allows users to name a price they are willing to pay for a product. Priceline then works ...
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Added on 12/01/2003
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09/23/2012 5

Pretty bad in my opinion.

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08/10/2012 5 is the only place I go to search flights now, after consistently finding them to find the best deals. They don't 'promote' any particular airline, but are totally transparent, plus they include the extra fees and taxes that you know you have to pay but many other 'comparison' sites leave off. This is helpful, as you can make a fair assessment of which is the best price.

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08/23/2011 1

do not book with price line they will just take your money even if the book was represented as a nice hotel then when you get there it is uninhabitable, The baymont inn and suites was the place I booked at. This was absolutly the groosest place I ve seen If you dont mid the ceilings falling in on you and covered with water stains, mildew on the wall, water ALL over the toilet the bath tub looked like a person walked around in it with muddy shoes, the furiture was covered with dust and the all the mirrors were covered in fingerprints and the bed linin looked like it wasent changed in a year, If you dont mind all that then this is the place for you. The rooms look nothing like the pictures on the web sites. those pictures are taken at a long angle to make it look bigger they are small and disgusting. When I told the front desk about how gross they were they came to the room and couldn't seem to understand why I was so upset, I guess they are just use to mildew and dirt.I told the fron dest I would not stay in these conditions and they charged me for the first nights stay and I had only been there for 5 mins before I decided to leave, this place is crap and is not worth 15.00 an night. Do not stay here. I will be posting this review on all sites to ensure no one has the same experience Do not book with they dont care about you they just want their money

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JohnJohnson198 2
08/05/2011 3

Cool concept, i like it.

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08/05/2011 1

I will never use a Priceline Visa Card/Priceline Reward again!!! They say they give a $25.00 reward, which I didn't get....I placed a bid of $95.00 for a hotel and for using my rewards they "added" $5.00 to my bidding price, which I was not to be charged for! Low and behold I get my bill and the full amount was charged to my account!!! I called to complain and to get my money I was promised and they gave me some line of BS that made no sense and did not refund me ANY money. Although I like the "Name your own Price" feature, I would not recommend Priceline Visa or Priceline Rewards!!! Just to add, I know its only $30.00, but its the principle of the matter...horrible, horrible, horrible service...

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07/28/2011 1

Booked a car rental using their regular system (not Name Your Own Price). A week later, received an email for an exact rental from that ended up being $30 cheaper.

Priceline refused to match their price because you cannot which carrier Hotwire is getting the car from until after you make the purchase. So even if they are cheaper, it's not covered under priceline's guarantee. Bulls**t if you ask me.

Warning to anyone out there----priceline has an absolute zero % tolerance for refunding your money, ever. Even if the dates are wrong, you booked the wrong flight, wrong car, etc. Zero. That alone is cause to never use them again (not to mention their failure to match prices as promised).

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07/15/2011 1

ALWAYS BOOK DIRECTLY WITH THE AIRLINE! I will from now on. Priceline customer service is deplorable. What a waste of time and money. I purchased at FULL PRICE airline tickets for my 10 year anniversary. I chose the full price format because I wanted to be sure of the selected seats and flight times.
The booking process lets you choose the seats for the outgoing flight, then gives you the impression that you are selecting seats together for the return flight. My confirmation page said that I would be booked in the seat next to my husband. I only booked with them instead of the thru the airline, cause I wanted to book a car at the same time. Then I get my confirmation email that states that there was not a car available after all and my husband and I are seating 3 rows apart!!!!
I would not have clicked confirm "signing the contract" if it had stated the truth. So the contract was a lie, I didnt agree to the package they really sold me. I contact "customer service" 3 months in advance to have the error fixed. Their so called "customer service" is run by a bunch of foreigners who barely speak English and are beyond rude!! They refused to acknowledge any of this, even though several flights were available they refused any help. I have copies of the original "contract" that I clicked to purchase. They refuse to transfer you to a supervisor, saying they don't have one. Their only response is "we will mail you a copy of our contract policies". My response was "I can mail them a copy of the original contract that I clicked to purchase". Their response was just silence. William Shatner should be ashamed of himself for representing this fraudulent company!!!!

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07/13/2011 1

PRICELINE SUCKS!!! They don't stand by their customers and they tell you one thing and do another. Even when they don't send the payments accurately to your address you have to pay late charges.

THE WORST service in my life! Spoke to 8 people in 2 hrs explaining my situation and they kept redirecting me to a "supervisor". RIDICULOUS!

