AB Karate, America's Best Karate Center

The history of your academy is a rich and storied one that includes some of the most well known and respected ...
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AB Karate, America's Best Karate Center
641 N. Resler
El Paso ,  TX   79912
United States
Phone: (915) 833-3400
Claimed Listing Business owned by abkarate. Added on 02/09/2009
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AB Karate, America's Best Karate Center 5

Amazing place to be. I take my child to the school on Resler and couldn't be happier.

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AB Karate, America's Best Karate Center 5

AB Karate is great, my son goes there and he absolutely loves it! The place is run some really good people; the instructors really care about changing these children’s lives. My son is about to get his black belt hopefully this year and he has changed so much. His confidence has sky rocketed, when we first took him I had to push him to do anything without me and my wife but now, wow, huge difference. The staff is by far remarkable. The lady and two gentlemen that run it are some of the best people we have ever met; they have become such a huge part of the family. Whenever my son misses one week, they STILL call us to see if he’s ok, and why he hasn’t been there that week. They are truly marvelous people to be around, they are always doing things to raise money for families in need, school supplies, or St Jude’s hospital . The facility is top notch, clean, modern and very comfortable place to spend my time. I love being able to sit outside in the evening of the school on the patio drinking coffee and still being able to listen to the classes as I look though the windows (they have mic’s in the classroom and speakers outside) and watch my son. Love AB Karate!

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AB Karate, America's Best Karate Center 1

AB Kate is a joke. My children go there. After 2 classes, they informed us taht our children had been identified as candidates for their Leadership program. This is just another way to get more money. I am glad we didn't buy into that crap. We bought the gym bag and gloves but they never use them. They speak of discipline and standards but they don't have any. The kids in the class are undisciplined and are allowed to run around the classroom. During the belt testing, one kid actually sat on the side on the classroom for the entire test. At the end of the test, he joined the class and received his next belt. That was a slap in the face for every child that worked hard to receive their promotion. Don't waste your time and money. Join a real karate school

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AB Karate, America's Best Karate Center 5

My son was undisipline and had a short attention span. Ten years ago he was intructed by a black belt instructor at AB Karate Center. After that, he gain self-confidence, improved his grades and this year will graduate from College! As parents, we believe the instructor was the motivator to our son. Just learned that this intructor ownes her own AB Karate Center on the west side of El Paso. Fantastic!

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