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Overall Rating: 3.70 based on 159 ratings

Written by David Seltzer and directed by Richard Donner. Starring Gregory Peck as Robert Thorn, Lee Remick as Kathy Thorn, and Harvey Stephens as Damien. Ambassador Robert Thorn seems to have everything but mysterious deaths and an eccentric priest soon lead him on a journey that reveals his son could be the antichrist. ** To read and write reviews of "The Omen (2006), please visit this page: http://www.rateitall.com/i-917992-omen-2006.aspx

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Omen (2006)
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Jeremy00081 (5)
I have no idea why this is one of the top 20 horror films on this site. It's pretty good, but it's not that scary. It's actually pretty dull for the most part. However, it has its moments. 3 and a half stars3
juchmu (3)
This is a classic. Every scene is well crafted drama working in both suspense and shock. The acting is excellent, most notably the anguished Gregory Peck and a frantic David Warner. An eerie soundtrack too. All cyliders were firing in the production of this one. The rest of the series declines with each sequel, but their failures shouldn't diminish the appreciation of this one.3
trebon1038 (55)
I love all the Omen movies. Really creepy if you read Revelations. Damien's rise to power over the course of the films is one to make you hope this one remains fiction!1
GenghisTheHun (155)
This does a good job weaving the Anti-Christ theology into pop culture. The device using photographs was unique, at least to me, and clever. The scene in the old Etruscan cemetary was scary. Gregory Peck and Lee Remick almost always did well with their material. It is worth a look.1
Djahuti (57)
Pretty good horror flick of the fine 70s vintage. An evil kid-whatta concept!!!2
iamfromhelltoo (0)
i'm not religous so i really did not understand the whole dagger thing i mean what if you cut the kids head off would't he die i enjoyed the movie very much but why the daggers isn't that fiction i wouldn't know 0
sabasimba (0)
Creepy little kid, with that smile at the camera at the end...brrrrrrrrr! :)0
kattwoman (24)
i will say it was scary at times but i found the movie boring0
Nickonelmstreet (0)
ShyNamaste (0)
Loved it. Beautiful. Poetry to my deminted heart.1
mystic mango (0)
It's a good movie, but the other two suck. 2
Dirty Harry (1)
I love Gregory Peck in this movie! His disbelief in true evil is finally shaken when too many things keep happening. Finally he has to confront (kill) the evil. Sort of like terrorists today. Anyway, this is a great movie with a terrific score and set. For a true horror fan, you need to own this one. The sequels sucked though. The second Omen was okay, but after that it became ridiculous. The only problem I have with the original is that there is NOTHING in the Bible like what they were reading from (except the 666 part). That does take something away from it, but not much.1
Jamie McBain (37)
A bit more scarier than The Exorcist. Most creepiest part of the film, the ending.2
ButtonGwinnett (0)
One of the all time greats.2
IgnatiusJReilly (78)
Although a good movie, and rather scary, I have always thought this was a cheap rip-off of THE EXORCIST. The sequals were a pathetic money-making attempt.3
NightShade (0)
One of THE best horror series of all time. Excellent acting, excellent thrills, excellent chills. Not to mention the awesome storyline/plot. 3
angusmacpherson (0)
666 666 666 666... 2
The Marquis (0)
What can I say? I like horror movies. I especially like horror movies with religious trappings. It comes from being raised in a christian family, and from years of going to a christian summercamp, where as adolescents we would lay out under a country sky full of stars (If you've ever seen the night sky in the true country dark, you'll understand this.)and speculate about the darker aspects of the christian mythos: Hell. Demonic possession (See: "The Exorcist"[1973]). And, of course, the most popular and spooky of all...the rise of the Antichrist and the end of the world! This one was good for hours of scaring each other stupid--"What if it happens tonight?"-- If you are unfamiliar with the subject matter this all probably makes little or no sense to you, but if you are at all familiar with the wide world of Protestantism, you almost certainly know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, bear with me. "The Omen"(1976), taking it's subject matter from the Book Of Revelations in the christian bible, rode the crest of a wave of religio-horror films made in the seventies. There are many reasons why these films were so popular, a number of which I've already discussed in my review of "The Exorcist." Basically, these movies touched people in a much more personal way than most horror films that came before. Dracula and Frankenstein were one thing...they were pretend. But "real" horrors, right out of the bible...that was a different matter altogether. In short, these movies blurred the line between the impossible and what, to many people, was not only possible but absolutely true. This is one reason the films broke the typical horror movie demographic--older people went to see tham as well as younger ones. Another reason was simply that they tended to feature mature, established performers who were familiar to older audiences. "The Omen" was directed by Richard Donner ("Superman")from a script originally titled "The Antichrist". The story is that this script was turned down by every studio it was pitched to because it was too scary to put on film. I find this hard to believe, even by mid-seventies standards. "Too scary" would surely equate with "lots of publicity" and "many $$$$$"to even the simplest Hollywood mind. This script was said to feature such things as Black Masses and horned demons and the like. Donner became interested, had the script toned-down, and ultimately made the movie for Warner Brothers. The stylishly made and intelligent film that resulted centers around Ambassador Robert Thorne and his wife (Gregory Peck and Lee Remick) who, after their son dies at birth, adopt another child, Damien, born at the same time in the same hospital. It's not too long until unpleasant things start happening, and Damien is always at the center of them. The film's scenes of death and mayhem are classic--a nanny (Holly Palance) hangs herself in full view of all the guests at Damien's fifth birthday party, making way for the fiercely protective governess Mrs. Baylock (Billie Whitelaw). A priest(Patrick Troughton)who witnessed Damien's birth is impaled by a falling lightning rod. People fall (or are pushed) from windows, wild dogs attack, and there is an unforgettable moment involving a sheet of plate glass that flies from the back of a truck. All of this is being followed closely by a freelance photographer, Jennings (David Warner), who has begun to notice something strange and frightening about the photographs he has taken of a number of the victims of these ocurrences. Together, he and Thorne set out to find out who Damien really is. The film is well made, and it's subject matter is presented in such a sincere and straightforward manner that it draws the viewer in and wills him or her to believe. At least for an hour and fifty minutes or so. The acting is good throughout and the violence, though extreme and often bizarre in nature, is presented in a rather unsensationalized way (It is a mark of Richard Donner's skill that he is able to do this.)that gives even the most improbable things a grainy realism. Followed by two decent sequels: "Damien: Omen II"(1978), and "Omen III" (1980) starring Sam Neill ("Jurassic Park") as the adult Damien, not to mention a mildly amusing (to stretch a point)tv movie Called "Omen IV: The Awakening"(1992). Just remember (as the original North American newspaper ads for the first film pointed out)"If something strange happens to you today, think about it. It might be...The Omen!" 4
Stud_in_America (0)
The Omen is a very good horror flick. Somewhat dated, it can still be enjoyed today. Definitely considered a very dark film. The haunting organ music throughout is extremely enjoyable, and the acting is good. Gregory Peck and Lee Remick star. If you are into dark horror films, this is a must see. Though clean by todays standards, I would still recommend caution about letting younger viewers watch it. 4
Galomorro (0)
Love all the OMEN movies. I want some more! 2
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