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06/30/2011 1

I received a follow-up email about my stay and filled out Pricelines review of my hotel stay... My review was NOT posted (as I am sure many others were not, as if were I NEVER would have booked hotel)
MY EMAIL TO PRICELINE: I booked a hotel in Florence SC (travel inn) though priceline, and was VERY dissatisfied with it. I received your email asking me to review hotel, which I took time to do. Review is not showing up. WHY? Why would my review not show? because it was bad? I wish I had been warned that this hotel was NOTHING like pictured. And now it is appearing like priceline only puts favorable or semifavorable reviews? I will think twice before ever using your service and forward my complaints to my brother in law, who uses priceline all the time and told me to use. I would appriciate a response as to why my comments were not posted on my horrible stay. I was trying to WARN others the hotel and area could potentially put their families in a dangerous situation as we were put into unknowingly.
Thank you for taking the time to send us an e-mail. We understand that
you are dissatisfied with your reservation at the Travel Inn Florence
and that your review were not posted.

We apologize if you are dissatisfied with our service. Customers are our
number one priority, and we work hard to make your experience with us a
positive one. Your feedback is appreciated.

When you filled out your survey, we disclosed that your review of your
recent hotel stay may be posted on our website; however, we did not
guarantee that it will be posted. All reviews are first read by the
appropriate department, and then they will decide which reviews to post.

Please note that we do update reviews frequently, and encourage you to
check back often to inquire if your review has been posted or not.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and hope you find this
information helpful.


Varis K.
Customer Service Specialist


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06/22/2011 1

I want to warn others to not use I had a problem with my name your own price offer and called customer service. He told me their policy, which I knew, and then asked to speak to the highest level of customer service. I put in a lower star rating so I would not be charged extra resort fees. It bumped me up to a 3 star hotel which has resort fees. I am being charged more than my offer price when I get to the hotel. He could do nothing and kept repeating their policy. Be careful, there are hidden charges. Do not waste your money. There are other great sites out there.

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06/14/2011 1

I used for a last minute booking to Nashville Tennesse which included airfare and care hire.

They pre charged me $143 for car hire + $32 for something which wasn't clear what for.

The flight was cancelled and re-scheduled for the next day. When i rang to ensure the car rental would reflect the flight change, priceline advisors told me that i had to ring Budget rental car directly. The when ringing Budget, they told me I had to ring priceline directly as they already took paymenet from me. I was pushed round by both companies 4 times and eventually gave up as long as i got the car the next day to get to where i needed to.

when i collected my car, they told me at the counter that the booking had been cancelled due to no-show, despite being told that they would hold the car for 24 hours.

i was still charged for the cancelled day + the usage days.
also i noticed when i returned i had paid for rental insurance, which i would assume meant i should be covered for the airline cancellation that resulted in my delayed arrival to collect the car.

what should have been pretty straightforward was totally inconvenient. best to book car rental separately and NOT through priceline.

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06/08/2011 2

Priceline does NOT stand behind their customers. Travelodge Motel Kalispell Montana discriminates against disabled and does not like Priceline. They also have BEDBUGS!!! I was charged for my medical assistive dog for a motel stay and Priceline would not stand behind me. Had to file a complaint with Montana Human Rights to have my money refunded - charges that were placed on my credit card WITHOUT my knowledge or approval - illegal charges for my service/assistive dog. I LATER DISCOVERED 1/3 of motel was closed due to BEDBUG INFESTATION. Travelers beware!!!

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05/09/2011 1

Rates a one, only because there is not a zero rating. A death in the family in the middle of the night kept me from making my trip. I contacted about 20 minutes after I was supposed to pick up my rental car to see if they would credit the purchase in order to keep a 100,000-mile plus traveler as their customer. Some guy with a foreign accent informed me that they were not interested in keeping me as a customer. They would rather have the $150 for this one transaction. I will NEVER use them again.

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04/26/2011 4

Used it for the first time this weekend, booking a night in Bellingham and three nights in Portland. Got a Days Inn in Bellingham for 35 and the Doubletree in Portland for 40 a night, with an upgrade for double twins to 60 at the hotel. Both well below their rack rate (less than half) and in both cases easy to do and without any problems on line or at check in.

Original Review:
I've never used it personally, but my primary road-trip buddy (who I've mentioned on here before as "The Crustacean") uses it regularly when the two of us hit the road in search of baseball, beer and irresponsibility. We've stayed in good to excellent hotels at extremely good prices while indulging our various vices. From what I've seen, it seems easy to use, it's rules are spelled out clearly (notably the "no refunds" policy some reviewers are bitching about) and it provides good value for the money.

I don't know anything about its ability to provide anything but hotel rooms, so I can't speak for that.

