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Added on 12/01/2003
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University of Houston 4

I just finished my undergrad there in Liberal Arts with Social Science major and Anthropology Minor. Its a decent school, and if you think there is no school spirit, go to a football game, there will be plenty of drunk co-eds there...not my scene, but whatever. The teachers in the mathmatics department suck, a lot, my wifes a math major and shes yet to find a decent mentor. The social science department is pretty good, the anthropology dept does unfortunatly use a lot of T.A.'s but sometimes thats a good thing, think young and upcomming scholors vs. old haggard proffesors... Overall I enjoyed it.

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University of Houston 4

It's at #119? Why? UH is great if you don't care about school spirit. If you do, you won't be happy. Most students commute in from home, and many have jobs and families. So if you want to paint yourself funny colors and run around the quad drunk, don't come. If you want a reasonably priced yet _excellent_ education, come. It's academically just as good as the other state universities, but it gets less funding because it's "just a city college." Its graduate creative writing program ranks #2 in the country.

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University of Houston 5

Big sprawling commuter university with a suprising top notch faculty. Law school is also excellent.

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