profile. Who knows how long this had been going on without my knowledge? Truth be told, Match got caught on this one padding their enrollment numbers. Not cool. Not only is it a hassle for people who want nothing to do with the site any more, but it is horribly misleading for the people who are subscribed at Match hoping to find their match. I count myself lucky that it didn't cost me any more money as others have experienced, but I really don't want to be babysitting them to make sure they do as I asked in the first place and REMOVE MY ACCOUNT!

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10/02/2010 1

I can't get away from their emails! They sent my email address to some marketing firm and try as I might to filter their crap it keeps coming in!

Don't even sign up for free! You are only signing up for spam!

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08/18/2010 1

This is one of many personals sites my dear husband has been kicked off of over the past two years for lying about his marital status and stalking. They didn't catch him, I did, and I have no way of knowing how many other singles sites he's registered on. I met him on yahoo personals 6 years ago and everything in his profile was a lie, including his marital status. for 9 months I dated a married man, he quietly divorced and later married me.

I found out two years into the marriage that I had been a part of an adulterous relationship. Not only was his online profile a lie, but he was convicted of abuse of a previous spouse and abused my family as well, all while maintaining a personals ad looking for his next victim. I am sure this site is doing ALMOST everything it can to keep predators like him off their site, but there are other safeguards that can be put into place and ultimately online dating on any site is just not safe.

We are still legally married, I have a restraining order against him, I carry a handgun to protect me and my children from him and he still regularly registers on dating sites looking for YOU. They do not check to see if you are married, they don't look to see if you are convicted of violent crime and if you register under another name/email address there is no way to tell if you've been kicked off the site before for violating their terms of service. Go out in the real world and find the love of your life. This way just isn't safe.

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07/09/2010 5

MATCH.COM is wonderful. There are a lot of very pretty, kind, real women on the site.
If you use properly, and by this I mean write well written, well thought out emails, create a good profile that is not filled with self pity and hate, and work at it a bit you can easily go on two to three dates a week just from Most of the guys who fail at and then complain about it have no idea what they are doing. They write badly thought out profiles and even worse emails. I have started a blog to help guys get better at dating. It includes example of good and bad profiles and some basic tips and rules for succeeding at internet dating.
Check out

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07/07/2010 1

Be very leery of Match's privacy policies. I wanted the credit card number my account is linked with deleted from their system because they kept renewing the subscription in spite of the fact that I had terminated my membership.

The customer service supervisor said "We do not have the option to remove your credit card information (it wasn't even my card!) from the system because (get this) your bank might need it." My bank had obviously already paid Match several months ago, so the transaction was complete. I made him repeat that one!

He got very nasty and said I couldn't quote what he said. Oh really? Too bad I was taping the call because I'm, so sick of being charged over and over and given the run around. Gee, maybe that's why they only send automated written replies. What a bunch of snakes!

Match also collects illegal personal data, by which I mean that they demand certain information that is unconstitutional. There is no way to opt out of answering their questions about your religion or your political views.

If you want to join a class action suit against Match's overall privacy policies including but not limited to billing incidents, please write to louise five three two (in digits) at the kind of mail that is not cold ;)

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06/29/2010 1

I have also experienced that the cusomer services dept never ever return answers to your queries and i was involved in paying more for the site than originally described.
I have lately found a new website
This site is simple, no ads, no fake profiles and is brand new for 2010. I recommend people check it out today
Thanks for reading my review STAY AWAY FROM MATCH.COM

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06/23/2010 1

I've only been on for a couple weeks and most of the men who have contacted me are scam artists posing as someone else trying to get money wired to them.

Then someone actually hijacked MY account, changed the userID and password and turned me into a man who is now trying to scam other members out of money.

I've contacted customer services no fewer than six times in the last 48 hours to get this resolved and all I get back are canned email responses telling me I need to update my account information.

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05/17/2010 1

Women beware! False advertising to say the least. I give it a 1 star rating. I read a profile that stated Christian/Protestant and divorced. When we met not only was it was abundantly clear that the pictures that he posted were decades old and 50 pounds ago, he was married, living with his wife and had no belief in God let alone a Christian. He overstated his fitness level to say the least! While the mismatch with the picture was immediate the rest took some time to tease out. My advice that I wish I would have exercised for myself, if the picture doesn't match the person don't be tempted to go on a second date. You learned from day one that your guy is a liar. BTW..this is not an isolated incident.