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04/17/2011 1

Priceline is a scam!!! We have traveled the world and have been to New York City at least 50 times in the last 25 years, and the worst hotel we have ever stayed in is Hudson New York. We are always looking to stay in a new area and of course find a great deal. Priceline charged us more than the published amount of the hotel website, and way more than they were charging to people who were checking in without a reservation. Customer service could care less about taking advantage of you and are of no help. Do not use Priceline and do not stay at the Hudson New York. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

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04/05/2011 1

Priceline's "best price" is a fraud! I booked a hotel room through Priceline (#101-165-133-35) with the understanding they gave me the best price for that room. When I checked out, the hotel receipt was for 20% less than Priceline charged. I called Priceline and they refused to refund the difference saying only that the hotel should have given me the actual cost. Never expect Priceline to honor their pledge.

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03/21/2011 1

I will suggest three things to prospective Priceline buyers:
1. Stay Away.
2. Stay Away.
3. Stay Away.
I took the ticket from and at the Gate door, the United closed the flight doors 20minutes earlier because the united pilot has to close it. I had 4 other passengers beside me who were not able to get in the flight because of that stupid United pilot.

I called price line and it was more horrible experience to talk to their customer service.
1. First I had to waste my breathe every time they passed the phone to the next level. I had to repeat the same story 3 times.

2. I called united and they told me that I didn't buy the ticket from them which does make sense because they are not my vendors.

3. They will make every excuse not to give you refund. First they told me if I had called them from the air port they would have taken care of it. How could I be prepared for this situation when I didn't have any idea that this is what it will be going to happen. I panicked. They will never listen to customers or care their emotions. Plus they could have not done anything because there was only one another flight going from IAD to JFK which was useless as my connecting flight would have been missed.

4. Even though I didn't change my mind on the purchased ticket or was late, they didnt even, as a courtesy, give me any credit to make their customer happy.

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02/28/2011 1

Priceline is full of lies. I booked a rental car through the name your own price on priceline. Later, I found a cheaper deal on their own website. It was for the same car, same rental company, same date, same time, and same airport. I called priceline to see about getting a refund for the difference. The first customer service rep that I spoke to claimed to not be able to find it. I insisted that it was on their website and I was looking at it right then. I even offered to book the cheaper deal and provide him with the itinerary number so that he could compare to two deals. He refused saying that he could not do that and hung up. I called back and spoke to a different customer service rep, who also claimed to not be able to find it on their own website. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she handed the phone to a different lady. I went through all the steps with her again as I did with the first two customer service rep, and she also claimed to not be able to find the cheaper deal. So I purchased the cheaper deal and gave her the itinerary number of the new reservation. She checked it out and confirmed that the new reservation was cheaper, however, she stated that since she could not locate the deal, she would not be able to refund me the difference. She then told me to cancel the newer and cheaper reservation. I informed her that if she could not refund me the difference, then I would rather keep the new reservation. She replied that she could not do that. I then asked her if priceline guaranteed me the best deal, and she said "yes", however, she could not refund me the difference even though she could see that the new reservation I booked was cheaper then the name your own price that i had booked earlier. Now you tell me if their claim is for real?

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02/25/2011 1

Their "BEST PRICE GUARANTEE" is very DECEITFUL!!!!! While booking my vacation package with a sales representative at Priceline, I was informed that as part of their "Best Price Guarantee" program, that I had until the day my trip started to inform them if I find a cheaper package on another website (i.e. Travelocity, Hotwire, Expedia, Orbitz, etc). I got this confirmed twice before I hung up the phone. I didn't know anything about a "price guarantee" or that one even existed, so as anyone would be, I was excited to hear that I had until the day of my trip to inform them of finding a cheaper vacation package (as long as it was the same hotel, flight itinerary, etc). They said that if I find a cheaper package "ANYTIME before my vacation started" they would refund me the difference and send me a $25 priceline voucher.
It wasn't even a week later that I found my exact same vacation package (same hotel, same flight itinerary, etc) for $200.00 less on So I called Priceline thinking that they would honor their claim but they told me that I was misinformed by the Sales Representative and that I really only had 24 hours after booking to let them know about a cheaper package.
I was very disappointed. I would have been fine had I been told the truth on the front end by the Sales Representative that I only had 24 hours to inform them of a cheaper package. But because of this deceitfullness, I don't anticipate booking another vacation through Priceline.

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02/23/2011 1

Low price guarantee is a JOKE. I rented a car through priceline and less than 8 hours later found a better deal through one of the same companies that Priceline supposedly partners with. Priceline says that their low-price guarantee doesn't apply to my reservation, that pricing is based on availability at the moment it was booked (even though they say they honor up until your reservation), and they thanked me but refused to do anything, from giving me the difference like they say or cancelling the reservation. It's NOT a low-price guarantee if you don't get the lowest price for the car rental (even the same class, dates, times, everything). And, their customer service center rep said "if there's nothing else, thank you for calling" and hung up without discussion. VERY DISHONEST.

