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Overall Rating: 3.69 based on 290 ratings

Written by Kevin WIlliamson and Directed by Wes Craven. Starring Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, Skeet Ulrich as Billy, Matthew Lillard as Stuart, David Arquette as Deputy Dewey Riley, and Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers. A serial killer is on the loose and Sidney may be next on his list. Are the current murders related to the murder of Sidneys mother one year ago?

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BustinDustin (4)
This movie was the perfect blend of comedy and horror.  I didn't care too much for the sequels
though.  They were ok, but nothing could match the original.  Wes Craven's creativity was what made it a hit.
XAgent (18)
I think the spoof did better than the actual movie.3
karenmparan (1)
this movie wasnt anything special really i thought it was ridiculous. it wasnt scary it was lame. his voice isnt scary either. there was nothin scary about this movie. to tell u the truth i only liked david arquette and courtney cox. but i think courteney cox is better in one of my favorite shows, "Friends".1
primaxdonna (4)
hahahahahahahaha. this was so funny. it's a parody, why is it listed in horror?3
Jmichael (8)
Boring and predictable. No gorey sences at all.2
Jeremy00081 (5)
This is one of the best slashers ever, and one of Craven's better efforts. It's sylish, creative and funny. Worth seeing again and again.2
drumtool (0)
this should be a thriller or a who dunnit but it is NOT A HORROR(its good but not a horror)2
joshua_01 (1)
This movie is boring and it is a amature horror movie this movie is so predictable.2
Working-Class_Hero (0)
I think it'll take a 5 star as a comdey movie .. but i would give it 3 for the stupid silly story !.. 1
poisonkiss29 (0)
that movie is hilarious....scary and hilarious! i laughed my ass off during that movie....thats a 5!!!!!.....nice death scene drew....2
dragonx187 (0)
Everyone should admit it, this was one of the best thought out horror movies in ages. The whole idea of rules for horror movies was great. Any true horror fan already knew the rules, but to have the movie writers acknowledge those rules did exist was almost like a tribute to us. Not to mention the twists and turns and the elements of surprise they used in this one, the acting and cast were perfect. Matthew Lillard stole the show!!!!1
kattwoman (24)
scream was great cuz it was fun trying to figure out who the killer was. it was entertaining0
inkiemouse (0)
This was the first scary movie I had watched since Child's Play 2 when I was 11 (gave me nightmares for six years, that one! And I didn't even watch all of it!). It used to be my favourite movie of all time, but then I grew up and realized it was nothing but a teenybopper movie. It just isn't scary, but the acting is relatively good. Watch it if you're at a sleepover.0
mystic mango (0)
Another typical slasher movie that turned out to be a dud.1
Darkness302 (1)
About as scary as seeing dog droppings from another dog in your yard. 1
foamjack (0)
This movie almost single handedly ruined the slasher genre. It sucks1
Dirty Harry (1)
This ceratinly doesn't belong in with the classic horror features of all-time. It is too dated, it is too much of a teen movie and it is way too predictable. 0
Poker_MaFiA (0)
not good, Now watch Texas Chainsaw Masacure, now that was a pretty good movie!1
Ellie 4 JD, RW n GV! (0)
I got scared witless! I kept thinking I was going to get killed by some masked looney after watching it! I nearly threw up when i watched it the first time because I was eating chips and ketchup!0
kelly_smith_rocks00 (0)
Sorry, I like to be scared by horror films2
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