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04/01/2010 2

I can save you guys a lot of time and money! I have dated over 100 women from the LA ca area ages 37 to 54 and if you have a question about anyone you might be interested in dating I may be able to save you your time and money as many are a waste of both. I have met a few women that were nice and fun. But there is a reason many of these women are still alone! Most are wack jobs, gold diggers, users, liars and nothing like their photos or how they portray themselves in their profiles. You can write to kewld8r at aol and if I know the women you have an interest in I am more than happy to give you the honest inside info on her.

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03/19/2010 1

Really aweful service! My profile didnt even show up on the public view, so no one was able to view me. As a result so far I have no response. I sent out 4 emails and so far no response. I called them and I was put on hold for more than 40 mins! I was able to discuss this with no one!!! Waste of time and money! Go for eHarmony, they are Much Much better!!!

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03/17/2010 3

Ok the first time I joined was 3 yrs ago, and I met the most Amazing match within my first 2 weeks on there! We met and were inseperable the first 2 months! We actually were together off and on for 3 yrs, and are still friends, since it just didnt work out in the end. I definitely do not regret my experience. I feel that you can't please everyone, and obviously everyone writing here, has had a bad experience on the site, because you just think you post your stuff, or send emails, and that entitles you to automatic responses. Well it doesn't work that way in real life either. There is rejection online and offline. For those who had problems with them charging you AFTER you canceled, then I understand... But for most of you, it seems you didn't read the CONTRACT you agreed with when you signed up. It clearly says when your subscription is up, if you do not Resign your subscription, they will Renew.

I decided to sign up for match just recently on a trial. I met quite a few people who intrigue me, and whom we have been chatting with back and forth... and one or two, whom I would possibly meet. Most of the men, when I asked, say they RARELY do get responses from woman, but some say it just depends, every once and awhile.

[I Updated this paragraph because I think my point was taken wrong] To tell you the truth... sometimes people might not post the best photo of themselves up, you may not get as many people writing you just based off of what you wrote about yourself. And to be honest, most people would not even read your profile, if they don't think your main pic is attractive. I know that sounds harsh, but I am being honest. It is important for someone to be attracted to their possibly future mate, and no one can be mad about that. I think if you really want to get more responses, work on the picture you decide as your main to be an attractive one of you.

In the end, it can seem shallow, but I mean, I think of myself as a caring person, and when I got emails from guys I didn't find attractive, I just wrote them back, and in a lil way gave them an impression that I am not interested. I mean imagine a guy/girl a friend of a friend you are getting set up with..... when you first see that person, you pretty much know right away if you are attracted to them... then you start talking and see how you get along, see what kinda vibes you have... and then you decide if you are feeling them as a friend, a possible mate, or you just don't get along.... well on, you don't get the opportunity to talk, and meet them right away.. you are basing your impression off of the first picture, and initial attraction...

I am just saying, something to think about... I mean I just feel that those going to have unrealistic expectations, like "shopping for the perfect mate"...

But I DEFNITELY know it can work, me an example, and a family member who is now married to that person they met.

Good Luck, make a good impression :-)

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03/06/2010 1

I was a member for 6 months. In that time I received maybe 10 email responses to the literally 100s of personalized and specific emails I sent to the men on that site. The only men who would email me more than "thanks but no thanks" were the foreigners looking for a way into this country.

If I had emailed people randomly, rather than using the "mutual match" and "looking for you" matches the company put together, I might better understand the silence. If I had sent out 100s of cut and paste emails instead of individual emails with specific references to things in the man's profile, I might better understand the silence. If I looked like Quasimodo and had zero intelligence, I might better understand the silence.

When I pointed out to customer service that I got zero response compared to what I sent out, she sheepishly agreed that it seemed I had received less response than she would have expected and that I had done everything the site recommends.

Don't waste your money. I'd rather be home alone than rejected by literally millions of men.

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thatcatapultgu y
03/05/2010 1

0 stars for I subscribed on February 26th. The transaction was pending and didn't clear until March 1st. That in itself is not a big deal. Its now the 5th of March and I still cannot access any of the subscriber funtcions like e-mail and to see who is viewing my profile. I call this stealing. I've sent them four messages via their "Customer Service" page and replied to notification e-mails they've sent me. I've received no responses in reply to my problem. I was still giving them the benefit of the doubt, but after reading some of these reviews, I'm going to my bank this afternoon and blocking them from my account. I found a physical address for them and a phone and fax number if you want to call and vent to them directly.

