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Overall Rating: 3.79 based on 126 ratings

Directed by Sam Raimi. Written by Sam Raimi and Scott Spiegel. Starring Bruce Campbell as Ash, Sarah Berry as Annie, Dan Hicks as Jake, and Denise Bixler as Linda. Ash is trapped in a cabin yet again and must survive the evil dead. Can the reluctant hero make it through the night?

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Jeremy00081 (5)
This is absolutely my favorite horror movie, and I'm glad to see it's rated so high. It's more of a horror comedy than serious horror, but it's still unbelievably awesome. It's as funny as it is gory. And the scene where Henrietta comes back to life scared the $&^# out of me. This film is truly one of a kind.1
Ripleykicksarse (4)
Hilarious movie. First I saw it was at the drive-in. I remember a group of us, lying on the bonnet of a friend's car, rolling about, peeing ourselves with laughter. It was that scene where Ash is attacked by his own hand. The only other movie to make me laugh OUT LOUD that much was Team America. (Most comedies only make me laugh on the inside.) I wish I could've seen the outtakes of that scene. Especially the part where he's smashing plates against his head.4
hlc5019 (0)
This movie was great...blurred the lines between horror and comedy, an original! I hate the original.1
dragonx187 (0)
Hate to give this movie a bad rating but it deserved it. The screaming lady just ruined the whole movie for in the first one and this one was worse, can't believe anyone was truly scared by this movie.0
frogger20190 (2)
A little overrated as a horror movie. This movie is more of a comedy remake. The original Evil Dead is a better film-creepier 1
drumtool (0)
the best of the 3 even though it is supposed to be a horror i laughed that much i went out and bought 2 days after i seen it, i stiil watch it now, and i still laugh my head off, it was a brilliant way to make a horror movie. 1
Jamie McBain (34)
Even better than the original.0
RainbowBrite72315 (2)
Awful, like the first!0
1JohnDoeFan (5)
This is Bruce Cambell at his best!!! It is weird how a top hollywood exec. can put together a multimillion dollar movie and have it flop like a fish. But this is cheap and quite possibly one of the funniest movies of all time!!!0
Rainbow72315 (0)
Hated it! 0
Heaven Leigh 23 (0)
I love the movie! It was entertaining and gory.It may not be really scary, but I love Bruce Cambell so much that it is okay that he kind of remade the first ED into ED2. I love his goofy lines the most. 0
Its more funny then scary. Its still one of the coolest movies ever. 0
nsaa (0)
Scary!!! 1
movieguy108 (0)
Bad horror movie, excellent comedy. A cult classic. 0
The Shape (0)
the Shape says that Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead II" is less a sequel than it is a remake/expansion of the ideas in his original 1982 low-budget shocker "Evil Dead," a movie that was billed as horror but had enough elements of humor to almost qualify it as some kind of deranged comedy. "Evil Dead II" works on the exact same premise as the original, but it puts the comedy front and center, turning the film into a raucous blood-and-guts riff on the Three Stooges (which Raimi has admitted was a major influence on his work). Slapstick comedy has always been based on some form of pain and violence, and Raimi simply takes it to the next logical level. So, rather than simply getting poked in the eyeballs or bopped on top of the head a la the Three Stooges, in "Evil Dead II" eyeballs get popped out of their sockets and fly across the room and land in people's mouths. The violence in "Evil Dead II" is extreme in both its gruesome detail and its sheer volume, but it is impossible to take seriously because it is so over-the-top and ridiculous. Heads are lopped off with shovels, hands are sawed off with chainsaws, bodies are dismembered, headless corpses run amok, gallons and blood and bile spew from holes in a wall--yet all of it is designed and filmed in lavishly cartoonish proportions that lend all the proceedings a slightly surreal quality. The whole film is an assault on the sense that it also very, very funny. If "Evil Dead II" is slightly better than its predecessor, it is because it is slightly more daring and outrageous. The first "Evil Dead" was an exceptionally well-made low-budget horror film based on one idea. It essentially ran out of steam near the end, which made it all the more obvious how simplistic it was. "Evil Dead II" is not much different, but Raimi's stronger focus on the comedic aspects of his material raises it to another level,and thats all the Shape has to say about that!!1 3
Thorne (3)
Can you honestly sit through this movie in its entirety and not at least laugh you ass off? It is not possible! Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are probably the greatest actor director team of all time. Bruce Campbell is one of the most underrated comedic actors out there. This man is at least twelve times funnier than Jim Carrey. Anyway. Evil Dead 2 is almost a remake of the original. It recaps the beggining of the original minus three characters. Lynda becomes a deadite and from there the sequel begins. This film in no way tries to scare the viewer, maybe startle a few of them. The startles are surpassed by the brilliant comedic moments. A beautiful array of the macabre and the comedic, Evil Dead 2 is a classic along with the rest of this incredible series. HIGHLY,HIGHLY,RECOMMENDED!! along with the rest of the trilogy. "Swallow this." 3
Cloud (0)
This movie is more than great, it's genius. Not so much spooky as funny this movie will keep you lauging. And the suprisingly catchy phrases of Ash are great. Basically a remake of the first "Evil Dead", Ash returns to the same cabin in the woods. One of my personal favorites. Watch this with "Return of the living dead" and a big donut. 3
glorybox3 (0)
I do believe if I said anything bad about this movie I would be crucified by all of my friends:) Truthfully, it was quite entertaining in it's own right-and Bruce Campbell's hand getting chopped off was certainly unexpected(and what lovely payoff that had in Army of Darkness). I laughed my ass off when I saw it, and where it isn't one of my favorite movies (sorry guys) it is..well..different. In a good way..Hehe really!Groovy. 3
Mr. Pink (0)
this movie was great! i am a huge fan of the evil dead trilogy, and this is one of my favorites. just like army of darkness, is your looking to be scared, this is not the movie to watch, this movie is hilarious.bruce campbell does it again with his great one liners and great acting. bruce campbell is my hero. bruce campbell is back at the cabin this time with his girlfriend. he dicovers a tape player, plays it and the adventure begins. yet another perfect blend of horror and comedy. sam raimi is a genius. i highly reccomend that you see this movie, a guarunteed laugh riot!"gotcha you little sucker" 8
pinkle (0)
This film is pretty amazing. Didn't quite know what to make of it at first. Started laughing my head off when I saw it on telly - thought it was a really bad horror film. But then I realised that all the blood, muck and detachable hands were meant to be funny, and laughed even more. Scary enough to hide behind the sofa, funny enough to wet the chair. This was brilliant. 1
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