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Overall Rating: 3.73 based on 194 ratings

Based on a book by Stephen King and directed by Mary Lambert. Starring Dale Midkiff as Louis, Fred Gwynne as Jud, and Denise Crosby as Rachel. The Creed family settles into a new home in the country. After their pet cat dies they bury it in a nearby cemetery and the terror begins.

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BustinDustin (4)
I was pretty horrified to see a kid, a toddler really, play the role of murderer.  The only redeeming factor, really, was Fred Gwynne...I've always had a soft spot for Herman Munster!1
GenghisTheHun (155)
I liked it to a lukewarm extent. I bought the book but haven't read it and now I mislaid the book. I liked the cat deal and what did those morons think was going to happen if they let that kid run out with all those big trucks going by? Fred Gwynne was good.2
CanadaSucks (38)
The only 'horror' involved was the quality of acting. . .1
emmmma12 (6)
This movie... yes, you can argue that its corny and all that, but really, i thought it was alright.  Older movies are allowed to be a little corny.  I think what made it really scary to watch was the fact that a child was going around killing things.  Also Racheals mental sister was probably the scariest thing on here!  The movie is a little twisted, but its pretty good.1
DynaSword1125 (20)
here kitty kitty, Stupid movie..jeez3
Saw it once and to scared to watch it again, though I`ve tried. one scary movie .!!0
Jeremy00081 (5)
I always loved this movie, but when I see it these days, it's a little dumber than it seemed when I first saw it. The last half hour is very scary. The kid who plays Gage is probably the creepiest kid I've ever seen in a movie. And then there's Rachel's ghoulish sister! SHE is one scary chick! But the lead actor gets annoying pretty quickly...too much of a melodramatic yuppie. 4 and a half stars for the movie, 1 and a half stars for the yuppie.3
hlc5019 (0)
One great movie! 2
dragonx187 (0)
I didn't like this movie because although I love King, I also love dogs and really hate anything that is about dogs killing or being killed. 1
chihuahua2 (19)
Anything having to do with Indian buriel grounds and bringing back the dead... scared me. Used to live in a house in Kansas, rumors that indians once lived on that land. I saw ghosts and so did my brother. Its funny in the movies but it ain't funny in real life. This movie is a classic.1
tomhanksoncrack (0)
scariest movie of my life. the cat is evil as hell. eh hah ha ha0
cougarbyu24 (0)
I am a horror movie junkie and i have seen them all from exorcist to ceremony and this is one of the three scariest and three best stories for a horror movie. im not sure you can make a better movie.1
sabasimba (0)
More laughable than scary.0
kattwoman (24)
i really din't like this much but i don't like shows with dead animals in it anyway. im a sissy that way.0
Lost48 (1)
Scared the crap out of me.1
IgnatiusJReilly (78)
As in most cases, the book was much better. Although this is not one of King's better works, it is well worth the read. And the sequal was just plain inane. A side note to GoneAway, I bet it doesn't take much to scare the stuffing out of you!!3
1JohnDoeFan (4)
Behind The Exorcist this is the freakiest movie I have EVER seen!!! After the cat dies and then the kid, he plants them into the Indian Ground and they come back as not alive just EVIL... FREAKY!!!1
Jamie McBain (37)
See part one and avoid the sequel like the plaque.1
Rainbow Rod (0)
One of the greats! One week after watching this, I had the terible task of having to shoot a Cat that had been run over... the problem was the next day the same cat was on my proch, alive! Same color as that cat CHURCH in the movie, also, any time you add a kid in an evil role it is realy SCARY!1
ScaredThinkingOfIt (0)
Wow, i cant believe some people didnt think this was scary! i have to say that it is the only movie that has ever scared me, i saw it when i was younger and have refused to see it again. I can honestly say that it let me in comlete hysteria! I still have nightmares about it. I think i am scarred for life. and i am now severly terrified of leaving my computer thinking about this movie. It was a true horror movie though!2
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