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Overall Rating: 3.66 based on 82 ratings

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Loerke (34)
The story is basically a children's one at heart, except it's a side of childhood that we don't usually acknowledge, full of savage energy and fierce, unyielding attachments to others. Heathcliff and Catherine either want to marry or kill one another; it's hard to tell which. You don't see that kind of romance much outside of a Hardy or Lawrence novel. But Bronte is better than either. She tells the story brilliantly through frame narratives and uncannily repetitious characterizations. I wish we had more of Emily Bronte's work, other than this novel and a few great poems. WH sure beats the hell out of the rest of Victorian fiction.4
Amy55Rose (0)
I found myself absolutely hating every one of the characters, but the story was so well written that I couldn't help but get caught up in the romance.0
jmj310 (2)
This book is LONG and SLLLOOOOOWWW. But, if you can make it through the slow spots (and there are a lot of them), you will find a great, tragic, love story. 2
galatia9 (0)
Although I have greatly enjoyed novels like Jane Eyre, Wildfell Hall, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, etc, I could not even get halfway through Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff and Cathy were such a couple of whiny brats that I wanted to slap them. I had a hard time sympathizing with either one of them, and that's why I lost interest so quickly. 1
Redoedo (39)
I never really enjoyed this book simply because I was assigned to read it in English class. However, after reading it on my own time, I really appreciated it. This novel truly portrays human savagary and greed, but unlike Orwell and Golding, through a different light. Not so much violence, but mind manipulation and revenge. The love story dragged on at some points, but really made the story worth reading. I agree that this does not really deserve to be deemed a classic, but it certainly was a good novel. 3
Janey_Lane (0)
This is one of those books that, for some reason, is viewed as a classic. Personally I fail to see why. The story is mainly told through the memory of the maid Ellen. She follows Heathcliff and Katherine throughout their childhood and adulthood. I usually try to look for books that have character’s I can symphatize with and Wuthering Heights failed extently in that capacity. I didn’t like Heathcliff, I didn’t like Katherine, I didn’t like Hindley I didn’t much care for anyone. Well... I might’ve cared a little something for them while they were still young but once they grew up, or atleast grew older all that sentimental liking just dissapeared. As for anyone to portray Heathcliff in a romantic light... There are several ‘not-so-clean’ words I have to say about that believe me. The story in itself is basically just a build-up and build-up until it winds down and then stops. It never really amounts to anything apart misory and pain. So all in all, a pretty dull read that won’t do much other than dissapoint you. 5
Shukhevych (1)
Decent novel. However, the Linton character is about as annoying as Melville's Bartleby. 1
#1FiennesGirl (0)
I love the story of Heathcliff and Catherine, but the book is so boring and hard to follow. 0
Jobanion (0)
An amazing novel. Filled with suspense and darkness. A powerful, dark villian and a careless, reckless beauty fall into a dangerous, vicious love. The setting is "wuthering," and deeply passionate. The best romance novel I have ever read. 3
Titins (1)
Emily Bronte's style of writing is dull and tedious. Her novel was repatative and the plot was boring. I was pissed off that Bronte wrote about 2 houses that were completely different and the readers had to figure out the metaphors of the houses. The novel was slow and it was very difficult to pay attention to her annoying style of writing.4
Daria (0)
"Wuthering Heights" is like a classic elenovela or soap opera. It was drama and a very enjoyable read. The novel didn't really pose questions to the reader to stir insight, it was mainly superficial coverings of them, but if one wanted, they could potentially find a "moral to the story."2
lolli (0)
Emily Bronte gave her characters so much depth, and that was wonderful. The desciption of each one told so much. The imagery was presented beautifully. This is a good read.0
Cookies168 (0)
Emily Bronte's style in this book is absolutely amazing! The description of the characters evokes such extreme emotions in readers that I don't associate romance novels with dullness anymore. This book questions the meaning of true love andhas interesting and thought provoking ideas, but is easy to read as well.4
Woodstock (0)
It was very passionate and chalk full of symbolism. I felt for the characters and felt connected to them. It has a very intimate feel. That's probably because of the small number of characters that lived in a very isolated setting.1
Anees18 (0)
It is a great example of Gothic literature. It is also amazing how imaginative Emily Bronte was, considering her childhood. This book really shows how repressed she was and she really releases it in this morbid plot. The character of Heathcliff is who I consider to be one of the most complex characters in literature. He is truly sadistic, yet the reader feels a faint glimmering of sympathy for him.2
Oksanka (0)
This book starts out very boring, but if you can keep from falling asleep, there is an intriguing and very nice storyline. The bad part is that the book is too long for it's contents and a lot of the long chapters could be shortened a lot without losing anything in the storyline.0
bvierra (0)
Simply the best romance novel in the world.0
undine (0)
Dark. Beautiful. Poetic. I enjoyed it more when I read it as an adult. Disturbing imagery.0
amylu (0)
I just don't like this period of literature. All about the high class loves and losses. Too wordy, too hard to become interested in.0
nepo10321om (0)
Those who enjoy wild romance will not be disappointed. This is a story of anger and passion, of the damage and fury unleashed by a man of gypsy blood who finds his love for a woman thwarted by circumstance and the prevailing values of society. The reader can identify with Heathcliffe's rage while at the same time understanding its destructive nature.1
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