Samsung PN50A550 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV

Take your home entertainment experience to the next level with the Samsung PN50A550 plasma HDTV. The ...
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Added on 12/10/2008
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Samsung PN50A550 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV 5

Love my samsung plasma tv!! I have a 42" LG LCD upstairs and its decent but the picture quality doesnt even compare!! Expensive, but you get what you pay for!

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Samsung PN50A550 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV 1

We had been using our new 50" Samsung plasma TV for 5 weeks, all of the sudden while we're watching TV a loud noise comes out of it and a line starts appearing on the screen. It turned out to be a crack on the panel, but in the inside. The TV is not even mounted, we didn't touch it, didn't do anything to it and it's been sitting there for 5 weeks. A Tech sent by Samsung looked at it and specify to Samsung that there was no external damage, not a a scratch... NOTHING, still they refuse cover the TV because they say we damaged the TV.... HOW????? BY WATCHING TV???? I've also seen a few posts on different websites about this, has anybody been successful on getting the TV fixed? this is unacceptable.

I received a message from a case manager stating that my TV won't be covered because of physical damage, which is impossible because my wife was WATCHING the TV when it happened; we would not go through this trouble if we had broken the TV, it's a matter of principles.

I called today and was informed that the case manager would call me but I received not such call. I have explained my case and Samsung has provided no explanation or proof the we actually damage the TV; I am 100% sure we did not cause physical damage to the TV, and I'm also not a liar.

I have filed complaints with:

- Federal Trade Commission (#22746254)
- Better Business Bureau
- Office of the Florida Attorney General
- Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
- 3 different media outlets

I have posted reviews on Amazon, CNET, Facebook and will continue to do so and explain my situation on every site I can.

We DID NOT cause physical damage to the TV and only ask for fair treatment. I hope they can reconsider the decision.


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MichaelA.Murph y

Samsung PN50A550 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV 5

After looking at various Plasma sets over the past few months, and unable to make a decision, the latest Consumer Reports review of various sets made my mind up. This model was ranked a CR best buy, and is it ever!

First, though, I have to give credit to the Amazon "white glove" delivery, which didn't add a cent to the price. The local company called the day before delivery to confirm a three-hour window the next day, noon to 3 pm. The driver called at 12:10 to say he was on our property, so I met him at the door. He extricated the set from the van, and we hauled it on his dolly into our home. Together we unboxed the set, and set it into place where I wanted it. Then, he had me turn on the set to confirm that it worked, test the remote, and inspect the set for any defects/flaws. There were none, and so I initialed the paperwork to that effect, and he hauled out the huge box the set arrived in. This was the very best delivery of any item, big or small, I've ever ordered.

To the set: in two words: it ROCKS! Easy to set up, once it acquired the local channels (I live in the country and we have no cable, just over-the-air signals.) my wife and I were able to enjoy the HUGE difference between digital and analog signals. As a professional photographer, I am very amazed at the quality of the image, all aspects, contrast, brightness, sharpness, everything! NOW I get what this whole changeover is about!

All in all, thus far the experience has been wonderful. I highly recommend this set to anyone contemplating it.

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Samsung PN50A550 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV 5

This TV is my first large HDTV (I have a 24" Samsung 720p LCD), and after reading some reviews I was concerned about the black level and the reflectiveness of the screen, but after getting the set all of my concerns were laid to rest. I was originally in the market for a 46" LCD, but a fantastic deal came on this 50" plasma, and I am really glad I went for this instead.

The TV picture is absolutely mesmerizing. I feed in Verizon FIOS HD, and an XBOX 360 (HDMI) and the results are absolutely incredible! The colors are fantastic, and with minimal adjustment the contrast and colors are great. I also had some concerns about the sound on the set, however it is actually much better than I had figured it would be. I know that some of the more expensive sets, like the Panasonic Viera also have woofers built into the set, but the sound on this TV is good. Its obviously not on the same level as a dedicated surround sound system, but it is really as good as any other built-in tv speakers.

I also had questions about lag, which I really cant find any appreciable amount of, thankfully, even with video games and tv out (through a DVI-HDMI cable) from my computer. Also, I found the black levels were great after minor adjustment, and, for me, the reflectivity of the screen is not an issue, even with sunlight bouncing off of the wall behind me.

For me this TV really has changed they way I watch TV, and I think its a great thing. As far as any possible negatives, I would say the only thing I wish this TV had was the extra features of the 6-series tv sets. The two extra features I wish this had was 1) Wiselink Plus: This TV has Wiselink, where the 6-series has Plus, and Wiselink Plus gives the TV the ability to play xvid video from any usb source, whereas standard Wiselink does not do video (only does music and pictures). 2) Ethernet connection for the RSS widgets - this is probably fairly useless, but it would be an interesting extra feature to have. But in all honesty, I wouldnt use either feature enough to warrant the extra couple hundred bucks.

In summary, I took a gamble buying this set. I didnt even have a chance to look at it in person as a deal came along and I pounced on it over the phone, and so I was extra nervous when I finally got the set, but I am very happy with the result. When I finally got to compare this set to others in the store, I found that while the set did look slightly dull compared to some of the eye-searing LCDs, in the actual home this set looks clear, crisp, and you would be able to watch this set for hours without burning your retinas out like with some of the over-contrasted ultra bright "popping" LCDs.