8300 Douglas Ave. Suite 800
Dallas, TX 75225

Phone: 214-576-9352
FAx: 214-576-9350

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02/28/2010 1

If you are a black woman, is probably not the best website for you. I am an educated, professional black women, working on a PHD and they have only sent me matches that do not want to date black women. Also, if you do a search for people looking for someone like you, the results show a bunch of people that ...don't want to date black women. It has been a very offensive and time wasting experience for me.

But for others that decide to go this route, good luck!

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02/16/2010 1

This is a horrible website, I was told that if I renewed my subscription it would not be charged until closer to the due date.
I had signed up for a 30 day subscription, then on the same day. ME BEING A DUMMY try to change it to a 6 months subscription, they have charged me for BOTH and I have tried emailing them 3 different times within the last 10 days. My 6 month one isnt suppose to begin until march 13th!!!! I have not had a response. Tried calling them waited on the line for 20 mins then hung up since I was still on hold. I will never do another dating website again!!!!!
Why won't they answer me!!!!!
UGH going nuts!!!!

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01/31/2010 1

You've heard the complaints & they're all true...

Probably only 1 in 1000 folks you see on the site are actually members, so they can't communicate w/you. will send you "winks" from non-existent people. At least 1/3 of my "winks" were from people whose alleged profiles mysteriously disappeared right after they "winked." "This profile is not available." Makes me wonder whose photos they're using for this...probably employees as well as the fat cats who are raking in the money from this rip-off scheme.

I was unable to change my profile. Before I became a paying member, my profile would be "approved" within hours when I changed it, but after becoming a member, they would never update it. When I emailed "customer service" to complain, I was ignored.

I now intend to be just one of many joining a class action suit against these scammers.


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01/22/2010 1

If I could have picked 0 stars for I would. Basically I am both disgusted and frightened about some of the people they freely allow on their site. They say that their members go through a background screening but I doubt that is the case. I met someone on their site who basically lied about his name, what he did, his family, I mean everything. I of course didn't find all of this out until after I had gone out with him. While on our date I began to become increasingly uncomfortable because he started to get aggressive and I started to feel completely unsafe. There was a gut instinct I had and I should have listened to it -- if something or someone seems too good to be true they probably are. A very good male friend of mine pointed out a very scary thing to me while we were discussing this guy and what had happened. He said --- well basically your profile was a perfect roadmap to you, it told him exactly what was important to you and why. Predators and creeps rely on that sort of thing, that's what makes it so much easier for them to succeed in their goals. After thinking this through I realized those points are completely true...which is what makes the whole situation all the scarier. I'm lucky that nothing really bad happened to me given the fact that I was basically deceived by someone who obviously had nothing but the worst of intentions. I would persuade all women who are going to utilize online dating to do background checks on perspective people because Match isn't doing it. I guess I was just too naive and too stupid to realize I should have dug more. I will never again do online dating --- I'll find my match the old fashioned way.

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01/13/2010 1

Unfortunately, after joining Match for a month and taking a lot of time to write a pretty decent profile, I received no responses from people I e-mailed. Of course, due to the large male-female ratio this is expected, although I was frustrated with the time I was spending with no conversations ensuing. I feel like I'm a pretty normal, successful person, so I thought I'd dig a bit deeper.
It turns out the's e-mailing system is NOT exclusive between members. Somebody who is not a member of is able to create a 'free' profile, but cannot send or receive e-mails. Worse, will NOT tell you whether or not the person you're e-mailing is a 'paid member' and therefore whether or not they have the ability to reply to your message. I also had to e-mail them five times before I finally got this answer out of them - abysmal.

In short: a great deal of the female profiles on are fake or by non-paying subscribers. The majority of subscribers are men (naturally) but what they don't tell you is that the minority are simply not there or can't respond.
Would not recommend match for men - have had some brilliant experiences, ironically, with free sites like Gumtree and Craigslist but match has been a complete flop. However, on the flipside I suspect that for women it could be a decent place to buy a subscription and pick-n-choose the men who reply to you - just bear in mind that most of them will be rather frustrated and probably incredibly surprised when you respond!

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peace victim
12/05/2009 1


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11/25/2009 4

most of the people on here are having problems b/c they don't READ!!!! how hard is it to read the 1 paragraph that's given to you right next to the subscribe button, come on people, most of you know that you've gotten screwed b/c you've been lazy to not read. here are some guidelines that you might want to follow to make sure everything is ok:

1. when you first hit subscribe it takes you to the rate page, gives you the rate (per month) so you can compare the difference in price, (longer subscriptions are cheaper on a monthly basis) although all sales are a ONE TIME PAYMENT.

