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Time Machine (H.G. Wells)
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1. VirileVagabond , on 5/29/2004 11:52:00 AM, said:

Though many mistakenly label Wells' "The Time Machine" (1895) as science fiction, the book is actually a political commentary on the social structure in the then rapidly industrializing world. Wells uses a time machine with which the main character travels to the distant future not as a means to create an imaginative story, but rather as a means to an end, namely an examination of his opinion of the drastic long-term consequences of unfettered capitalism. While these conclusions seem curious and quaint by contemporary standards, these were open questions for the intelligentsia of the late Victorian Era. The bottom line is that "The Time Machine" remains an interesting window into the political and social debate during the life of H.G. Wells, but the work has little practical value today.
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2. Moosekarloff , on 4/30/2003 4:03:00 PM, said:

Are these other posters talking about this book, or dimwitted and ridiculous movies they've seen lately? The Time Machine is an interesting premise as a book, but as usual, Wells can't figure out how to get words on the page. This tome is OK for the junior set, the sci-fi crowd and other low-brow types of limited intelligence and imagination.
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3. Chaotician23 , on 3/24/2002 1:24:00 AM, said:

The book is better than the newest movie, but it still lacks what they call "believability." In other sci-fi of the same genre such as Michael Crichton's Timeline, a much more thourough and accurate explination is given for the machines capability of such things. If you don't care about beleiving something and are just along for the ride, than this book will give you a good half-an-hour read.
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4. GT931475DU , on 11/23/1999 10:58:00 AM, said:

I would like to see a new version of this classic. A more futuristic look would be great.
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Time Machine (H.G. Wells): Showing comments 1-4 of 4

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About Time Machine (H.G. Wells)
Time Machine (H.G. Wells) 
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