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Dale Johnson
02/16/2011 1

Priceline advertises all over TV and their site that you would save anywhere from 40-60% off of the normal airfares. When I tried booking a flight I actually tried seven (7) times to save ANY MONEY at all and it didn't happen. I had looked at a variety of sites to get a ball park figure and everyone had the same flight for about the same price (roughly $835) and my 7th (and final) attempt on priceline stopped at $800 and even that was declined. Even if they had accepted that the savings would have been less than 5% which is MUCH MUCH lower than the 40-60% savings that they advertise everywhere. VERY misleading. I ended up booking elsewhere and while I didn't save any money at all over the average airfare I at least had control over choosing the airline and flight times which I wouldn't have if I had gone with Priceline. I will never even waste my time looking at them ever again!

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01/14/2011 1 has rigid return policies and once you click the button you are stuck no matter what! Customer service is scripted and the cancellation policies come with ridiculous fees or no money back regardless. I booked ground transportation from an incorrect airport and they wanted to charge me $60 per trip to refund When I contacted the shuttle company directly, their charges were less than what I had gotten from They are unflexible and have horrible customer service practices with no supervisors to speak to other than a corporate address if you don't agree. Beware. I would never use them again after this experience.

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12/29/2010 1

This past weekend I bid on a hotel room in Downtown montreal. I was taking my wife and kids there for the weekend to enjoy the city.

I first put a bid on the room but it was not sufficient. The website advised then to increase the bid by $20 and the request was accepted. I was then surprised to see that i had TWO RESERVATIONS MADE FOR THE SAME BID IN THE SAME LOCATION (DOWNTOWN MONTREAL). When I called priceline, they told me that the reservations were not cancellable, refundable, ect. and that I basically had to pay the two different hotels.

it is obviously extremely enraging and frustrating to be charged twice in the first place and the lack of response from priceline was even more disappointing.

why would I make two separate requests for the same dates, locations, at the same bid price? Why would process two similar requests for the same customer at the same bid price?

Their system is highly prone to system errors, honest mistakes, and their inflexible policy does not provide any safety measures to consumers.


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MiceInfestedHo tels
12/13/2010 1

Priceline assigned us to a hotel that is infested by mice as reported by Tripadvisor and will not cancel the reservation. Priceline doesn't consider health concerns associated with rats and mice a valid reason for cancelling a name your own price hotel reservation.

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12/09/2010 1

Bid and won National rental car. Airline changed our flight times. NO changes, regardless of reason, on Priceline. As airlines so often make changes, Priceline is not a good service to use. Then I learned they made an error booking our car. They would not correct their error(even though I had correct confirmation).Customer service rep read from script and couldn't help me. When I asked for supervisor it was like a bit on Saturday Night Live. He said"We have no supervisors, I'll give you Customer Relations" She barely spoke English, and again read from a script. This has been a horrible experience. On top of that, todays check of National Rental Car prices show I actually paid $37 MORE with Priceline than had I booked National direct. AVOID PRICELINE. Not worth the problems.

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Edinburgher197 3
11/11/2010 1

Be careful with!!! I booked a hotel on 9/16/2010 for $343. After that I never received any confirmation emails. Two days later, I called them but was told the booking on 9/16/2010 was not found in their system so I decided to make another identical reservation on 9/18/2010. When I checked my credit card bill two days ago, I saw the booking on 9/16/2010 was charged. refused to issue any refund. Their attitude is :"We made a mistake but you have to pay for it!" Their customer service is a disaster, very unhelpful and rude.

I will never ever visit their website again. They are just a bunch of cheaters.

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10/21/2010 2

My first booking with Priceline was in 1999 when the company was new and bookings were primarily done by phone. Back then not only was I getting 3 star hotels for as little as $25.00 a night I traveled across country by air numerous times without a problem. My problems with Priceline started back in 2006 with an issue involving a car rental thru them that was not honored by the rental company nor reimbursed by Priceline. My fault, for becoming so frustrated with customer service that I dropped the matter. You see, Priceline’s customer service would only talk to me and the rental company’s customer service would only speak with me but neither company would speak with each other. Yes, I gave up after a week and said some very unpleasant things to a customer service rep and called it a day. But it still took awhile for me to accept that I was no longer receiving the best prices for air travel and their hotel/motel ratings are no longer dependable. There were a few more mishaps before I completely gave up on them. I actually continued to book most of my trips via Priceline right into 2009.