2. right NEXT to that it shows VERBATIM:

Billing - Continuous Service We don’t want to interrupt your service and prematurely end your conversations. Therefore, unless you tell us you’d like to discontinue the service, at the end of each subscription period, your subscription will continue at the same rate and for the same amount of time as the prior subscription period, and you will be automatically charged.Learn more

now, on this Learn more that you get it explains how the auto renewal works, that wou can cancel online or by phone and some other things.

if you choose the 6mo subsc. it also shows you about the guarantee and you can open a link where it explains throughly what you need to follow to get it and that you have 1 mo after your subsc ends to redeem that.

3. so once you hit continue, means you already read this and are agreeing, so once you do that it asks for your billing info, and right under where you put that and over the check box you have to click on as AGREEING TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS it reads, again verbatim:

When you click 'Subscribe', your credit card will be charged immediately. Unless you resign, your subscription will continue at the end of each successive period at the same rate and for the same amount of time. Learn more (again if you click on learn more shows full explanation)

so this is the SECOND time that this is given to you!

4. so as you can see if you click on that check box you are AGREEING to the terms and conditions (auto renewal and all)


6. about partial refunds: the only way you can get that is if you haven't passed the marking period for lower subscriptions, I.E. : if you're on 6mo, not passed the 1mo period to be downgraded to 1mo and if you're even passed it by 1 day, they canonly downgrade you to 3mo (remember they don't have any other packages) AND you would be charged the REGULAR rate for these subsc, not the amount that costs for the 6mo. on a monthly basis.

same thing goes for the 3mo, in that case they can only downgrade you to 1mo.. if you passed that period you don't qualify for partial refund! and if you have a 1mo the only way to get refunded is if you have not sent emails..

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS! pass this along to other match members and save yourselves the headache (for you as well as for the customer service people eho have to put up with this kind of nonsense everyday!)

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10/13/2009 1 is CREEPS GALORE. I kept getting a lot of messages and stuff from men older than 40, and I made it clear that I wanted no one older than 25. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE, IT SUCKS. You're better off meeting someone naturally.

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10/11/2009 1

Fake profiles, fake winks, fake emails. If you happen to subscribe and want out, make sure you cancel before the automatic renewal. Do it online AND call and tell them you will sue if they try to take more money from you. Finally, call your credit card company directly and tell them to block any payments to

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09/28/2009 1

The customer service is terrible. They automatically signed me up for another three months without my permission. When I called to cancel the account and request the return of my money, the cancelled the account but refused to return the money. When I threated legal action, they said they would return the money to my account by the following Monday. Four weeks later I am still attempting to have my money returned. Be very careful how you sign up for this service and which type of card you give them.

As to matching, just be prepared to do all the work yourself. If you like to sift through hundreds of pictures and read all those bios, this is your type of service. It takes lots of time and not a lot of reward.

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09/26/2009 2

It worked for me at the time (I met my wife there). However...
I closed my account with almost 3 years ago (after I met my wife) and asked that they remove my profile.
They have not removed it and it still appears active even though I have not logged-in for years. However, women are still trying to contact me through them (or so they claim in emails they keep sending me). These women must feel bad because it would appear to them that I ignore/reject them. But the fact is that I cannot see nor respond to them without paying
My wife does not appreciate having my profile and photo on Nor do I , and I am sure that the women who are fooled by it do not appreciate it either.

By keeping my profile active against my will they make it seem that they have more selection than they actually do. This is fraud.

Attempts to contact them to remove the profile were ignored repeatedly.

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09/11/2009 1 solicits MARRIED individuals. I was solicited, much to my chagrin and irritation, and I am MARRIED!! Happily so, for over 10 years. This company invades peoples privacy and emails and solicits anyone; they do not care if they tempt adultery or contribute in some way to the destruction of families. Their aggressive, invasive ways demonstrate that they are not a good business. Watch out, they are asking married individuals to apply to join their ranks.

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09/08/2009 1

The worst site ever but better than eHarmony.

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08/29/2009 3

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08/27/2009 1

Doesn't work and the system is horrible. They stole an extra month's payment out of me even after the sreen said it confirmed my cancellation. I never saw the fine print where it said I had to click one more time. It's one horrible service.

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08/02/2009 1

I'd give it 0 stars if that was an option. is a joke to everybody but the guy that owns it and illegally collects on your revolving account - I had only wished I'd came here and read these reviews first -- Stay away - you'll need legal help to stop giving this place $$$$ no matter how officially you cancel you subscription. It's a joke -- STAY AWAY!!!!

