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Gran Torino 4

The kind of movie Don Siegel and Sam Fuller used to make, a blunt but perceptive slice of American discontent filtered through the prism of B-movie conventions.

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Gran Torino 5

Gran Torino was a great movie. Its a great story with a great ending, and there are many different viewpoints with which one can view the film. The biggest theme was about generations. Clint Eastwood's generation is one that is dieing off. His "no bullshit" personality highlights how those from his era might not have been perfect, but still tried to live a principled life. The younger generations are portrayed as unprincipled, disrespectful, or without direction. Its a common stereotype in reality and in fiction to see the crotchety old person who is sickened by the lack of values amongst youngsters. This issue is usually addressed through comedy, and less often through drama. Clint Eastwood played his role perfectly, and Thao, who represents hope for the younger generation, had an excellent performance as well.

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Gran Torino 5

A very well crafted film, up in the top tier of Eastwood's work. There are a lot of subtleties and nuances here, which seem to be overlooked by those focussing on the curmudgeonliness of Eastwood's character. This is not so much a tale of redemption, but one of generations, and a very clever one it is. Watching this today for the third time, am seeing new depths that I did not see on previous viewings. A very, very good film.

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Gran Torino 4

I liked this movie. The scene when Clint Eastwood took Tao to the barber shop to teach him "how guys talk" cracked me up. Eastwood's character definitely reminded me of my grandfather.

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Gran Torino 5

Clint Eastwood is Walt Kowalski, the smoking, beer drinking, rough-around the-edges, cussing, bigoted old codger with a soft heart in this movie. He is recently widowed and spends most of his time now with his dog, his sole companion. His main activity is preening his beloved 1970-something Gran Turino, ignoring his children and becoming almost reclusive. He unintentionally becomes an unlikely friend and mentor to an Asian, neighbor boy--a member of the very race he fought with a passion in the Korean war. The movie touches on subjects like gang violence in minorities, elderly people living alone and real heros. I enjoyed the movie, especially the unexpected ending. Bravo to Clint Eastwood for portraying this character so well.

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Gran Torino 4

"Not as good as you'd expect from Eastwood" is still pretty good. While this one is not on a par with Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby, it is still worth checking out. Eastwood was brilliant; but I never quite caught the chemistry between him and the young boy. The ending was a surprise, which is usually a good thing. Not so much in this case. Overall I would give it a 3.5.

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Gran Torino 4

How did that actress who plays the hmong girl get cast alongside clint eastwood?? but for her poorly written and delivered dialogue, everyone else is really good. how can you not like a movie in which clint eastwood plays a lone character whose age and abandonment by his family cast a shadow of vulnerability across his inpenetrable squinty eyes? so grandfatherly and kind and good and full of racial slurs. and he sings, too! a very watchable, endearing movie.

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