I’m going to share an incident from 2007 , when I drove cross country from Maryland to Arizona. I had a problem with a Santa Fe hotel room that came with two rude desk attendants and a plunger in the bathroom. The not so clean looking toilet that I was afraid to use apparently backed up, I was told infrequently. The ready plunger was just a precaution. Uh huh. It was 11:pm and I was tired from driving so I had to deal with it. The final straw came in 2009 when I found I had booked a flop house situated across the lot from "LIVE NUDE GIRLS. There was prostitutes and pimps running in and out during my family‘s discussion with the desk clerk. Would you believe the desk clerk insisted we pay an additional charge for a double room, I had already paid for via Priceline. How this filthy dump got on Priceline in the first place is beyond me. Of course we didn't stay, we were traveling with children. The lesson here is , never , ever book motels with them unless you're familiar with the facility.

Customer Service at Priceline has become "I CAN'T GET NO SATISFACTION".
They have never returned any of my money, even though I was a loyal customer who spent thousands of dollars on their services for 10 years . I understand that, they have a no refund policy that is why my new personal policy is " No Dealing With Companies That Have A No Refund Policy".
Also, once your on their mailing list it's almost impossible to get off of it.

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10/21/2010 1

Priceline is the worst company I've ever dealt with!! It took me almost 2 hours to cancel my hotel reservations today! Why? Because when you ask questions they can't answer (or have been instructed to avoid answering) they kindly put you on hold and then disconnect you...happened twice. It took 4 phone calls to get a cancellation confirmation #. I had to listen to Wm Shatner's greeting; to all the phone options; had to enter all my info; had to listen to the cancellation policy...4 freaking times!! These poor employees are puppets and robots doing someone else's dirty work. Lousy, lousy customer service...they weren't trained, they're just reading from a script. Each representative I was connected to repeated the same thing, word for word. If I had not spoken to both male and females, I would have assumed I was listening to a recording!! They must make their money charging inflated cancellation fees and charges, because that is the subject no one would answer and then I was disconnected. When I receive the cancellation fee on my credit card, I'm definitely disputing it. One more thing I want everyone to know. The hotel I booked through Priceline charges $7.34 less per night than Priceline charges. Don't use Priceline...if you do, you'll be sorry!!

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09/27/2010 1

They ripped me off; charged me $53 for a room that was listed at $39 at the hotel itself. I told them of this and the agent talked to me as if I was just SOL basically. They do not care about their customers and they mark prices up.

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09/21/2010 1

DO not use the website if there is ANY chance your travel plans may change. I got sick and needed to change the date of travel- Priceline would not change the hotel reservation date. I paid for a room I never stayed in.


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08/23/2010 1

I made reservations via I had requested 2 rooms that could each accommodate 4 persons. After my price was accepted, I called Ramada Inn Carlsbad to confirm rooms, and check in times. I was informed by Patricia (Associate at Ramada Inn) that only reserved me rooms that accommodated 2 people (each room only had 1 queen bed) and that I would not even be allowed to check in 4 guests per room (Fire Marshall regulations). I then contacted thinking there had to have been a mistake, but sadly I found that there was no mistake at all. This is how Priceline does business . The first associate I spoke to was named Abby. Abby told me that there was nothing they could do for me about my rooms being reserved for only 2 occupants , and that it was my problem if the hotel would not let me check in having 4 people per room. I then asked to be transferred to an associate at a higher up level. I then spoke to Tania and she confirmed what I had already been told by Abby. There was NOTHING would do, and I would likely have to forfeit my reservation plus the $430.00 that had already been charged to my credit card. So here I am out $430.00 for 2 rooms at the Ramada Inn Carlsbad that I will be unable to use and could care less! I would NEVER use Priceline again:(

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08/16/2010 1

I would definitely NOT use again. I would not recommend it, especially if you need to be flexible. First of all, they send e-mails for car rentals for $12 a day. I would like to know where those are as you can never find this deal. I made a weekly rental in a city we went to for medical reasons. I no longer needed a car as I was admitted into the hospital. I was told I would get a refund, but I did not. So instead of a bill for $90.00 I was charged $222.00. Big difference. They would not give any refund. They are not flexible and maybe this is how they make their money.

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07/11/2010 1

I recently booked a hotel through priceline. I had to leave early due to a funeral and the hotel assured me that I would get a refund.

The hotel informed me at checkout that they only charged for the nights that I stayed at the hotel. When I called priceline, they admitted that the hotel was correct, but they would not refund my money because it was their "company policy to issue no refunds."

I know now that they put this in fine print on their site, but I think it is unethical and a bad business policy to keep the $120 that I feel they owe me. Especially when they very obviously tried to prevent me from seeing this information. After all they don't tell us about that on the commercials.

In an economy like this one, can we really afford to give our business to a company that won't assure us that their service is an outstanding one?

