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Utne Reader

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.79) based on 33 ratings

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point panic (0)
Utne is thought provoking but too many articles dumb down the discourse with such trite terms as"baby boomer, thirty-something gen xand the most disingenuous of all "politically correct"and all of its deriviatives and variations.For example ,I don't refrain from using racial epithets because they're "politically incorrect, but because they're racist.let's lose these terms 0
Jas the Mah (0)
The very first time I saw this magazine, I was attracted to it. They have everything from psychological news to scientific news. I mean, it's great to have a variety of news in one style magazine.0
Megalicious (0)
This magazine has very sensitive and telling stories. The topics are creative. I love the reading the comment section which makes me want to write to the company. I'd really like to get a subscription.1
DonnaSC (0)
I want to meet everyone that writes for and reads the Utne Reader. This collaboration magazine is creative, innovative and gives hope to all other magazines. It really affects lives. The (reintroduction of) idea of the speaking sacon evolved from a series of articles from this magazine, one of which I have participated in. An important platform for today's concious individual.3
godd5125om (0)
What would I do without Utne Reader? It's intelligent, interesting, and thought-provoking. Even when I don't agree with a viewpoint, I come away with new ideas and new things to think about.0
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