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John R
07/09/2009 1

I signed up for a 3 month subscription on a whim, and three months later I got slapped with a bill for $55 that I did not authorize. I immediately went to the bank, froze my account, and had them issue me a new debit card. When I called they said that my subscription had been automatically renewed. Furthermore they claimed that this was listed on the website when I signed up. I told them that I did not see that on the page, and they replied that it was in the "fine print". They then said that they could refund $20 of the $50. I simply told them that they needed to refund the full amount or my bank would be contacting them, and we would be filing charges for fraud. The customer service rep. put me on hold for a few minutes, and when he came back on the line he assured me that the money would be credited back to my account. It was a few days later. If they take your money with one of these schemes don't take their pile of BS.

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06/30/2009 1

NO STARS----After taking my $107, they posted some other person's photo to my account! Looked nothing like me. I'm not even sure if it was someone else's picture--an unattractive older woman with red hair and fake boobs. I tried to get the situation addressed through their "help me" links, but no go there. So I called the customer service number. The lady who answered was not very helpful, and said she would "forward" my complaint to someone. So far only "bots" have emailed me back. I have demaned a refund, but I'm not holding my breath. My best advice DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY WITH MATCH.COM--there are other services out there--MATCH.COM IS A FRAUD!!!!!

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05/31/2009 1

New members every day? Not in my area, and alote of profiles are inactive. I get sent my friends profile weekly and he has not been active for a year. Be sure to hide your profile before you cancel.

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04/09/2009 3

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03/25/2009 1

FYI - this is something they DON'T tell you - You can only contact the users which are SUBSCRIBERS not members. I'd estimate that a huge portion of the members you search through are NOT subscribers, these users are not able to be contacted at all. Thus, they grossly over-estimate the number of contactable users they have available.

I'm sure this is included in the contract, but just as an FYI, their service auto-renews and they will not prorate if you're dissatisfied and wish to cancel early.

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03/12/2009 2

I joined Match in Spring of 2008 - they automatic renewed me in Fall of 2008 - OK I am not that good at looking at my Bank Statements and I let it slip by me. When I looked at my "Account" on Match I was horrified to find that not only had they not renewed me for the initial cost of $69.95 but there had been a $13.17 "First Impressions" cost added on Total $103.11 (67% increase).
All of this happened during a time that my house had been hit by a natural disaster and needless to say it was not the first thing on my mind....

Fast forward to one year after I first signed up. I called in and asked for the Guarantee, ya know the one they advertise all over the place - We know you will meet the right person in 6 months or we will give you 6 months FREE!!!!!!!
Well guess what it does not apply if you have tried it for a year! How insane is that?? I called and asked and was told we will send it through channels - but they could not prove that I had followed all of the guidelines during my initial period (keeping your picture up, your profile active, and sending 5 emails out every month - how hard is that?) Not if you are truly looking for someone.

I would not feel bad about this site IF they did not advertise this GUARANTEE all over the place. Spending more time with them VOIDS their Warranty?????

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02/22/2009 1

I'm glad I found this site and some of these posts are really inciteful. I joined for 1 month and have just cancelled. When I first signed up I received 3 winks from profiles that I suspect never existed. I sent out 43 emails to profiles and received 3 replies and got 1 date out of it. My profile states that 43 people have viewed my profile but when I checked out to see how many did only 10 or so were listed, some of which I never contacted. I suspect that 43 people HAVE NOT viewed my profile.

Somebody here posted that some profiles are not paying subscribers so they will never read the message I sent. I'm glad I only signed up for a month because I don't think I could continue sending out messages to people who either aren't subscribing anymore or don't exist at all. Like someone said who posted here, you are better off going to happy hour, joining a yoga class, volunteering, or walking down the street.

I'd love to see featured on a segment of 60 Minutes.

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01/04/2009 1

I hated my experience on I will tell you why. It is obvious to me there are some people online who are predators. I had several people who contact me with no profile, just e-mail access with pictures that looked suspiciously like models. They would write something with really poor English and it was obvious they didnt read my profile. My question for is why they dont make more of an effort to screen people upfront (make it a requirement to post a profile) to weed out some of those people who most likely have very negative intentions. I am sure there are some good folks out there but there were more creeps than non-creeps. After awhile, I just couldnt handle the creep factor of the whole thing. It might work better for those under 40, but over 40 seems a real challenge. I will never do online dating again!

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