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07/08/2010 1

Trying to book a rental car in Omaha, NE. Their published rates are $46 for an economy car per day. Thats fine....ok, no great deal, whatever. They boast save up to $40% off these rates through "name your own price". So, 40%, well let me try and getting the car for $35-$39, surely this is a fair offer considering I wont even know which car rental agency I will get, and its far less than a 40% discount....I was rejected stating this offer is far below what they are willing to accept, and I would have a good chance at getting for $50 per day, and great chance at $51 per day. I dont know if these people think were idiots or what, but I can go anywhere and get $46, why would I bid $51? This company should be referred to the better business bureau, in fact, I will do it myself, as their business practices are unethical and misleading. If you need a rental car, try Costco or AAA. I even have a coupon from my Entertainment book that gives a better discount than what Priceline was able to "Negotiate"........

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06/29/2010 1

If I could, I would rate this website and its services lower! My husband and I booked an itinerary through Priceline from Wichita to Philadelphia. Wichita has a small airport and we were scheduled to connect in Atlanta. Well, to make a long story short our flight from Wichita to Atlanta was canceled, and our need to cancel the itinerary at that point was out of our control. Because we were to be at a wedding the next day, we made other arrangements asap and I contacted Priceline immediately. At first I was pleased, a rep called me back after investigating the situation and confirming that our initial flight had been canceled. He assured me we would receive a full refund within 7 to 10 business days. Wishful thinking.

Well, they did refund the one night stay in a hotel - like $80 or so...but the car rental and the airfare were no where to be found. After waiting an appropriate amount of time, I called about the refund. I found that although I spoke with 3 different people about the different portions of our trip, the car was never entered as canceled on their computer system. I had to talk to 3 more people to get this issue resolved and about 15-18 days after our original flight date we were refunded for the car. However, the airfare was still a no go! I called and called and my husband called and called. We just kept getting the run-around. They said they couldn't connect us with a manager, they couldn't connect us with the accounting department where they said the hold up was - they could only email - and we could only wait...again.

It was only after we mentioned a complaint with the Better Business Bureau that they magically found an extension to a upper level customer care manager who says he will get the issue resolved immediately. Who has been almost 40 days since our trip and the company still owes us about $600. Their customer service is really awful and it is infuriating to feel like you can't get answers from anyone with the ability to actually help.

I would encouarge those of you with valid complaints to file with the Better Business Bureau. This company needs to be exposed for their terrible response time in these kinds of cases. After looking at the reviews, I don't know how they are still in business.

I will never use Priceline again.

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06/10/2010 1 is the worst site ever! I booked a room for two nights, to attend a wedding...not only did they make me pay for the room X4...yes thats right they charged me 4 times for the same room!!! but when i arrived to check in, because they had charged me 4 times..the hotel declined my card!! I couldnt even check in to the hotel!! So there I am 3 hours from home with 4 small children and we had to sleep on the bride's couch!! Then after numerous phone calls to priceline's so called customer service where I was not permitted to speak to a manager...I was flat out told no...they have yet to return the 800 dollars that they stole from my account saying that they have to confirm with the hotel that I never checked in...HELLLO!!! if you dont know that information then why they hell are you charging me?!?!?!? I have never ever in my life, as a customer, been treated so rudely or been ripped off the way priceline rips you this point im considering a lawyer...DO NOT EVER USE PRICELINE!!! THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY ON THE PLANET!!! I've used on many many occassions and never ever had an issue...I would book my up at my my id and card...given my card key and welcomed to the hotel...never an issue....PRICLINE.....stole my money, treated me like dirt...and I never even stayed at the hotel!!

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05/16/2010 5

Priceline is NOT for everyone. If you cannot do the research and follow simple instructions, you shouldn't be using Priceline. People keep complaining that Priceline wouldn't refund their purchase or change things to fill their particular needs. EXACTLY.

You're missing the point. YOU GOT THAT CHEAP PRICE ENTIRELY BECAUSE PRICELINE OPERATES THIS WAY. If you need a room for more than two people, or that allows pets, or that has a pool, etc... or a flight that follows a certain schedule... DON'T BID ON PRICELINE. If you think you may need to cancel for any reason or can't handle not getting a refund if you do... DON'T BID ON PRICELINE.

I'm currently sitting in a 3 star hotel that normally runs $128/night... I paid $50. However, if I had needed to cancel, I'd still have paid $50. That's just the way it is. That's part of the deal. THIS IS WHY IT IS SO CHEAP. How can you not understand this? Customer service will say "no, you cannot cancel." As they should. It allows them continue to provide low prices and I wouldn't have it any other way.

In short: Don't use Priceline if you have specific needs for your hotel or flight schedule or if you're stupid.

EDIT: Priceline is pretty clear about what you are getting. You just have to actually read it... If you have a bad experience at a particular hotel it isn't Priceline's fault unless they have misrepresenting the star rating. It is the hotel's fault. It is also very clear that the room will accommodate 2 people.

