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Overall Rating: 3.68 based on 31 ratings
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Real.com is a site where users can get the latest music news as well as listen to streaming music and view streaming music videos. Real.com also allows users to download free RealPlayer software, enabling them to hear and view streaming video. (Add picture)

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Earthsun (0)
RealOne player has too many ads and pressure to buy the RealPlus player

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princessangry (2)
Real.com has a pretty good application called real player8 that is a pretty good all inclusive for all of the "real audio" formats as well as others. and It handles on my computer very well but it does take a while to load and can use a little less pressure on your system. It does lock up once in a while and it is rare. Now one thing... real.com did not do so well with is their new realone player. I really don't reccomend it for computers with less than 128MB or RAM. It says it reccomends 64MB but I think they overdone this app. It takes a long time to load and it deleted all of my chache and deleted the real jukebox. It also automatically changed all the WMA icons/settings to RealOne. and I could not get them to reassociate till after I restarted my PC. I did not test it too much since I really did not liek it as much as RP8. so I unintstalled RO and went back to RP8 but all my settings were gone!! I had to redo everything... it would not at least keep my prev settings! oh well... I love RP8 and RJ8!!!! great apps but stay away form the new real one if you don't have over 128MB of rama dn at least 700MHZ pc speed!! ;)

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callmetootie (5)
It very rarely has good music and is a very confusing music site.

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shawna (0)
Real.com offers a decent service. But it hides its free player too well. Its site is too full with a blatant advertising look. Their streaming is a little unreliable. They are also forceful with downloading too many icons that burden your start menu. Their player is also cluttered with colors. They need a cleaner and more easy going style.

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LadyStarlyt (0)
Real.com is an alright website. It could do with a few more free songs that are actually popular, or have good or famous artists. The links are sometimes hard to follow, but overall it is a good site to find music.

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Steve2 (0)
The music is very accesible and the site has a good and interesting layout. It's a good alternative to Napster and I find that it has a nice selection of music.

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califormula (0)
I love the programs that this site offers. Real Audio Jukebox and Real Player, two fine programs I can use in terms of listening to audio on my computer. In terms of the website, I think that the design is fairly dull and boring and I personally think that I can design a better website.

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Ari1 (0)
Provides valuable software, yet the site makes it somewhat difficult to find the free downloads by hiding the links to those pages.

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docalot (0)
Not as good as Napster, but decent, good music and it's easy to use. Every week new songs will arrive. Updates music info. as well.

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moiseshot (0)
This page provides good files in download wave. I like the RealPlayer, but the jukebox sucks and takes up too much space on my hard drive.

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davidotm (0)
The Real Player is nice, but Real Networks asks for too much user information, cuts out while running and asks for the user to upgrade too often.

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Chard (0)
The Real program has a cool jukebox with sweet screen savers. Sometimes it freezes on me but it's good overall.

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jscottie (0)
Annoying marketing strategy- I've been redirected to their site more times than I wish. Confusing layout. They tell you it's free, then they push their pricey deluxe software package almost too hard. Product itself doesn't perform as well as expected (I still prefer Windows Media Player). Too much channel advertising, uses up more system resources.

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nate8992om (0)
I like the flexability in service either on the TV, radio, or movie clips. It is easy to figure out how to use it. The choices are numerous.

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