Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame)

Added on 12/01/2003
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Everyone should read this book! I've loved it since I first read it as a child, and I still love to read it as an adult. My grandson is now old enough for it, and I look forward to reading it to him over the summer.The gentle 'lessons of life' within it are just right!!

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A true classic and so loved, this book is one of my favorites. Grahame was a true inventor of a fantasy world, unlike the hackneyed ideas of modern authors like Rowling.

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john davies

A perennial delight,for children and adults alike.Rightly voted in Britain the finest children's book of all time;splendid adventures,a marvellous feel for the countryside and seasons, and of course utterly magnificent characters(conscientious Mole,amiable Rat,authoritative Badger and the inimitable boastful Toad-"The clever men at Oxford know all there is to be knowed.But they none of them know one half as much as intelligent Mr Toad").My #1 Recommended book.

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bob falange

When I was 13 I took part in our school production of A A Milne's stage version (Toad of Toad Hall) but this book version remains a delightful read, full of great descriptions of the animals' adventures and eating habits!

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Wonderful Life Lessons are taught in the simplest way in this Classic. A must-have for EVERY child's bookshelf!

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I like this book no only for the lovable characters (the naive but good-hearted Mole and the boastful Mr. Toad of Toad Hall among many others) but also for the way these creatures solve their conflicts -- with a minimum of fuss, and great wisdom and tolerance.

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