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05/12/2010 1

Priceline "Name Your Price" doesn't tell you that you are going to get the worst hotel for the price or that the staff at the hotels will treat you like trash because you used Priceline. We received terrible service and Priceline doesn't tell you they only have to accommodate 2 people per room, so if you are families of four you only get one bed. My husband and 5 year old had to sleep on the ground without any pillow or blanket because we went through Priceline to get the hotel. The service from both Priceline and the hotels we stayed at were terrible.

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05/07/2010 1

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The customer service is horrendous and once you pay you are screwed. THey want nothing to do with you. They also have deceptively worded links for what the service does when you click the link.
I travel for a living and used them two times and both times got screwed. My fault for trying that second time.
if you want cheap RELIABLE travel plans deal directly with the airlines or car rental places. You WILL get screwed if you don't. And once screwed priceline will not show one iota of care or customer service.
There is a reason they can offer those prices and it is because they give you the most tenuous and least reliable travel options in existence. That is why you can't see the options before accepting the price. No rational human with a few brain cells knocking around would accept what you end up if shown in advance.

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05/07/2010 1

Worst customer service experience ever. Tried to cancel a reservation. Was told to call the hotel. Called the hotel they said call priceline. Call priceline tell them I want to cancel. They put me on hold....let the noon time pass and BOOM sorry cant refund you as you passed our noon policy to cancel. I escalate and the manager says its too late ... See Moreand that I should have cancelled earlier to avoid this...ummmm I didnt plan to cancel frucker. Ask for another escalation he says the only way to get in touch with her is to MAIL a letter.

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05/06/2010 1

I will never use Priceline again. The trip package that you sold me was lame. The airport was a 3 hour drive from the hotel. I was traveling with an infant and an elder, making the trip miserable. I can not believe Priceline sold me such a bogas package. They would not refund me my money or offer me a hotel closer to the airport, saying they do not have the ability to get me a closer hotel. WTF, they have access to thousands of hotels. Again, I will never use there site again.

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04/28/2010 1

Total rip off. I booked a room at the LAX Radisson for Thursday. The cancellation policy said no fee if canceled 1 day before check in. The meeting date changed, so I canceled in Wednesday morning and was charged the full $104.25 fee for the room.

I called customer service, even spoke to a customer services manager, who explained to me that 1 day means you must cancel on Tuesday for a Thursday reservation. Am I alone here? It says on the booking form on the website no fee is canceled 1 day before check in...if I check in Thursday, doesn't that mean Wednesday? Not in Priceline.coms means 48 hours before check in.

Total rip off, crooked advertising, misleading verbiage...DON'T USE PRICELINE!

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04/26/2010 1

The priceline website is ridiculously NOT user friendly. They allow you to hit return instead of making you actually click on the button that says you will be ASSIGNED a hotel. You have NO authorization to accept or decline what they choose for you. Then when they assign you a hotel 45 minutes from where you need to be they refuse to do anything about it. They read you the script that they have been given saying you cannot change or cancel the booking you never intended to make. Totally unacceptable. I would NEVER EVER use priceline again!

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04/03/2010 1

WORST SITE. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE PHILIPPINES. Needed to go to Bologna, Italy for a one day business trip. Searched for a hotel in Bologna, Italy and was given several options. Picked one and booked. Turns out the hotel is not only NOT in Bologna, but is in a region almost 3 HOURS away! Only realized this when I started detailing my trip a couple of hours after making the reservation. Immediately called customer service only to be told repeatedly that I contracted for a no cancellation reservation. I explained this was not entirely my fault as I never dreamed the website would include hotels so far away - it's like asking to be placed in Los Angeles and ending up near the border in San Diego. All I got in response by 3 different women was "we're sorry ma'am but you contracted for this hotel." I spent hours butting my head against the wall dealing with personnel from the Philippines whose rote responses almost caused me to lose my mind.

So I called the hotel. They had no record of my reservation. They did not even recognize (As a side note it turns out their direct rates were cheaper by $50 per night - so in addition to the aggravation of the distance I was being gouged rate wise) Contrary to priceline's assertion that the cancellation policy was that of the hotels, I was told that it would be no problem to cancel and refund my credit card - except they could not help me as they had no record of my reservation.

To sum up, the website search function sucked, the cancellation policy was ridiculous and not even consistent with the hotel's true policy, the rates were way higher than what the hotel would have charged, and the customer service personnel located all the way in the Philippines (accents were horrendous and difficult to understand) was the worst. What else could priceline have done wrong? I do not know but never again intend to find out.

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03/26/2010 1










BEWARE OF PRICELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEY SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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03/24/2010 1


Again like another consumer, I would've gave it 0 stars if I could!