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Samsung PN50A550 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV 4

Fabulous picture - power consumption much higher than I understood it to be at 320 watts in full energy saver mode and over 400 watts with energy saver turned off

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Samsung PN50A550 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV 2

I purchased 2 of these. YES 2! I have also owned previous Samsung models FP-T5084 (2007 model)plasma 1080P [I provided a review for this on Amazon as well], HP-5053 (2006 model) plasma 720P. and the LN-S4095 (2006 model) 1080P LCD. So yes I would consider myself a Samsung Fanboy. So I bought this model twice for a reason I will explain later in the review.

My first one spontaneously cracked on me and Samsung at the time refused to replace it. Keep in mind I had the unit for 42 days! I SWEAR I did not touch the plasma for this to happen. One second I'm watching WWE RAW in HD the next minute "Pop" & "buzz" noise. Lo and behold the screen cracked on the inside.

So I bought another one with the hope I could get the first one replaced (which Samsung finally is "in process" of exchanging as I write this - this is only after dozens of emails, countless calls, and escalation to Executive Customer Relations (ECR) over a 2 month period.

But I digress:


Picture quality -provides an excellent device for movies and other hi-def content. No artifacts at all even in fast action (well duh its a plasma) unlike many LCD's where artifacts (little boxes that are unclear) are somewhat common.

Color accuracy -The most accurate color reproduction. EVen if it was not professionally calibrated the accuracy in color is great. Yes thats using factory settings.

Aesthetics -The piano black feature is aesthetically pleasing and prvides a clean sleek look for any room.


Sound - The downward firing "hidden speaker" within the bezel is not good. It shakes the unit when the volume is above 40 as well as when there is bass in the signal.

"Anti-Glare" filter -I put anti-glare in quotes because anyone who has seen this unit in person will attest to the high gloss finish of the screen. I could shave in front of the tv when off. Keep that in mind if you are considering this tv in a room with light. This unit should be used in low-light rooms such as basements or rooms that have windows which get little light.

Black levels -Compared to Panasonic and Pioneer the blacks are not as deep. But considering the image quality of Panasonic and Pioneer's steep price there is a reason Samsung is usually the best bang for the buck.

Quality -Like I stated earlier the first unit made it 42 days before cracking on me SPONTANEOUSLY.

Customer Service -It took me 2 months to get Samsung to accept responsibility. They denied me several times over and had to get my call escalated to ECR. They certainly do not stand by their product as I would have hoped.

Image retention - Common in most plasmas. When you turn the unit off you will see the image for about 30 seconds after. It does go away... eventually.

Bottom line beatiful unit beautiful picture - poor reliability and service mounts to a 2 star review. Of course I also had way too many more negatives to outweigh the positives.

I have since returned my second unit and replaced it with the 52LG70 (see my review there) which is excellent. And the 2 extra inches makes a huge difference.

This Samsung "Fanboy" was really disappointed.

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Samsung PN50A550 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV 5

I purchased this TV over 3 weeks ago and have no regret's yet. I really did a lot of research both online and in many different tech stores. I spent hours standing in front of different brands of TV's comparing the image to the Samsung PN50A550. I found the Samsung PN50A550 had among the best video, unless you want to spend several grand more on higher end TV's.

I did find that as of now, the plasma's had a far better picture quality than the LCD's. The contrast was more superb and there was no lag time when the picture changed fast as there was with the LCD's. When looking at the clarity of the picture in the specs, one thing you want to look for is the "contrast ratio". I found most TV's had a 10,000:1 listed for their contrast ratio but not the Samsung. The Samsung PN50A550 has a 30,000:1 contrast ratio and trust me you can tell it too because the pictures are really sharp.

I ordered this and received the Amazon White Glove Delivery Service for free, and I was IMPRESSED. I live in the middle of nowhere, and 100 miles from the nearest big city. I ordered the TV on a Saturday night online, and they called me Monday morning to confirm the shipping info. Wednesday evening they delivered the TV. I am one that cannot wait for something once I order it, so I was constantly contacting the company to find out where it was and every time I spoke with the same person and each time they were absolutely nice. The guys arrived at my home in a freight truck and brought the boxed TV inside my living room. They unboxed it then set it on my stand and plugged it in and put the batteries in the remote and made sure it was working. I signed for it then they left total process less than 10 minutes. This says a lot for their service since like I said I live 100 miles from a major city - so getting this kind of service was awesome and not to mention free. Amazon was offering free shipping at the time I ordered.

I have fallen in love with this TV. I ordered my HD service and it is supposed to be installed next week, I cannot wait. I would recommend this TV (and already have) to friends, family and anyone else who is looking to buy in this price range. A 50" is not too big and then again is not too small. If you are debating on what size to get and you think it may be too big then keep reading. When I setup my TV I thought dang, it is way too big I have made a mistake and for the first week I kept thinking I had made a mistake and bought a TV too large. Well now that I'm used to it I think that it is too small. So it just takes time getting used to it, as I came from a small old school tube TV.

Happy Shopping! I hope this review has helped you.

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