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abichara (67)
Kerry Collins is one of those game managing quarterbacks that I mentioned earlier. He's another QB who went to a Super Bowl too; thus only further confirming that you don't need a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady at QB to get to the Big Dance. You just need a quarterback who won't turn the ball over and will move the chains when you need it most through a short, efficient passing game. Collins is exactly that type of QB. He's tied with Pennington for the lowest number of turnovers this year. However, the Titans do have a much better running game than the Dolphins, although I can't say that their receivers are that much better than theirs.

Collins won't lose that many games for your team, thus making him a good option as a playoff QB. He rarely puts up stellar numbers, but when you have that kind of running game and defense, that really isn't necessary.

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irishgit (158)

I'm not sure he's all that great a quarterback, but it might not matter. Tennesse has a lot of tools to play with.

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zuchinibut (47)

There is a reason that Kerry Collins has been in the NFL for 14 years, and that is because he is an excellent backup. Sure he had some moments early in his career that were pretty good, but most of his time in the League has been holding a clipboard. He has done well this season with the Titans, but I'll put that on Tennessee being well coached, having an excellent defense, and a great running game. I think most quarterbacks could thrive with what Tennessee has around him, but I'm not sold on Collins doing very well on some other teams.

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minkey (40)
Collins has been there before with the Giants. If his run game is shut down, the receivers & Bo Scaife have really stepped it up this year and they went from a piss poor receiving game to an average game. I like Collins in there he has a strong arm and doesn't make many mistakes and has shown that he can comeback and is good under pressure. The o-line has given him great protection all year and that should carry through in the playoffs. The road to the Super Bowl will go through Tennessee so he's got the home crowd too.

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numbah16tdhaha (164)
The old man might be just enough...

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ninerx15 (0)
in the beginning there was a run of wins for tennessee but once beaten they showed they were vulnerable. great running game but is their passing game
suspect? i think so. don't think kerry can carry them.

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