Their customer service SUCKS terribly! They will do ABSOLUTELY nothing to try to help you! They don't even CARE! I asked them to speak to a manager and was told their manager does not speak to the public! Really? Then what is it that they do??? Sit in their office and collect their 250K annually doing NOTHING?

Something so simple and easy to resolve...they did not help at all! And it was possible, but guess what? I had to find out from the hotel side from a nice person telling me what to do, and not from Priceline which could've helped me the 3hrs I was on the phone with them!

If you would like to read the whole story, you can do here:

If not, just trust me, DO NOT USE priceline! you will usually get the same rates and prices from their competitors and you won't have to put up with their so NOT customer service!

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02/24/2010 1

This company has the worst customer service ever! They rip you off and absolutely will not help you with anything. The website is a complete scam. I spoke to an Indian customer service representative (David 825147) who barely spoke English yet claimed he was "the highest person in the company" I could speak too but that he could not help me. I guess David is the company's CEO?

Horrible company. I will never use Priceline again!!

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02/24/2010 1 is a site I would NOT recommend to you!

I have never written a negative review before, but after my experience recently, I feel compelled to at least say something for those of you who are researching

If you need to cancel FOR ANY REASON AT ALL....they will offer you nothing but an apology. No credit, no refund, no understanding. They also DO NOT offer any type of INSURANCE in case you need to change your plans, or if by any act of God (weather, natural disasters, etc.) Most other sites do offer an insurance option.

You are essentially gambling all or nothing with

Also, the employees are very hard to understand...literally. Their diction and pronunciation is atrocious!

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02/21/2010 1

My business deal went south less than 36 hours after I booked with Priceline and with more than two weeks before my reservation.. On making the reservation, a pop up window cam up under canceling flights and said there was $100 fee. I was perfectly willing to pay this fee, but when I went to cancel, they said it was not possible to cancel the reservation. They then referred to a policy that is buried 15 pages into thier web site that i could not find and was certainly not displayed when i made the reservation. Talking to the servie reps was like talking to robots. They just kept spouting their policy, refusing to connect me with a manager. They also refused to give me the contact info for their corporate hedquarters. This was the fist and last time I will ever use their service as I am no out of pocket $500 that they refuse to refind. They also refused to refund my car rental reservation. Now how absurd is that. All in all, it is the single worst and most costly experience i have ever had with an online company. I suggest never using Priceline as their policies are deceptive and hidden until you need to make a change. Then they tell you exactly how to get to them. If they were up front with their policies and put them on the pop up window that comes up when you click on the cancellation policies then I might understand. However the DON'T. The also hung up on me when I finally got upset after being switched three times and lisening to the robotic responses and complete lack of interest. The customer service is in Mexico and the people on the line sounded so unuinterested in my problem I felt like I was keeping them awake. If your plans may be changed, do not use Priceline. They are the worst possible people to deal with.

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02/20/2010 1 is different from companies such as expedia or orbitz, in two major ways:

a) you really can get a very good deal on flights... better than most places.

b) They are completely non refundable and don't take to changes or cancellations kindly.

The problem is this:


1) The terms and conditions show up in 'legalese' jargon in a little link on the bottom of the site

2) The customer service line does it's best to get users to use the FAQ on the website by stringing callers through an automated system of 15 - 20 minutes before you can talk to a real person. In order to actually get to a real person I had to press buttons to divert myself to a department that had nothing to do with what I wanted to ask about.

3) When talking to a customer service representative, they seem to be well trained in circuitous, hard to understand language, that purposely hides hidden fees.

4) Wait times are horrendous..... I spent nearly 2.5 hours on the phone line, with only about 20 minutes talk time regarding a change in flight due to a death in my immediate family.

5) When I finally did talk to a representative, I was told many times that the flight was unchangeable, but through persistance, they finally admitted that the flight could be changed for a fee of $125 +/- any change in the actual airline ticket price.

6) Prices quoted by the representative changed after every time that he put me on hold (I understand that airlines are often changing their ticket prices, but this was a little extreme), and then falsely quoted the price that I had payed for the original ticket as over hundreds of dollars lower than what I paid. If I hadn't noticed this, they would have made an extremely large profit off of my flight change, essentially, without directly telling me.

7) Upon pointing out how slow, and unhelpful, and full of tricks the customer service rep was being, this representative began to talk down to me and ACCUSE ME OF BEING STUPID and not listening to what he was saying.

Overall, I feel like is not clear enough about its policies to warrant it being worth the dollars saved or worth the headache that comes along with with working with them.

I have used three times (mostly out of hope that my first two bad experiences were just an exception), but will never use them again, even if it means spending a little bit more or postponing travel until costs change.

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