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Cider House Rules (John Irving)Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 4.10 based on 39 ratings

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Reviews for Cider House Rules (John Irving)  1-7 OF 7

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IgnatiusJReilly (79)
John Irving is one of my favorite authors (in fact, I have read all his books), and this novel is his Masterpiece. It tells a wonderful tale of the life of an Orphan, Homer Wells, and how the ether-addicted head of the orphange where he is raised, Dr. Wilber Larch, comes to love him like a son. Homer goes away for the week-end with an apple growing couple who come to the orphanage seeking an abortion (which Dr. Larch preforms on a regular basis, Illegally), and wides up living with them. The story winds through the web of Homer's life, ending up where it all started. Although you may not agree with the politics of the novel, it is a very good story and enjoyable to read. The story is highly detailed (often too detailed). The movie, while highly enjoyable, does not do justice to the book. 5
twinmom101 (32)
Brutal book. Beautifully written and wonderfully detailed. When all the politics are tossed aside, this novel shows you that life can be agonizingly hard and tough choices are often made out of survival, not morals. 6
headcornerstoner (0)
John Irving is a great story teller. He will lead you into lives of people that become so familiar that you are emotionally involved. But, if you read the book and then try to watch the movie, it'll be like ordering filet mignon and get a Mcdonald's hamburger instead. It's that disappointing. 1
Doomsday54 (0)
This book is simply the best story I have ever read. Everyone should take the time to read this masterpiece. 1
kariekarie (0)
A great book! Far better than the movie. 2
magellan (128)
I liked this book. It covers a lot of emotionally charged issues: abortion, orphans, alzheimers, migrant farm workers - and it is clear that Irving definitely has his view of how the world should be. If you can get past the politics, it is a decent story though.2
DrKryptic (6)
All John Irvings books have ccompletely dysfunctional main charachters and this book is no different. I thought this book though had less dark and light humor and less of an overall story line than GARP and Owen Meany which is what made those books great. Irving's obsessive-compulsive descriptions of abortions made the first 1/3 of the book difficult to get past as well.2
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