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Overall Rating: 3.73 based on 44 ratings
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magellan (174)
Mindspring has recently redesigned their Web based e-mail service, and it absolutely sucks. About fifty percent of the time you can't log in (it tells you invalid log in info), and another ten percent of the time, when you try and open an e-mail, it tells you "your session does not exist." The problems have been going on since the redesign (about a month ago), and it blows my mind that they haven't been fixed yet. I've been a Mindspring user since 1998, but why would I stay with a service whose most basic function - access to e-mail - doesn't work properly 60% of the time??

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Dreamwater (0)
Is not better than NetZero

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steventhomas (0)
I'd give it a 5 for service, but I can't stand the "software" they send out that inexperienced users believe they have to load to use the ISP. Why not just set up dial-up networking and use the web browser you already have?

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agingpeacock (0)
So far, so good! I’ve used Mindspring since I bought my laptop in May of 2000. Easy to use; easy on, and easy off. No frills and straightforward. Knock on wood; always have had excellent experiences with their tech support. They are courteous and have shown exemplary patience with me when I was as helpless as a lost kitten in the beginning. I feel, it would behoove Mindspring to eventually offer upgraded versions of their service so, they could better compete with AOL and their schmaltzy bells and whistles. So far, Mindspring provides the steak with their sizzle that AOL lacks. Otherwise, keep up the good work Mindspring; i.e. service and courtesy.

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SamIAm (5)
I have had MindSpring for a while now and have good and bad experiences. When I initially signed up, Customer service was extremely helpful and courteous and has remained that way throughout my time as a customer. If I was rating their tech support and customer service, they would get a 5 no problem (the online tech info forum is very helpful) however the product is not the best. One day, I was unable to get online because their software was telling me my password was invalid (mind you, it was the same password I had been using for 6 months) when I called customer service, they said they would fix it but it may take up to 24 hours..hello, I work from home and can not afford 24 hours for you to fix something that shouldn't even be broken) fortunately it was fixed sooner, but why did it happen? they didn't know! Also, I get bumped off more often than not and sometimes have a problem connecting in the first place. Now that they have merged with EarthLink, I am hoping to have DSL available in my area soon and will definitely go with that. So, if you are looking for an average product with exceptional customer service, go to MindSpring.

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jkpa5052et (0)
Cannot be considered as a National service when they don't offer toll free access to users in N E Montana

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port5445om (0)
I get busy signals quite often

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godf3116om (0)
...Never a busy signal, great tech support. The new free ISP's might put it out of business however.

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ilys2785om (0)
I've been a mindspring subscriber for over 2 years and have nothing buy raves for them! Their support and service are outstanding. They almost never have technical problems, and I've never gotten a busy signal trying to connect! They're awesome!

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phee2679om (0)
It took them a long while to bring up newly bought companies up to date. They are not as competitive as other companies with regards to web space and email addresses.

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Naughty Pixie (0)
I'm a new customer and I love the service and the extras!

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mart415om (0)
Mindspring rocks! Easy signing up; great customer service; over-all efficient; affordable and practical packages.

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